One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife - Chapter 3098

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Chapter 3098: Innocence 19

Su Qi pursed his lips, but didn’t relent. “I just like being with you.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore. It was only our second meeting, but he acted like he knew me so well. I flew into a rage out of humiliation and asked him, “What do you want?!”

The boy was surprised, but maintained a smile that revealed his white teeth. “Can’t you tell that I’m wooing you?”

My chest constricted. Maybe I thought his smile was too annoying, but I quickly turned my head and said, “My mother doesn’t allow me to date at my age.”

“You’re already so old. Does your mother still watch over you?”

I ignored him and reached for my bag.

Su Qi dodged me again and said, “I’ll take you home.”




“Yes!” Su Qi threatened. “Otherwise, I’ll tell the girls in your class that you like me!”

“Whoever likes you!?”


I didn’t know that he was such a scoundrel, but I was really afraid that he’d do what he said so, I had no choice but reply, “You may send me as far as the bridge, and not right to my door!”


“Return my bag to me then!”

Su Qi did not persist and returned my school bag to me. I took it, carried it on my back, and immediately ran in the direction of home.

“Hey! Yin Xiachun!”

He realized he’d been tricked by me and shouted angrily behind me.

I ran without turning back, as if running from some sort of beast. I ran with all my might until I reached the bridge. I looked back and saw that I had shaken him off. Then, I stopped running. I panted heavily as I walked home.

I thought he would just give up after this.

To my surprise, he turned out to be more persistent than I had thought.

Unexpectedly, I saw him again the next day, the moment I walked out of the classroom after class was released.

He was sitting on a bicycle. When he saw me, he got off the bicycle and pushed the bicycle towards me. He snorted coldly, “Little trickster!”

I looked at him guiltily and lowered my head. I couldn’t help but suspect if he had ridden his bicycle today so that it would be easy to keep up with me?!

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“Stop following me! I’m going home!”

I turned and walked away.

He caught up with me and tugged on my sleeve. “Don’t. It’s still early. I’ll treat you to some fun.”

“I don’t want to! My mother will be worried if I don’t go home!”

“Using your mother as an excuse again!”

He pulled on the strap of my bag and smiled. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to a fun place!”

I saw that I couldn’t get away this time, so I got onto the bicycle.

I thought, given his persistence, he would surely follow me all the way to my doorstep.

Sitting in the back of his bicycle, I fretted over how I was going to get rid of this pest of a guy. When I snapped back to my senses, I found the bike parked in a posh-looking place.

There were a few young students standing at the door. Two of them looked like unemployed youths. When they saw Su Qi, they greeted him respectfully, “Brother Su Qi, you’re here!”

“Skating rink!?”

I stared at the lit sign, startled.

Su Qi asked me, “Ever tried ice skating?”

I shook my head.

For me, places like the skating rinks, Internet cafes, and K singing room were all bad places. Be it parents or teachers, they all told us that we were not to go to these places!

I wouldn’t consider myself an obedient child, but I had always stayed far away from these places. Thus, I was especially resistant to entering such places.

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