Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me - Chapter 419

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Chapter 419: Chapter 420 Three questions from three girls

“Birds of a feather flock together. You should understand what I mean, right?”

I didn’t say anything to respond to Dong Xiaoye. The police’s suspicions were all justified. If Xu Heng obtained guns and explosives in the eastern region of the city, the possibility of him dealing with the local gang was indeed extremely high, and the eastern region of the city was indeed Xiao Yike’s father’s territory.

I thought Dong Xiaoye would continue to ask me how I got to know Sang Yingjie, but I didn’t expect that she seemed to have forgotten about this question, so I didn’t take the initiative to remind her. Turning on the stereo in her car, a romantic and lyrical song “when you say nothing at all” rang out, and both of us were gradually immersed in the atmosphere like the title of the song…

After the song ended, Dong Xiaoye continued to sing the song as if she felt that the song had ended too soon. However, her English was extremely bad; not only were the lyrics wrong, but her pronunciation was also terrible, it made me almost burst out laughing.

Just when I was about to tease her, she suddenly asked me, “By the way, when I came out, Yuan Yuan wanted me to ask you if you and Sister Booby had an argument, and why Xiao Yike hasn’t come to your flat to play with her recently…”

My hairs all over my body instantly stood on end. I stared at Dong Xiaoye’s beautiful face that didn’t show any emotion for a long time before revealing a bitter smile.

I didn’t answer Dong Xiaoye’s question, because Dong Xiaoye didn’t expect me to answer at all.

If Chu Yuan really wanted to ask me about Xiao Yike. She wouldn’t ask me through Dong Xiaoye. From this, I could tell that Dong Xiaoye lied.

I smiled bitterly because I was too naive. Dong Xiaoye was a policewoman, and the police were watching Xiao Yike’s father. So there was no reason that they would not notice Chu Yuan’s relationship with Xiao Yike.

Dong Xiaoye probably knew about Xiao Yike’s identity a long time ago. Perhaps, she had already found out when Xiao Yike asked Sang Yingjie to arrange someone to splash feces on Mo Fei. She just didn’t tell me that she knew about it.

Dong Xiaoye pressed the replay, and the song “When you say nothing at all” once again filled the small space of the car that only belonged to the two of us.

This time, she really didn’t need to say anything because I knew what she was trying to say…

I knew that Dong Xiaoye was trying to remind me of my relationship with the Xiao family. I also knew she had a good intention, and she may have breached the police discipline because she had told me so much, but I still felt like there was a heavy stone on my chest, which made me feel tight chested…

I didn’t like the way Dong Xiaoye used to remind me. In fact, she could warn me more directly, otherwise, I would rather she not remind me at all.

Using an indirect method or an ambiguous way to convey a message could also be understood as distrust sometimes…

On the other hand, excessive trust, sometimes, could also be understood as a kind of distrust…

I was not sure if Dong Xiaoye wanted to use me to test Xiao Yike or use Xiao Yike to dig out her father’s secrets, and then find a new path for the police to investigate Xu Heng’s case… At least, Dong Xiaoye didn’t say it now, but I hoped that she also wouldn’t say it in the future.

Xiao Yike was Xiao Yike, and her father was her father. She shouldn’t be dragged into her father’s problem.

Of course, the best result was that Xiao Yike’s father was never involved in Xu Heng’s case…

For the first time, I deeply realized that I liked Dong Xiaoye’s straightforward and simple character, but I didn’t like Dong Xiaoye’s career, because when she dedicated her straightforwardness to her career, I could only feel the coldness from her.

I did not like this feeling. Even though I knew that Dong Xiaoye’s coldness was not targeted at me but at Xiao Yike and the Xiao family, I couldn’t bring myself to distance myself from the girl who would do the rabbit dance for me to make me happy when I was sad and depressed, not to mention that she even wanted to hurt another girl just because the other girl had hurt me…

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When I got home, Chu Yuan and Dongfang seemed to have fallen asleep already. I knocked on the door gently and wanted to go back to the room to get a change of clothes, but there was no response inside, so I had to give up. Dong Xiaoye asked me to go to Chu Yuan’s room to sleep, but I declined. After all, I couldn’t let a woman sleep in the living room while I was sleeping in a comfortable bed. Fortunately, the sofa that had been dirtied by Dongfang little brat was finally dried, so it wasn’t as bad as before.

I was too tired, so I didn’t bother to take a bath. I simply took a quick shower with cold water perfunctorily and then walked out of the bathroom. As soon as I came out, I saw Dong Xiaoye sitting on the sofa and holding my mobile phone in a daze, seemingly thinking something. She was startled and almost screamed when she finally noticed that I had arrived behind her.

“What are you doing? Why didn’t you make any noise when you came out of the bathroom? Do you not know that people can be scared to death?”

“What?” I looked down at my wet slippers, walked a few steps so the slippers would make squeaky noises, and said, “Is this not noise? I think you are too absorbed in thinking about something. What is it?”

“Who’s thinking about something?” Dong Xiaoye’s pretty face blushed. She got up and stuffed my phone into my arms and said, “There are three text messages. All of them were sent to you at the same time as if they had calculated what time you would get home.” After saying that, she returned to her room without looking back.

I was dazed. Seeing her running away hurriedly, I couldn’t help but wonder if she was secretly reading my text messages?

The first message was sent by Ziyuan: “Xiao Nan, don’t think too much. Yang Wei and the others’ injury has nothing to do with you. You should not be responsible for the mistakes made by others. Don’t be too kind, otherwise, you will suffer… Also, you looked very scary when hitting people. I was a little scared, but I was also very moved. Remember what I said? You really haven’t changed much. What you did today reminded me of how you tried to protect me from being bullied by other kids when we were young. Xiao Nan, do you think we will be able to go back to the relationship we had in the past when everything is over?”

The relationship we had in the past? Was it childhood sweethearts? I smiled bitterly. At least for me, it was very difficult. But if it was really Ziyuan’s wish, I believed that I would still be able to do it. However, what I cared more about at the moment was the phrase “when everything is over”. What did she mean by this? What exactly was her purpose in coming back and joining Fengchang? Actually, that was not the right question. The right question should be, what was the purpose of the Third Lady.

Min Rou said that letting Ziyuan join Fengchang was the Third Lady’s revenge. But what exactly did I do to her that made her want to take revenge against me?

The second one was sent by Mo Fei: “Originally, I wanted to ask you about your relationship with Sang Yingjie, but I didn’t find an opportunity to speak to you alone. But now, I’ve changed my mind. Chu Nan, I just want to ask you one question. If the person that gangster bullied today was me, would you be just as angry as you were today? Would you lose your mind for me?”

Of course, I would. This was an answer that would not require much thought or reason, but it could not be answered. The way Mo Fei asked this question was very strange. She was a smart woman. While testing my feelings for her, she also did not forget to test my relationship with Ziyuan…

The third message was from Liusu. Looking at the time, it was from three minutes ago. “I know that I shouldn’t be too controlling, and I shouldn’t get jealous easily, but I just can’t help it when I see you fighting other men for a girl. I know that I am being petty-minded, but I still want to know if Ziyuan is really just your childhood friend? In fact, I know your temper very well. I know that no matter if it is me or someone else, you will still get angry. This question is too unreasonable, so I’ll allow you not to answer. Anyway, I feel much more comfortable after telling you? I know you will not feel comfortable, but you deserve it! You are a man after all. It’s your responsibility to love me and tolerate me. Hehe, I finally know why Yuan Yuan always likes to bully you, because it’s so satisfying to act like a kid in front of you… Lastly, I want to solemnly warn you. After reading this text message, you must forget about it. Otherwise, I will definitely hit you. Okay, that’s all I want to say. Rest early, and remember to take pain relief before going to bed. Otherwise, you will have a headache tomorrow.”

I indeed had a headache. The three girls asked me three questions that I could not answer. No wonder they kept their distance from me after leaving Earthly Paradise. Indeed, these were three questions that were difficult to ask in front of me.

Was happiness always accompanied by troubles, or was trouble itself a kind of happiness? Perhaps, this was a question that had no correct answers…

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