Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 801

Chapter 801: 801

Chapter 801: Little Angel Panicked

Shen Qianshu and Yang Lihua turned back at the same time to look at Tong Hua .

Tong Hua’s memory of Yang Lihua was all gone . When he was adopted by Shen Qianshu, he was too young . He had no memory of his biological parents at all . All the love he felt was given by Shen Qianshu . His expression changed drastically after witnessing Shen Qianshu being pointed by a gun . He hurriedly rushed forward .

“Tong Hua, don’t come over!” Yang Lihua suddenly screamed out loud . Tong Hua paused in his steps . Lin Xiaojuan then hurriedly pulled him, subtly blocking Yang Lihua behind her . Ah Da was just standing not far away from them . A few security guards were already waiting to charge forward, but without Shen Qianshu’s command, they all made no move .

Yang Lihua kept her gun and stared at Tong Hua intently . Everybody heaved a sigh of relief .

Her eyes were brimming with tears .

The look of endearment and regret was completely bared .

Shen Qianshu’s heart started aching badly . What was happening?

Yang Lihua suddenly turned around and boarded a car . The car left, and Shen Qianshu said deeply, “Send someone to follow her . ”

“Yes!” Ah Da ordered a security guard to follow her .

Shen Qianshu and Tong Hua both looked at each other .


Shen Qianshu went forward in a heartbeat and pulled Tong Hua into her embrace . Her arms could not help but tremble .

Was her son… going to be taken away?

In the film festival, Tong Hua was still nominated for an award . Lin Xiaojuan then brought Tong Hua back to the venue first . Shen Qianshu turned around and was just about to board the car when she felt a piercing pain in her abdomen . Darkness fell before her, and she fainted .

“Miss Shen!”

In the hospital .

When Shen Qianshu woke up, she was already lying on the hospital bed . It was completely dark outside, and she felt slightly puzzled .

A tall silhouette was standing before the windows and looking intently at the night sky outside . The white color of his shirt merged into one with the color of the ward . It gave off a feeling of loneliness, a quietness that was special to the color white . The tall back view, however, gave off a slight masculine smell .

“Master…” Shen Qianshu softly called out . The pain came too suddenly and was also too profound . When she woke up, she still felt like there was something piercing her abdomen . It was a really sharp pain, and she only recovered after a while .

Ye Ling turned around and walked towards her slowly . His gaze fell onto her pale face, and his amber eyes turned some shades darker . “Are you still feeling pain?”

He sat down and held onto her hands .

Her hands were extremely cold .

“She’s not dead . ” Shen Qianshu gave an irrelevant answer, and her eyes were full of panic . “Master, how?”

“I saw . ”

He was watching the live-stream throughout and naturally also saw Doctor Yang’s face .

He did not know Doctor Yang, but Shen Qianshu’s reaction was too odd . Ah Da immediately reported everything too . He was really clear of everything that had happened . “No one can take Tong Hua away from you . ”

This sentence did not reassure her .

Yang Lihua was Tong Hua’s biological mother .

Everyone knew that .

Tong Hua also knew that . What reason did she have for stopping Yang Lihua? Based on the many years of her upbringing?

“If she wanted the child, she would have appeared long ago . She would not have escaped too . Don’t panic . ”

“She said that she only wanted to take a look at Tong Hua . She seemed to have her difficulties, but which mom would abandon their own child and show no interest for so many years? She must have been really worried about Tong Hua too . I can see that she loves Tong Hua a lot . ”

“No one loves him more than you . ” Although this made him feel really displeased, he still had to admit it .

“Master, just because you love a person the most doesn’t mean that he will belong to you . ” Shen Qianshu’s heart ached badly . “There’s no such logic in this world . ”

“If you want to know what happened, why not go ask Gu Yuanli!?”

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