Zhanxian-Chapter 807: The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Wealth

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Chapter 807: The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Wealth

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All in all, it didn’t take more than a few days to look for it, only four or five days at most, but the concentration of spiritual power around him was at least several times stronger than when he first came in.

How is this going? The two women asked themselves if their feelings were correct, but they were still surprised to find that the spiritual power was still increasing crazily, and it was getting faster and faster.

The two pairs of beautiful eyes once again focused on Yang Chen, who was leaning on the recliner to have a drink and cool down. As soon as he killed those grand elders, Yang Chen gathered everyone’s magic weapons to that place, saying that he wanted to feed them with spiritual power. Obviously, he knew what was going to happen.

Even without special perception, the concentration of spiritual power around them has reached a jaw-dropping level. Even though the spiritual power in the Dragon Palace is said to have always been abundant, it has never been as strong as it is now.

The Dragon Tower standing over there seemed to have turned into an extra-large torch at this moment, and countless spiritual powers converged in different directions in the direction of the Dragon Tower with almost visible trajectories. The entire Dragon Tower has flashed a hazy brilliance, which is clearly the result of the absorption of spiritual power reaching a certain level.

“Have you found a way to open the secret plane?” Yang Chen suddenly asked when he saw the two women stop and stare at everything, as if he had not seen the abnormal spiritual power in front of him.

Gao Yue nodded mechanically, looked blankly in the direction of the Dragon Tower, and asked a little numbly: “Did you know it would be like this?”

“Almost.” Yang Chen was not completely sure, but he was not completely unsure either. He used an ambiguous word to describe it: “I only know that it will definitely be like this in the Greatest Heaven Sect’s mountain gate, but I didn’t know that it will be like this here. When we got there, I found out.”

“What is that?” Gongsun Ling also looked like a mechanical puppet, her eyes had completely lost their former agility, and she looked at the changes on the Dragon Tower dully and asked dully.

“To put it simply, it is a super spirit-gathering formation.” Yang Chen didn’t think much and explained in simple words: “Once activated, all the spiritual power in the mortal world can be concentrated within the scope of this formation.”

“All the spiritual power in the mortal world?” Gao Yue’s eyes suddenly became sharp, as if she suddenly realized what Yang Chen meant: “Then the Greatest Heaven Sect is going to defy heaven?”

“To be precise, it means becoming the public enemy of the mortal world.” Yang Chen corrected Gao Yue’s wording: “As soon as this formation is activated, the Greatest Heaven Sect will leave other sect’s cultivators in the mortal world with no way to go. Except for a desperate fight, there is no other way out.”

The two women had basically understood at this time. No wonder Yang Chen was so sure when he talked about dealing with the Greatest Heaven Sect. It turned out that there was such a big event, but how did Yang Chen know? The people of the Greatest Heaven Sect were not fools. How could they not know the serious consequences of activating this formation? Everything was full of suspense.

Now is obviously not a good time to explain. At least half of the spiritual power gathered from all over the mortal world has entered this special formation, and all of it has been sent to the Dragon Tower. The two women couldn’t even imagine what their natal magic weapon would look like after being washed and baptized by such terrifying spiritual power.

“This place will last for a while, let’s see what good things that the Greatest Heaven Sect left behind first.” Yang Chen reminded Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling then remembered that they had found the secret to unlock the Greatest Heaven Sect’s secret plane.

Compared with the current cultivation base of Yang Chen and the two women, the method of opening the secret plane seems a bit too simple. The three of them easily entered the secret plane that the Greatest Heaven Sect had prepared just in case.

“Wow!” Even with Yang Chen’s knowledge, what he saw with his eyes the moment he entered the secret plane made Yang Chen involuntarily let out a wow. Needless to say, the two women immediately turned into two clay sculptures, standing there blankly, unable to say anything.

The secret plane space was not big, and compared to the secret planes that Yang Chen and the others have seen before, it is actually a bit small. At best, it’s only ten miles in radius. However, within ten miles, it was completely filled with neat rows of jade bookshelves and desks.

Pieces of jade slips, classified into piles, were stored in piles on those jade bookshelves. Looking around, there are hundreds of millions of jade slips piled up.

The jade slips occupy about a quarter of the area, and of the remaining area, about a quarter is completely filled with various materials. Every material has been carefully refined, the solid materials have been transformed into regular shapes, while the solid materials or gaseous materials are all stored in containers of the same size. They are of average size, except for the appearance, except for the different colors, they were all neatly placed on the jade table.

Gao Yue is a master of weapon refining, and with just a few glances, she found several top-grade weapon refining materials that she had dreamed of. Even with Yang Chen’s wealth, he couldn’t get much top-quality materials, but they were piled here like cabbage.

After passing through these two areas, everything suddenly became empty, within an area of the secret plane, there is an obvious binding formation. Within the formation, hundreds of magic weapons were flying up and down. No one was controlling it, it’s just the magic weapons flying by themselves. Each magic weapon is shining with a unique light, which can only appear after reaching a certain level and possessing a weapon spirit.

This binding formation is not big, only two hundred feet, and the rest is almost as large as a secret plane, and is a deep lake.

There seems to be nothing in the lake, and they don’t know how deep it is. At first glance, the lake water is not very transparent, and you can’t see the bottom at all. But if you look closely, you will find that this lake is not a normal lake at all.

If you use your spiritual awareness to explore, you can immediately find out that where there is water, it is clearly the spiritual liquid that becomes like this after the spiritual power is condensed to the extreme. Although this kind of spiritual liquid is not as good as the true essence spiritual liquid that Yang Chen possesses, it is simply the spiritual liquid formed by the condensation of ordinary spiritual power, but the quantity is simply too much.

The entire secret plane can almost be said to be completely floating on this spiritual liquid lake. Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has already explored hundreds of miles, but still has not reached the limit of the bottom of the lake.

This lake of spiritual liquid alone is enough for a cultivator of Yang Chen’s level to cultivate for tens of thousands of years. If the Greatest Heaven Sect uses this secret plane one day, then the disciples inside will be able to cultivate directly to ascend by relying on this spiritual liquid lake without leaving the secret plane.

It can be said that as long as there is this secret plane, as long as the backup disciples prepared by the Greatest Heaven  Sect are not idiots, a comeback based on this secret place is just around the corner.


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