Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 1550

Chapter 1550: 1550

Chapter 1550: The Reason To Live On

Jin Xiaoxi had been saved, but she could not remember who she was or how she ended up in the ocean .

The explosion ruined her face and voice, and almost all of her memories .

She had become a lady that most despised because of how she looked .

She could only remember that her name had a “Xi” in it . Her adopted father named her Xiaoxi in the end .

Jing Xi began to live a new life as Jin Xiaoxi, and it was one that she cherished .

The reason for her to live on was so that she could find out who she was .

The old shop had been dealing with seafood for a very long time, and it reeked of the ocean .

Jing Xi set the empty box down and opened the glass door .

“Mom, I’m back,” Jing Xi greeted .

“I can hear you! Don’t shout!” Ge Juhua scolded .

“Okay,” Jing Xi replied and took out a roll of cash . “Here’s the money for the seafood . ”

Ge Juhua took the money and counted only 450 dollars in it .

“Where’s the other 50? Did you steal it?”

“No, I didn’t! I saw an injured kid on my way back, and I bought some medicine for him,” Jing Xi quickly explained .

No matter how much Jing Xi had changed, she was still a kind and gentle person .

“Are you stupid or what?” Ge Juhua then scolded . “What does that kid have to do with you? Why would you spend our money on some stranger? That’s hard-earned money that your dad got up early every day for!”

“But I ain’t the only one who’s wasting money!” Jing Xi refuted . “Brother is always gambling and loses most of our money too!”

“So what? Get back to work!”

Ge Juhua grabbed a broomstick and tried to hit Jing Xi .

Luckily, Jing Xi jumped aside and ran away . She went back to her room and saw her sister, Ji Hua, doing a live-stream .

Even though Jin Hua was already past her 30’s, she was still single . It wasn’t that she wasn’t beautiful, but that she was too self-aware .

Men who weren’t successful weren’t good enough for her, while successful men would never fall for her .

She always fantasized about living a life as a princess or queen, waiting for her knight in shining armor to appear .

Not only that, but Jin Hua was also lazy . Ever since Jin Xiaoxi came to their house, Jin Hua basically left all the chores to Jin Xiaoxi .

Jin Hua was sitting in front of her phone camera and making weird faces for her fans .

But an ugly face suddenly appeared on her screen, and it shocked Jin Hua . Jin Hua wasn’t the only one surprised, as her fans, which weren’t many to begin with, all left .

“Jin Xiaoxi!” Jin Hua scolded after turning off her live-stream . “What are you doing? Can’t you see I’m recording?”

“I’m sorry! I wasn’t doing it on purpose . I was just curious as to how live-streaming works,” Jing Xi quickly explained . Since she had no money to buy a phone, she could only look at her sister’s .

“Why? Do you want to do some live-streams too? With that face?’

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