One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife - Chapter 3096

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Chapter 3096: Innocence 17

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Back then, there were many girls pursuing Su Qi. Rumor had it that he changed girlfriends every month and was well known for being a playboy.

It was also said that Su Qi often went to those foul entertainment places like pubs and KTVs. His parents didn’t care what he did, and the teachers in school couldn’t do anything to him.

That girl was one of his girlfriends.

Seeing that I had agreed so quickly, Dongyu calmed down and immediately added, “Also, stop coming to school to wait for me.”


“You can take the public transport home by yourself. Although I’m only in my first year, school finishes late for me. You don’t have to wait for me and delay doing your homework.”


I wasn’t happy to hear that.

“No, I want to go home with you!”

“Listen to me, Xiachun!”

“The bus is too crowded!”

As I started complaining, my father knocked on the door. “Dinner is ready. Come out and eat!”

That was the end of the conversation.

The next day, as usual, I went to wait for him to finish school and then we went home together.

And I didn’t run into that pest Su Qi again.

Until one day—

Just as I walked out of the school gate with my school bag on my back, I ran into the girl who barged into the infirmary the other day.

She seemed to have been waiting for some time, to the extent that as soon as I had stepped out of the school gate, she came straight towards me. She stopped a few steps in front of me.

“You’re Yin Xiachun, right?”

I stared at her questioningly. “What about it?”

There were two tall and menacing looking girls standing behind her.

“Come here!”

Dragging me by the strap of my school bag, she led me to the corner by the school gate. She pushed me against the wall and sneered.

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“I’m warning you, stay away from Su Qi! Don’t go fantasizing that just because he wants to woo you, he really likes you. It’s just a whim for him and he’s only doing it for fun!”

“I’ll keep my distance even without your warning.”

“Did you know that Su Qi and Yin Dongyu fought?” she suddenly questioned me.

Upon hearing this, I suddenly recalled there were bruises on Dongyu’s knuckles when he came back from school last night.

When I asked, he only said that it was the result of his own carelessness.

“What happened?”

“What else? It’s all because of you! That guy Su Qi did not believe you were Yin Dongyu’s girlfriend. He looked him up and declared that he was going to woo you. I don’t know what exactly the two of them said, but they got into a fight and almost got punished.”

The school thought highly of Yin Dongyu because of his excellent academic performance. Hence, they had only issued him with a verbal warning over this incident.

Since he had not been dealt any demerit points, Yin Dongyu, out of fairness, only gave Su Qi a verbal warning as well.

Meanwhile, I got increasingly confused. “What does that have to do with me?”

“You’re Yin Dongyu’s sister, aren’t you?! He said it himself when Su Qi went to look for him yesterday!”

I was stunned. I didn’t know why, but Dong Yu’s quick clarification of our relationship made me feel… angry and unhappy.

Why was he so eager to clarify our relationship?

With these conflicted feelings in my heart, my tone grew angry. “So you’re here to look for me over this matter?”

I studied her, and added skeptically, “You’re not into Su Qi, are you?”

“I’m Su Qi’s girlfriend!” She raised her head and said this haughtily, as though she was some high and mighty nobility.

“Oh, but I don’t think he really likes you! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said that he wanted to woo me in front of you. I think it’s just your one-sided wishful thinking!”

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