One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 2496

Naturally, Song Enya would not want to divulge how she had created a false impression of her being his ‘official’ girlfriend to put his lover down that night!

She took it for granted that, since Mu Yancheng would become her husband sooner or later, she had to eliminate all those messy relationships in his life so as to consolidate her position as his ‘rightful wife’ . This was because she had no way to retreat from this marriage transaction anymore!

Therefore, she acquiesced to his suspicions and replied matter-of-factly, “You are my fiancé and my future husband, so as your future wife, naturally, I must know about your past clearly, or else if some lowly affairs get exposed when we are ready to tie the knots, it’ll be humiliating for me even if you don’t feel embarrassed!”

As she finished her words, she stirred her coffee carelessly even though she was feeling rather dismal about almost giving herself away .

She had spoken out of turn in a fit of rage .

She was still too impulsive for her good!

The man sneered in response and retaliated with a deadpan expression, “Song Enya, do you still have the cheek to check on me? I, for one, haven’t pursued your shady past in the first place and chosen to ignore the skeleton in the closet, especially regarding the child you’re carrying now! I’m sure your dirty laundry will be exposed well and good if I decide to check on you . Hopefully, this matter of your in-vitro fertilization is well-hidden and not exposed to the public, or else the Mus and the Songs will be disgraced along with you!” He then paused to appreciate the souring expression on the missy’s face before continuing unhurriedly, “Speaking of which, you really impressed me! I did see women throw themselves at men before, but the extent that you went is truly impressive! In order to get your hands on Mu Yazhe, you actually ran all the way to the US for an IVF-ET! It’s a shame that you landed in such a dismal state after all your scheming . Finally, with some effort, you’ve managed to get yourself a chance to enter my Mu family as you wished . I wonder if you’re satisfied now?”

The woman could not bear to listen to his mockery . Although the man was smiling when he said such words, sarcasm belied every word that he spoke, so much so that they cut deeply into her heart by the time he finished speaking .

She was extremely aggrieved but had to feign calmness as she told him off sternly . “Shut up, Mu Yancheng! You don’t have any say in my affairs!”

The man merely laughed at that . “Alright . I won’t say anything about your deeds, so please don’t say anything about mine, either! Song Enya, let’s speak freely here: After marriage, you can look after your affairs and don’t interfere with my private life! No matter what kind of woman I find outside, it’s not your turn to tell me what to do; is that clear?”

“Look for a woman outside?!” questioned Song Enya angrily . “Do you know what you’re talking about?!”

To which the man coldly answered, “You do know the tradition of the Mus, don’t you? Once I become the official head of my family, I have the right to take in a few concubines . Although those women will have no official titles and won’t be on equal footing with you, they can join the Mu household and be under the same roof as you . Since you’re determined to marry into the Mus, then you must mentally prepare for this to happen; do you understand?”

“You can’t!” The woman laughed back in anger . “Mu Yancheng, how presumptuous you are! I have yet to marry into your family, yet you can’t wait to rule over me!”

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