Power and Wealth - Chapter 474

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Jia Yan is hospitalized!
When news of Jia Yan being hospitalized is confirmed, everyone involved in the investment fair is furious!
Sun Shuli, Luo Haiting, and all the Investment Promotion Agency’s staff are furious! Hospitalized?! Why are you in the hospital now? You had boasted and wanted to take credit for this investment fair when you come. But after screwing up everything, you decided to hide in the hospital to avoid being held responsible for it and let the rest clear your mess!? Can you be more responsible?!
No one had expected Jia Yan to use hospitalization as an excuse to escape responsibility!
But do you think you can hide from it?
Suppose Jia Yan continued with the investment fair with six to seven participants. In that case, he might look bad, but Secretary Xiang will continue to support him. The Community will then decide how much responsibility he should bear after the fair. But he had dumped everything and hide in the hospital now! Secretary Xiang had recommended him and boasted about his capabilities. Doing this will make Secretary Xiang a laughing stock of the County!
Hospitalized one day before the opening ceremony?!
Jia Yan had fooled everyone!
Everyone is cursing Jia Yan in the Xiang Yi Hotel’s lobby. Xiang Daofa, who is in a private room upstairs, is mad beyond words. He immediately took out his phone to call Jia Yan!
Ring… ring… ring… but no one answered.
Xiang Daofa called again. The phone is not off, but no one is answering.
Xie Huilan also tried calling Jia Yan and put down her phone angrily. “… nonsense!” She immediately questioned Xiang Daofa. “Secretary Xiang, I seriously doubt Chief Jia’s capability, and he has a serious integrity issue! How can he just dump everything for the rest to clear his mess? Does he think this investment fair is a joke?! The County Government had given him all the support he needed, and he had not only created a mess but he is also even hospitalized at this crucial time?! Does he think he can do whatever he wants?!”
Xiang Daofa is embarrassed. He had just voiced his support for Jia Yan in front of Xie Huilan and Cao Xupeng. He claimed he has confidence in his capabilities. But Jia Yan did this at the last minute. “Chief Yan also does not want to be hospitalized. He had excessive alcohol and is on a drip in the hospital now.”

Xie Huilan looks at Xiang Daofa. “Everyone from the Investment Promotion Agency is waiting and receiving the investors downstairs, and the County Government staff are also working hard for this investment fair. How can he go and drink now?! Is drinking more important than this investment fair?!”
Cao Xupeng is also furious with Jia Yan.
Even Cao Xupeng, who is from Xiang Daofa’s faction, doesn’t believe Jia Yan is not feigning sick to escape responsibility, let alone others.
Xiang Daofa is about to explode with anger. Jia Yan had gotten him into a difficult spot, and it is equivalent to slapping him in front of everyone!
At the same time.
County People’s Hospital.
“Wake up! Chief Yan!”
“Errr…. Huh…”
“Wake up now!”
Dong Xuebing looks at the drunk Jia Yan and the drip on his arm angrily.
A few minutes ago, someone informed Dong Xuebing about Jia Yan’s hospitalization at the same hospital. He immediately went to look for him at his ward. He also thought Jia Yan is feigning drunk and felt he is a bastard. Jia Yan had rushed over to steal his credit, but when he saw the investment fair is about to fail, he dumped everything and hides in the hospital. Jia Yan does not want to bear any responsibilities and wants to run away from them!
You think it is so easy to snatch my credit?!
Go to hell!

Dong Xuebing stares at Jia Yan. “Jia Yan! Stop pretending and get up now!”
Jia Yan continued to lay on the bed and mumbled something. He seems to be drunk, but Dong Xuebing felt that even if he is drunk, he should have purposely made himself drunk.
“Chief Dong.” A County Party Committee staff entered. He was the one who sent Jia Yan to the hospital.
Dong Xuebing looks at the staff. “Can you tell me what happened?”
That staff replied. “I had gone to a restaurant in the western district for dinner and happened to see Chief Jia there. He has dinner with an investor in a private room, and the investment amount seems to be quite big. But after my dinner, I saw Chief Yan is already drunk and blacked out. That investor saw I know Chief Yan and asked me to send him to the hospital.”
Dong Xuebing thought for a second. “Who is this investor? Do you know him?”
“I have never met him before.” The staff shook his head. “I remember he has a Beijing accent.”
Wait! This is too suspicious! Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat and asked the staff to leave the ward before looking at Jia Yan again.
Beijing’s investor?
Did Huilian send this investor to set up Jia Yan and Xiang Daofa?
Dong Xuebing is not stupid and felt this is possible. Jia Yan can reach his current rank means he is not an idiot. He should know he will offend everyone if he dumps everything and feign sick. He will still be held responsible after he is discharged. Even Dong Xuebing knows the consequences of doing this, let alone Jia Yan.
Dong Xuebing immediately send Xie Huilan an SMS, asking her if she had sent that investor.
About one minute later, Xie Huilan replied. “You are quite smart. Haha…”

Damn! It’s Sister Xie who had set him up!
Dong Xuebing can imagine the situation at the hotel two hours ago. Only a few investors had arrived, and the 100 million RMB investment is also gone. Jia Yan was at his wit’s end when a Beijing investor approached him. The investor told him he might be investing more than 100 million RMB for a project and wants to meet him. This is his last opportunity to save himself, and the investor started drinking with him over dinner. Maybe the investor had said he would sign the contract if Jia Yan can finish two or three bottles of Baijiu. But Jia Yan got drunk and is hospitalized in the end.
Jia Yan might not even wake up tomorrow after drinking so much alcohol!
This is part of Xie Huilan’s plot!
Xie Huilan’s purpose is to let everyone think Jia Yan is trying to escape his responsibility by hospitalizing himself at the last minute!
Dong Xuebing is laughing in his heart. Xiang Daofa had accused and went after him for killing Li Hong previously, and Sister Xie is returning the favor at the perfect time! Even if Jia Yan wakes up tomorrow, it will be too late, and he has no way to explain himself!
Dong Xuebing looks at his watch. It’s 8.30 pm.
Dong Xuebing was about to return to his ward when Jia Yan’s phone rang. He thought for a while and took out the phone from his pocket.
The caller display indicates Secretary Xiang’s name.
Dong Xuebing answered. “Hello, Secretary Xiang?”
“Who are you?! Get Jia Yan to the phone!” Xiang Daofa shouted angrily.
“I am Dong Xuebing.” Dong Xuebing looks at Jia Yan. “Chief Jia is on the drip, and I am not sure if he is drunk. He is unable to answer the phone now.”
Xiang Daofa kept quiet.
Dong Xuebing asks sarcastically. “Secretary Xiang, do you want me to try waking him up? The investment fair’s opening ceremony is tomorrow, and how can Chief Jia continue to sleep in the ward now? What will happen to the investment fair? This is too irresponsible! I will wake him up… Hey, Chief Jia! Chief Jia! Wake up! Secretary Xiang wants to speak to you!” He paused for a while and said. “He refuses to wake up.”
“Don’t need to wake him up!” Xiang Daofa suppressed his anger. “Since Jia Yan is hospitalized, you will take over this investment fair. You should know about the current situation, and you must make the fair a success! There’s not enough time.”
Damn! You had kicked me aside initially, and you want me to clear the mess when things went wrong?!
Dong Xuebing replied nonchalantly. “But I am also hospitalized.”
Xiang Daofa almost choked on his words. Dong Xuebing is the only person in Yan Tai County who dares to talk back at him. “You are the Investment Promotion…”
“Ah… the battery is about to die.”
Du… du… du… the line was cut.
Dong Xuebing looks at the black screen and thought to himself. I did not hang up on you, and it’s the phone’s battery that had died.
After a while, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. Xie Huilan had called.
“Alright. Get discharge and come to the hotel now. Everyone is waiting for your orders. Hahaha… you still dare to hang up on Secretary Xiang?! You are daring.”
Dong Xuebing didn’t feel he had done anything wrong as he walked out of Jia Yan’s ward. “Everything had been going smoothly, and he was the one who insisted on kicking me aside. He wants me back only after everything had messed up. He should not have done this in the first place!”
“Haha… Stop complaining. Secretary Xiang had embarrassed himself this time.”
“He had asked for it. Who can he blame?”
“Secretary Xiang can be embarrassed, but not our County. You have vented your anger and got back at them. I am ordering you to come back and take charge of the investment fair. I want everyone to know how capable my boyfriend is. Can you do it?”
Dong Xuebing smiled wearily. “Tomorrow is the opening ceremony. It’s too hard.”
“You must overcome all difficulties. Haha… But don’t give yourself too much pressure. I will make some calls later, and there will be at least a few investment groups from Beijing tomorrow. You just need to think of ways to get them to invest and leave the rest to me.” With Xie Huilan’s connections in Beijing, she can easily get groups of investors to make up the numbers at the opening ceremony.
There will be enough participants tomorrow?!
Dong Xuebing brightens up and doesn’t felt so stressed.
Xie Huilan laughed. “Oh, I heard Secretary Xiang had also gotten an investment and will be signing the contract during the investment fair. The invested amount is around 40 million.”
Forty million RMB is quite a lot!
Dong Xuebing is motivated immediately. That damn Xiang Daofa had tried to steal my credit, and it’s finally my turn to steal yours now!

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