Possessing Nothing - Chapter 429

The atmosphere fell coldly . Lee Sung-min shrugged his shoulders in the sinking atmosphere, feeling a mixed feeling .
To some extent, I knew it was contradictory . If you can not stop the feud, it will be the end, and the world will perish .
But if it succeeds in stopping the feud? What if I change the fate of the end?
My arms are cut, my legs are cut, my eyes are drawn . Everyone is a good person .
Too good a person … … . I fought without fleeing . The people of the world are fighting against the end that they do not even know, and it became such a disgrace .
I hate it .
I can not bear it .
The human body is too fragile and easy to break . It is impossible to repair if the spirit and body are the same and it is broken . If, if . I went into the sleeping forest with them … … .
What if someone dies?
When you finish the end, if some of them die and you can not stay together .
I could not bear it . I did not want to imagine . If that happens, Lee Seong – min will try to crush her guilt .
Even if it is devoted to the spirit, it will not disappear, but it may be that it will be resentful for the death of somebody .
I hated that .
It is also something that someone dies or is asked to take responsibility for it . If it fails to prevent the feud … … .
I did not want to think about it . We are weak and can not take it . Baesoggo muttered it with a small voice .
Scarlett stared at him with his cold eyes .
“Think well and tell me . ”
Scarlett said .
“Because you might hate it . ”
In the warning, Lee Seungmin grasped his hands quietly . In the meantime, I felt that I did not want to be hated .

Lee Sung – min sent a self – help laugh to himself .
“Wisdom is a strong show . ”
“Know . ”
“If you fight … … Someone will get hurt . I could die . ”
“I hate that . In the fight against Jenny Rawa, everyone … … You’ve been hurt a lot . As long as you are human, there is a limit to how you treat your wounds . ”
“I . ”
Baek SooGo made a trembling voice . She hung horses and came to her .
Her face was still pale without pus . When she was breathing deeply, she stared at her .
“I chose it . I do not mind hurt or die . The big burden of the end … … I do not want to be a priest alone . ”
“I do not care because I will stop . ”
Baek Soggo chewed his lower lip . The blowing wind shook an empty sleeve .
Looking at it, Lee sighed a little . Scarlett did not say anything but to look at her .
Lubia and Teresa held each other’s hands and were watching the mood . Looking at the sky, the Heilongjiang fell his head .
He stared at Lee Seong – min and said .
“You are right . ”
Black Dragonfly nodded his head and muttered .
“We are weaker than you who are so strong . It did not help much in the fight against the vampire queen . I was able to pull the time because she played with us . ”
Besides, now I became a lonely one . The black dragonfly laughed .
“Without arms, it is fatal . Given time, I might get used to this, but none of us got that time . Yes . It is our arrogant stubbornness that we go together . You’ll have to hold your ankles together to interfere . ”
He said that he stepped back a few steps back .
“… … I do not know your heart . ”
Scarlett opened his mouth .
“That’s what he said . We are weak . If you go together, you will be disturbed . still… … I wanted to go together . I did not want to let you do everything by yourself . Know? To me, you are a little kid who was still emotionally unstable . ”
At that point, Lee smiled and laughed . Scarlet pecked his head and scratched his head .
“But still . What did you say … … Hate . Weak because it does not help … … You do not want to hurt us in the end . Do not be fooled . Because there is a sense of mission that did not come here . One more eye was selected . ”
Scarlett did not back down . The same was true for white sheep . Lloyd was unaware of it, but the Black Dragon Rangers stretched his hand and caught Lloyd’s shoulder .
“Do not bother me . ”
The Heilongjiang was considering Lee Seong-min . I will not go with Lee Seong – min if I insist on going together .
If I continue to force it, I will use my own method . And Lee Sung-min will feel bitterness about it .
“… … Yes… … ”
Lloyd nodded his lips and nodded his head . He stepped back with the Black Dragon .
Theresa and Lubia also got a little out of the way . So Scarlet poked his lips .
She grunted as she looked back at those who had retreated .
“… … It seems like I’m stubbornly stubborn . ”
Eventually Scarlett stood back with the impression that he was unwilling .
Baek Sogo did not back down . She looked down at her hand with only a single look . She held her fist quietly .
“Know . ”
I knew so well .
“I am too weak for the priest . Even when you have both arms … … I will only hold the priest’s ankle . ”
Lee did not answer . I did not want to push it forcefully . I want each other to understand and understand .
“I do not know . I know . But… … Priests . I can not leave the priest even if it is . The priest goes to a dangerous place, I alone … … I do not want to wait for the priest to remain . ”
Know .
It is also the character of the backsongo . No matter what the circumstances, the backslope is convinced that it does not back down .
Even though he knows his weakness, he does not back down .
I do not run away .
Even when he stood in front of the battle of Jennifer Lahua, Baek SooGo was not afraid . Even if you lost one arm . Even if you know you are weak, you do not run away .
“The priest is … … It’s getting stronger . ”
Blow . Baek Soko walked one step forward . She swallowed her breath and raised her strength .
Baesoggo tore the flapping sleeve all at once . Then he saw Lee Seong-min with a thin smile .
“If you think about it, I have not done anything with the priest since the mountain of Mesh . ”
“I did not have a chance . ”
“Finish… … I think this is an opportunity now . Huh . Priest, you do not have to concede, will not you? ”
“Yes . ”
Baek Soo Goo was seeking conviction for her . Lee Sungmin did not back down and nodded his head .
Baek Sokgo lowered his posture . Two eyes upright saw Lee Seongmin . Lee did not hold an intangible window .
He lowered his posture and prepared for an unclean divorce . The smile of Baek Soo Goo became thick .
It was time to learn the first time to learn the shamanism in the mountains of Mt .
Baek Soo Goo, who could not speak, accepted the ban of silence, wrote a message on the floor with branches and talked with Lee Sung – min . The teaching of Baek Sogo was kind .
Not only teaching, but everything was sweet . If he did not meet Baek Soo – go, Lee Seong – min could not bear the performance on the mountain .
When I kissed him and sat down, he came back with a loud voice . You’ve grown a lot . At that time, Baek Sogo said such a thing, and it gave me the uneasy feelings of Lee Sung – min .
In the old world, Baek Soo Goo was murdered in the dungeon . I went to the dungeon where I wanted to stop the death, and I was back there with Baek Sogo .
I wanted to praise the sister again . How strong you are . I wanted to get recognition of Baek Sogo .
At that time, I learned this skill from you on that mountain . Now it has become like this . The guy who was struggling to take one step at a time was now like this .
You’ve grown a lot .
How good it was to hear the word to Baekgoo the night of killing the prince .
I wanted to hear that again .
The first thing that moved was white . A white sogon who unfolds an unclean divorce quickly narrows the distance .
The successive strides have linked the herbaceous plants of the castle . The force of the force that has been raised has been pushed all over the space like the wind that blows .
Baek Soo-goo did not put the matter in his hand . She was running out of herself with the power she could spread .
Not weak . I will not hold my ankle . It was just like that .
The newspaper scorched hides the appearance of Baek Soo Goo . The daily newspaper Mouyoung created the afterimage of Baek, and those afterimages started to wobble .
The strength was shaky and made waves . The flow of water flowed naturally to the grazing . Ibo Saigo became a Sambo drama and became a Sabo frenzy .
Lee Seong – min slowly took his foot as he watched the white sogongo hit by all his power .
Pot .
All the unfolding of Baek Soggo expired . The history has disappeared as if it did not exist from the beginning, and Baek Soo Goo did not wear even my own .
Baek Soo – soon stood up and looked ahead . Lee Sung-min, who was there a while ago, was no longer there .
Baek Soo Goo looked back slowly . Lee Seongmin was making a wry smile when he saw Baekgooggo .
“… … amazing . ”
Baesoggo nodded his head and muttered .
“Even if it is the same ancestral divorce … … It makes a difference . I will not be able to say that this is an orthodox successor . ”
“Because the black belt is also added . ”
“I think that is better . If you do not mind… … Huh . Then, may I be instructed by the priest? ”
“Of course it is okay . ”
In reply to Lee Sungmin, Baek Sogo laughed and bowed his head .
“Thanks, priest . ”
The end of the voice shook slightly .
“A lot of… … You grew up . really . When we met in the mountains of Mt . … It was a far distant memory . Great . ”
Baek Soo – ho said his head . She rubbed the tears in her eyes with her sleeves .
“I’m sorry to be stubborn . ”
I want to go together .
“I knew for sure that the priest would not help . I have only seen the priest’s ankle … … I’m sorry, priest . I needed a conviction in this way . ”
“… … I know . The sister is such a person . I knew very well that I would not be able to send it without hesitation . ”
“Huh… … . I’m stubborn . ”
I want to go together and fight against the calamity of the end . No matter what ending I want to be with you .
If I die there .
I want to die for you . If you fail . Before the world is over, I want to die with you .
I hate having to wait without doing anything . I hate putting all my luggage on you . Such words sprang into my mind .
“It’s okay, sister . ”
Lee put his hand on the shoulder of Baek Soo Goo .
“Nothing will happen . well… … I’ll be back . Maybe it will not be long . So… … Do not worry . ”
Unlike worry .
Baek Soo – geop put his hands on the throbbing chest . The feelings that can not be said by oneself were complicated .
Maybe it’s jealousy . With that in mind, Baek Soo – goo closed his eyes .
There will be a great show in there . I… … I know the priest who does not know is a witch show .
“… … Huh… … ”
But Baek Soo Goo could not vomit the feeling . I thought I was a good person myself .
“Come on, priest . ”
Baek Sogo laughed . Hiding his own feelings, he finally said that he was lying .
Lee reached out his hands quietly . He wiped, but he wiped the tears of Baek Sogo .
“… … The sister can not stand a lie . ”
Huh . Baek Soko swallowed his breath .
“… … If I do not lie . Something… … Will it be different? ”
“… … At least now something will not change . ”
Lee responded with bitterness . Then, he smiled and laughed and raised his hand to the heart of Lee Sung – min .
“… … So you lie, priest . that… … You’re comfortable with each other . ”
Baek Soo – goo said so and pushed Lee ‘s heart a little .
“I’ll be waiting, priest . ”
Baek Soko said, wiping his eyes with one hand .
“When we meet again … … I will not lie . ”
I could not say anything to Lee Sanggo who smiled with wet eyes .
He retreated a few steps back as he squeezed, and bowed back to his head .
In the end, Baek Soo-go did not tell his true heart until the end . Even if I heard that I was lying, I could not disclose my feelings in my heart .
I knew it might catch the emotions of Lee Seong-min .
“Fool . ”
Scarlett muttered, leaning away from Lee Seong – min ‘s back . It was said to Lee Sungmin, and it was said to Baek Sogo .
“Do not you go to die?”
Scarlet felt his nervous mood and kicked the ground with his feet .
“No . ”
In grumbling, Baek Sogo refuted with a small voice .
“You promised to come back . ”
“Hey … … ”
In the blind mumbling of Baek Soko, Scarlet sneered . She tried to give back to Soggo what she was going to give her . Instead, he pulled his arm around his back .
“Let’s eat rice . ”
“I was hungry when I saw him eating . ”
Scarlett said so and dragged the baggage toward the bonfire, which had not been turned off yet .
“Why, he said that last time . An apple tree before the fall … … I do not know the apple tree, and I’ll cut the meat . ”
Creeper .
It was small but it sounded like that . Teresa was surprised to wrap her belly in both hands and sneezed so loudly that everyone was listening . Scarlett pulled his tongue out as he watched the Black Dragon .
“It shakes the eye, the eye . ”
“… … It’s … … ”
The Black Dragon ‘s eye turned to look at it .