You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman-Chapter 809 (Playing the Guqin? Im Your Ancestor)

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Chapter 809 (Playing the Guqin? I'm Your Ancestor)

The aura of Masters created a strong wind that caused Daji's white dress to flutter, giving her a unique charm. After all, Daji was truly enchanting; just one look at her could make men lose control, showing that her beauty was on par with Qing Ya and the others.

Especially that enchanting demeanour, something that Qing Ya and the others didn't possess, giving her a slight edge.

Ye Hua watched his maid with a strong sense of interest. "What are you looking at?"

"Be gentle; I'm appreciating the beauty. Besides, you brought this maid here," Ye Hua replied helplessly.

"Hmph! Do you think I don't know your little intentions? Let me tell you, Ye Hua, if you touch Daji without my permission, the three of us will leave home together."

"Alright, alright, I got it. I'll listen to you." Since he had promised, he wouldn't deceive anyone.

"That's more like it."

At this moment, Ye Hua whispered, "Tonight, let's sleep together."

"Dream on," Qing Ya blushed.

"How about you and your sister?"

"Ye Hua, can't you be serious for once? You think about such things every day." Qing Ya sighed, as this had been his behaviour since she met him.

Ye Hua huffed, "Well, I don't care. Tonight, we sleep together."

"Go to hell."

"Come on, Qing Ya, you're overreacting. Do you think I would actually do that? Just continue massaging; I won't tease you anymore."


Wan Yi's attention was all focused outside, and he hadn't eavesdropped at all. Brother Question Marks were clearly dominating the other side. If only he had such power.

But according to the storyline's development, he could achieve that as well. After all, he was the protagonist, and what protagonist would die? It was impossible.

"Demoness, today you will experience the mighty power of the Benevolent King Prison. Repent in hell!" Qu Ziming's hands lay on the strings of his Guqin, while Yuan Qing supported his pipa, fingers resting on the strings.

Daji seemed to hear the funniest thing in the world. "The only one who can send me to hell is my master. What qualifications do you have? Compared to my master, you're not even worth a speck of dust."

"Go to hell! Sonic Demonic Notes!" Qu Ziming shouted angrily, encountering a woman who insulted him for the first time.

Qu Ziming's fingers plucked the strings of the Guqin, and a golden battle energy appeared along with the sound of the strings.

Golden battle energy transformed in the air, forming armoured soldiers wielding swords that rushed toward Daji.

"Playing with such tricks in front of me is simply an insult!" Daji extended her delicate hand and grabbed the fierce blade, causing the ground beneath her feet to crack.

This action left Lin Tianxin stunned. She had actually caught her master's attack, which was impossible since it was battle energy!

Qu Ziming was also horrified. This demoness had caught his battle energy. Could it be an illusion?

Yuan Qing frowned, and two green martial energies shot out from his hands, condensing into two green hunting leopards that pounced toward Daji.

Daji let out a cry and suddenly yanked the battle energy blade, sending it flying toward the two beasts made of battle energy.

The swing resembled a boomerang, and the two green hunting leopards instantly dissipated, while the battle energy blade returned to Daji's hand.

With a powerful grip, Daji shattered the blade, and the battle energy gradually merged into the air.

With a single hand, Daji crushed the battle energy, leaving Qu Ziming and Yuan Qing in a daze for a long time.

"Using a Guqin? I'm your ancestor!" Daji also took out an ancient Guqin. When she unveiled the entire instrument, it emitted a strong aura. Ye Hua could sense this aura, a remarkable Guqin... He wondered how Daji would play it.

"What kind of Guqin is this?" Qu Ziming asked in a deep voice. The Guqin Daji brought out was white, as white as jade, or even like her own skin. Moreover, the strings of the Guqin were definitely not ordinary. If he could obtain this ancient Guqin, it would be a great asset for him.

Daji sat cross-legged in the void and played the first note, instantly causing a buzzing sound in people's minds. "This Guqin didn't have a name before, but it does now. It's called 'Sizhu,' which means 'to think of the master.' It expresses Daji's reverence for her master, as well as the endless adoration in her heart. The forging of this Guqin is something you wouldn't understand."

"The next piece of music is dedicated to my master. After countless years, Daji has finally met her master. Everything about Daji belongs to her master. This piece of music is called 'Returning to the Master.'" As Daji's words fell, her slender and elegant hands began to play.

A beautiful melody floated around, conveying sadness, long waiting, and the joy of their meeting. Ye Hua couldn't help but close his eyes to listen.


This maid is truly amazing!

This music is so beautiful!

"Mine!" Qing Ya suddenly exclaimed.

"She's mine!" Qing Yutong also began to claim ownership.

"Clearly, she's mine!" Donghuang Baizhi refused to be outdone.

Daji was obviously a master, not only in her Guqin-playing skills but also in many other aspects. The surprises just kept coming.

With his eyes closed, Ye Hua whispered softly, "Don't fight over her, Daji belongs to me."

Her Guqin skills were far superior to Qing Ya and the others. Listening to such music was a delightful experience. He wondered if Daji could play the flute too.

Yutong's flute skills were outstanding.

For Ye Hua and the others, it was a beautiful piece of music. However, for Qu Ziming and Yuan Qing, it was a nightmare!

"The demoness still wants to use seduction! Die!" Qu Ziming roared, raising his battle energy to its peak.

"King of the Underworld's Fury!"

Yuan Qing also refused to back down, shouting in anger.

"Sundering Departure!"

Daji didn't pay any attention to the two men. She was lost in her fantasies about her future life with her master—washing her master's socks, and even cleaning his personal belongings. How embarrassing.

Qu Ziming and Yuan Qing placed their hands on the Guqin strings, but suddenly realised they couldn't pluck them anymore. It seemed like an inexplicable force was pulling on them. Beads of sweat began to form on their foreheads, and no matter how much strength they exerted, they couldn't do anything.


The Guqin strings suddenly snapped!

The broken Guqin strings were as sharp as blades, sliding across their faces and leaving a shocking bloodstain.

This happened to both of them!



One after another, the Guqin strings continued to snap, and it seemed like the broken strings had a life of their own as they all aimed towards the faces of the two men.

The two men wanted to move, but their entire bodies were immobilised. Watching Daji playing not far away, they finally realised the gap in their strength!

She was truly powerful. Unless the elder of the Benevolent King Prison came, there would be no real contest!

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