You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman-Chapter 983 (They are all cowards)

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Chapter 983 (They are all cowards)

'Are they all sick?

Who is that person? Why does he look like Ye Juetian?

No, Ye Juetian is right there! Then he...


He is!!!'

Ye Chen and others also saw Cheng Tian coming. In the Spirit City, no one didn't recognize Cheng Tian. He was the emperor's personal guard, a prominent figure!

He belonged to the same generation as Ye Hua. Back in the day, he and Ye Hua were both outstanding figures, but Ye Hua's brilliance completely overshadowed Cheng Tian.

This resulted in others only knowing Ye Hua and not knowing who Cheng Tian was.

Until Ye Hua had an accident, Cheng Tian gradually appeared in the eyes of the public, rising to become a prominent figure by the emperor's side.

For Cheng Tian, there was also a shadow in his heart, and that was Ye Hua.

Outstanding people always attract jealousy. In those years, apart from Qian Yuqing, Ye Hua basically had no social interactions. He was extremely cold and had an attitude similar to what it is now.

This made people hate him.

He attracted the attention of young ladies, but there was nothing beyond that.

Ye Hua looked up at Cheng Tian.

The gazes of the two clashed in the air!

Ye Hua's extremely indifferent pupils made Cheng Tian shudder all over!

These eyes appeared in his dreams more than once.

He wanted to defeat him but had no way, even in his own dreams.

Isn't he dead?

How can a dead person come back!

Cheng Tian couldn't help but rub his eyes to confirm if it was real, repeatedly telling himself that it was fake.

This is fake!

It's not real!

But no matter how much he rubbed, the devil was standing there!

Even Cheng Tian's golden armour dimmed a lot, following the mood of its owner.

Cheng Tian looked at the figure in the ruins.Is that not Ye Shen!

How did it become so chaotic!

Cheng Tian took a deep breath, suppressing the panic in his heart.

Maybe it's not as he imagined!

Cheng Tian slowly descended with the people behind him.

Ye Hua silently watched these people, shielding his mother behind him.

Regarding this subconscious action, Ye Hua hesitated for a moment.

He understood a bit about the past. A son protecting his mother was perfectly natural and didn't need much thought. The reverse was true as well.

Ye Juetian was a bit nervous on the side.

This Cheng Tian now wasn't someone easy to deal with.

But Ye Juetian forgot that Ye Hua wasn't that easy to deal with now!

When his temper flared, heads would roll!

Ye Chen dared not say anything now. This unfamiliar elder brother dared to fight even with their father, let alone them.

"What's going on?" Cheng Tian sternly demanded.

Now, he was the emperor's personal guard, not the Cheng Tian from back then. Even if you were Ye Hua, you aren't the Ye Hua from before. You're nothing!

His return would only intensify the hatred of those who despised him, because you didn't die!

Ye Chen and others lowered their heads in silence, not daring to act rashly.

Cheng Tian frowned, wondering what this meant!

Previously, even in front of Ye Hua, they weren't so restrained. They might even say their big brother wasn't like this.

But now, there was none of that. They didn't dare to say a word.

"Who are you?" Cheng Tian asked Ye Hua.

Ye Juetian wanted to speak but was stopped by Ye Hua. Ye Hua calmly asked, "Why do you idiots keep asking the same question? Don't you have any sense at all?"

Ye Juetian gave a thumbs up in his heart. Big Brother is still awesome. Following him is just bliss.

Then, Le Jing slightly furrowed her eyebrows behind him. Ye Hua's way of speaking was a bit rude now. It was necessary to help him transition back; this wouldn't do. He needed to be polite.

Ye Hua used to be too polite.

Hearing Ye Hua's words, Cheng Tian furrowed his brow. Was this really Ye Hua?

Otherwise, would he dare to speak like this?

Damn, is this really Ye Hua?


A loud explosion echoed from the ruins as Ye Shen's figure soared into the sky and then descended, "Unfilial child!"

Just as the words fell, Ye Shen's figure flew out again, crashing into the ruins and not coming out this time.

After witnessing this, Ye Chen and others trembled and didn't dare to speak.

As soon as he appeared, he inexplicably flew out without any reason. His words weren't even finished.

Le Jing was also a bit stunned. How could Ye Hua hit his father? Did she just see it wrong?

Ye Hua, this is not right. How could you hit your father? Even if you want to, don't do it in front of everyone. Beat up your father secretly.

Cheng Tian was also bewildered. His son was hitting his father so openly. It was unprecedented.

They had never seen it before, and today was truly eye-opening.

But now, there was a problem!

How did Ye Shen get beaten just now? He didn't even notice. Ye Shen turned into a blur and disappeared.

Could it be that this Ye Hua, who disappeared for so many years, had reached an abnormal level of strength now?

How was that possible?

But now, what should he do? Get beaten up just like Ye Shen?

He was the emperor's personal guard.

Even if he had a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to do such a thing.

"Ye Hua! You actually attacked your own father; you deserve punishment!" Cheng Tian shouted at Ye Hua.

Ye Hua calmly said, "Is that so? I've been having amnesia recently, and I don't remember very clearly. I also didn't hold back when I attacked. It wouldn't be good if I hurt someone."

This insistence was a blatant threat.

Ye Juetian felt that his big brother was too arrogant. He even dared to threaten the emperor's personal guard. He was too amazing. When could he be like his big brother?

Le Jing felt the same. When did Ye Hua become so arrogant? No wonder Little Tian said that big brother had changed; this change was too significant.

Ye Chen and others seemed to be getting used to it now and remained silent on the side.

"Do you know who I am? How dare you utter such mad words!"

"I seem to have the right not to know who you are. Who are you to talk to me? Not anyone has the right to speak in front of me!"

"You!!! You will pay for this!" Cheng Tian couldn't help but draw his sword, but considering that Ye Shen was just beaten, if he...Ye Hua took out a cigarette and lit it, saying, "I'm watching."

"What are you watching?"

"I'm watching how you'll compensate me." Ye Hua exhaled smoke. Le Jing felt that whatever Ye Hua was smoking couldn't be good for his health. She decided to talk to him about it later.

Mothers were always like that, no matter how old their sons were; it was as if they were still children, caring for them in every way.

Cheng Tian took a deep breath. If it wasn't for Ye Hua, this matter could be handled easily! Ye Hua suddenly coming back was not a simple matter.

Ye Hua used to be a general!

After his death, he was directly titled Dauntless General of Morality.

However, now he miraculously didn't die.

What the hell was going on? Is everyone going crazy?

"With your attitude, the emperor will definitely punish you! Just wait!" After saying this, Cheng Tian left without any sentiment.

Ye Hua shook his head. These people were all cowards.

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