Your Talent is Mine-Chapter 481: The Ancient Chaos Tree

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Chapter 481: The Ancient Chaos Tree

“Who is it?”

Great God Ghostflame’s divine consciousness swept across the area, and he quickly discovered a spacecraft just outside Earth. At that moment, twelve individuals were descending from the spacecraft and appeared before Great God Ghostflame in the blink of an eye.

Ye Tian, being an Emperor-level and a native of Earth, was not restricted by Earth’s limitations. The other God-level beings were also formidable, naturally capable of countering the world force of Earth with their own strength. As for True Monarch Jin Chen, there was even less need to mention his capabilities; being a Planetary System-level powerhouse, it would be absurd if he couldn’t even enter Earth.

Earth was merely an ordinary high-tier planetary world, quite common in the universe. Unless Ye Tian one day decided to remodel Earth and forcefully alter its rules, perhaps then God-level powerhouses and even Planetary System-level or Galaxy-level beings might be unable to enter Earth. But currently, Earth’s world force was incapable of expelling God-level beings or higher.

“You are…”

Great God Ghostflame stared at Ye Tian, feeling a sense of familiarity. Then, turning to look at the others, his expression became extremely solemn.


Empress Yue rushed towards Ye Tian and threw herself into his arms.

True Monarch Jin Chen initially wanted to stop Empress Yue, given his duty to protect Ye Tian’s safety, which naturally included preventing others from getting too close to Ye Tian. However, upon receiving a transmission from Ye Tian revealing Empress Yue’s identity, True Monarch Jin Chen refrained from intervening.

Holding Empress Yue in his embrace, Ye Tian said, “I’ve returned!”

“You’re the Child of the Universe, Ye Tian!”

Great God Ghostflame stared at Ye Tian in shock.

He wondered where Ye Tian had found so many God-level powerhouses, especially the leader among them… Under normal circumstances, he would definitely retreat and not dare to confront Ye Tian. But this time, he couldn’t bear to leave.

“Ye Tian, I wish to purchase the Kunlun Mountain Range on Earth. Name your price!” Great God Ghostflame declared.

Ye Tian’s sharp gaze fixed on Great God Ghostflame as he coldly retorted, “You still wish to buy the Kunlun Mountains? I heard everything you said earlier. You dare to threaten me. You are aware that Earth is my territory and yet you dare to intrude without permission?”

“I am a Great God-level being and not subject to the laws of the Solar Empire. The so-called territory is but a joke. You’re taking it seriously!”

Great God Ghostflame replied irritably.

As a God-level powerhouse, ranking among the top in the Milky Way, his strength was immense.

Initially, he wanted to claim Earth for himself, but the forces of the Silver Universe Star would not agree.

If it weren’t for considering Ye Tian’s status as the Child of the Universe, he would have attempted to seize Earth long ago.

However, consideration is one thing, but it does not mean he would concede.

Even if Ye Tian was powerful, he was still just an Emperor-level being.

“You have two choices: apologize immediately or die!” Ye Tian threatened.

“How dare you threaten me? I don’t know where you found these powerhouses, but this is the Milky Way Galaxy. These people aren’t from the Milky Way, are they? If you dare to have them take action, I can also summon my friends. You might not be able to deal with me!” Great God Ghostflame stood his ground.

“True Monarch Jin Chen, kill him!” Ye Tian commanded, tired of the pointless talk.

“As you command, Prince of Ten Thousand Laws!”

True Monarch Jin Chen, who had been concealing his presence at Ye Tian’s order, no longer hid his aura, revealing the overwhelming power of a Planetary System-level being.

Boom! The heavens and earth seemed to change color, and even the world force of Earth began to transform.

Planetary System-level beings were incredibly powerful, capable of destroying Earth with a single thought, and even dragging the sun was no difficult feat for them. True Monarch Jin Chen, cultivated by the Supreme Hall of Humanity, stood at the pinnacle of Planetary System-level beings, more powerful than many such beings in the Pan Star Field.

In the Milky Way, there were not many Planetary System-level beings, and most of them were relatively weak.

True Monarch Jin Chen was virtually invincible in the Milky Way.

“A Planetary System-level being, how is that possible! No, you can’t kill me. I am the Great Elder of the Ghost God Sect on Silver Emperor Star. Our Ghost God Sect also has a planetary ancestor!”

Great God Ghostflame attempted to deter True Monarch Jin Chen by mentioning the Ghost God Sect.

However, he was unaware of Jin Chen’s identity.

Even if the Ghost God Sect had a single Planetary System-level ancestor, it wouldn’t matter. Could they contend against the Supreme Hall of Humanity of the human race? True Monarch Jin Chen’s palm descended, and Great God Ghostflame couldn’t resist at all, instantly turning to ashes.

The three Heavenly Prides and Emperors behind Great God Ghostflame remained unharmed, as True Monarch Jin Chen was aware of the universe’s protection for Heavenly Prides. Even if they were to kill Heavenly Prides, they would only need to pay a small price, but the Supreme Hall of Humanity’s punishment for wantonly killing Heavenly Prides was severe.

God-level beings and above were not allowed to kill Heavenly Prides, even if they were offended by them. They could only expel, not kill.

This was the protection offered by the upper echelons of humanity for Heavenly Prides! True Monarch Jin Chen was unsure how many of those Emperors were Heavenly Prides, so he chose not to act against them to avoid making a mistake.

At that moment, the three Heavenly Prides, seeing Great God Ghostflame dead, panicked momentarily before remembering their status and hurriedly declared, “I am a Heavenly Pride, you can’t kill me!”

At this time, they were extremely grateful for their status as Heavenly Prides; otherwise, they might have met the same fate as Great God Ghostflame at the hands of the Planetary System-level powerhouse.

“Your Highness, these individuals are Heavenly Prides, and it’s not appropriate for us to act!” True Monarch Jin Chen stated.

“If you find it inconvenient to act, I’ll do it myself!”

With a flick of his finger, Ye Tian enveloped the Emperors with Phantom Gold Threads.


The three Heavenly Prides and the other Emperors tried to flee in terror.

However, without exception, they were all cut down by the Phantom Gold Threads, unable to escape.

God-level beings and above might hesitate to kill Heavenly Prides, but Ye Tian dared to do so.

As an Emperor-level Child of the Universe, he held a status even more esteemed than that of Heavenly Prides, and thus had the authority to kill them.

At that moment, the God-level and Emperor-level beings on Earth were utterly astounded.

Earth had long been in communication with the outside world, and they were not lacking in knowledge. They understood the concept of a Great God-level being, and Ghostflame was among the top Great God-level beings in the Milky Way! When they learned of Great God Ghostflame’s identity, they truly dared not provoke him, even believing that Empress Yue stood no chance against him.

Yet, to their surprise, Ye Tian had returned, and one of his subordinates had easily slain Great God Ghostflame.

“The existence above a God-level being serves as a guardian, hiss…”

The crowd gasped in astonishment. They had thought Ye Tian was already formidable, but now they realized they had completely underestimated him.

“Disperse!” Ye Tian commanded.


The Emperors and a few God-level powerhouses promptly left, while Empress Yue and Ye Yu stayed behind.

“Yue’er, why did Great God Ghostflame come to Earth?”

Ye Tian inquired.

“It seems a treasure has appeared in the Kunlun Mountains. Great God Ghostflame arrived early and used a formation to envelop the mountains. I’m not clear about what exactly is inside.”

Empress Yue shook her head.

Ye Tian looked towards the depths of the Kunlun Mountains. Opening his Xumi Eyes, he was still unable to see through the formation set up by Great God Ghostflame.

After all, Great God Ghostflame was a top-tier divine being. If his formation could be so easily penetrated by Ye Tian, it wouldn’t be noteworthy.

“True Monarch Jin Chen, break these formations for me, but remember not to damage the Kunlun Mountains!”

Ye Tian instructed.

“As you command, Your Highness!”

True Monarch Jin Chen took action, effortlessly destroying all the formations on the Kunlun Mountains.

At that moment, Ye Tian was extremely curious about what had attracted the attention of a powerful being like Great God Ghostflame.

Although the Kunlun Mountains had previously birthed a Yuan Realm, that realm had long shattered. Could there be other treasures? As all formations were broken, Ye Tian’s divine consciousness probed deeper.

Soon, he discovered a massive fissure leading deep into the Earth, accompanied by the leakage of pure Chaos Qi.

“Your Highness, there’s a great opportunity beneath this mountain range!” True Monarch Jin Chen eagerly stated.

“Have you checked thoroughly?” Ye Tian asked.


True Monarch Jin Chen explained, “My divine consciousness has clearly investigated. Below lies a small World Tree merging with a shattered Chaos Ancient Well. Once the merger completes, the World Tree will transform into an Ancient Chaos Tree. an Ancient Chaos Tree is even more valuable than a World Tree.

Such a small Ancient Chaos Tree is comparable to the entire fortune of a Planetary System-level being. Most importantly, both World Trees and Ancient Chaos Trees can create worlds and stabilize a realm.

If a Great God-level being obtains a World Tree or an Ancient Chaos Tree, even if they cannot advance to the Hong-level and become a Planetary System-level being, they can use the World Tree or Ancient Chaos Tree to create a world within themselves. Then, they can harness the world force to contend against Planetary System-level beings.

The Origin Realm is rumored to be a world created using a massive Ancient Chaos Tree, but that’s just a rumor; I’m not sure if it’s true.”

“So that’s how it is. No wonder Great God Ghostflame was willing to risk offending me to claim this place!” Ye Tian suddenly understood.

If it were just an ordinary opportunity, a person like Great God Ghostflame wouldn’t dare to offend a Child of the Universe, as even Planetary System-level beings would show respect to a Child of the Universe. But when it came to a great opportunity that could enhance one’s own strength, Great God Ghostflame naturally didn’t want to give it up.

Unfortunately, for his greed, he lost his life.

“Your Highness, if this World Tree successfully evolves into an Ancient Chaos Tree, it will be immensely useful. When you advance to a God, you can use the Ancient Chaos Tree to create a Ancient Chaos Realm within your Dantian World. By doing so, your divine power will be nearly inexhaustible during combat.

Of course, this is just something I’ve heard about because I read in ancient texts that an Eternal-level being had done this before.

Ancient Chaos Trees are extremely rare and immovable. Even the Supreme Hall of Humanity might struggle to provide you with one.”

True Monarch Jin Chen cautioned.

“True Monarch Jin Chen, thank you for the reminder!” Ye Tian responded.

“Your Highness, it’s my duty!” True Monarch Jin Chen hastily replied.

Realizing the immense value of the Ancient Chaos Tree, Ye Tian took out a formation disc and once again sealed the area.


Permanently changing mental state/state of mind into heart condition.

Lord Dantai changed to Divine Lord Dantai.

Jin Chen True Monarch changed to True Monarch Jin Chen

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