Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping - Chapter 1668

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Chapter 1668: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 6)

But today, why did she suddenly not come to class? Could it be that something happened?。

Jiang Yi Liang’s lips coldly curled when he thought of this. He thought: How was it related to him if something happened to her?

At this moment, Luo Qing Chen who was strangely remembered by him was having a nap at him.

It had to be said, she rarely got up early.

Being a student really was hard, especially those that were about to face the university exams.

Sleep was simply a luxury for her!

At half past seven at night, after eating the food prepared by the nanny, she prepared to go onto Big Pineapple TV!

The previous host streamed mainly five people competitive games. There was only one other girl other than her whose IGN was Ling Luo.

The other three were all boys. One of them had a very good voice whose IGN was Shen Zhe.

But he rarely spoke, still his technique was first class.

Everyone on the team was busy, so they only had time to play on Fridays.

After entering the stream, there were already many fans waiting for her.

Her fans were called Qing House and most of them were girls gathered together.

“Hello, have you all eaten yet?” Luo Qing Chen started with this as soon as she started the stream.

Her phone rang……

She turned off her mic and took a look.

It wasn’t a call or a text, it was a reminder that said: Big brother Yi Liang’s birthday countdown, three days left.


“Your big brother Yi Liang is already taken by another beauty, please give him up!” Luo Qing Chen said to herself before deleting this reminder without any hesitation.

Damn! Why was there only the supporting male lead in this world, could someone tell her where the male lead who the previous host never met before was?

It was as if the system heard the call deep in her head and replied.

[The male lead is on the way, please be patient, host!]

Damn! The male lead was on the way. System, why did you send me to ten days before, why not five days before?

[Host, are you dumb? If you hadn’t formatted your computer, you would have been exposed in front of everyone. Before the male lead appeared, you would have been pushed down by everyone!] The system held its non-existent waist as it angrily scolded her.

This…..That…..Un! You’re very right, sorry to disturb you!

Why did Luo Qing Chen feel that while she didn’t do anything wrong in this world and was still being scolded, now even the system was openly complaining about her!

So angry!

“Di, di, di, di.” There were more and more people coming into the stream. Everyone saw that she had turned off her mic and didn’t know what happened.

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Little Apple Loves Qing Qing (Gold Member): Where’s my Qing? Why can’t I hear her?

Only Love Qing Qing (Mod): I seemed to have heard the sound of a phone just now, she should have gone to take the call!

Big Wolf’s Pan (Normal Member): Un, she should have gone to take the call.


She deleted the reminder and went to the main screen. At this time, Ling Luo invited her to their team.

After getting no response several times, she began messaging her!

Ling Luo: Fight! Fight! I want to get to Challenger today!

Ling Luo: Where are you? Where are you? Qing Qing, where did you throw your phone!?

Ling Luo: Ying, ying, ying! Poor phone, it was thrown away by its owner!

Luo Qing Chen looked at the chat screen with Ling Luo before typing a few words.

Little Fairy Qing Qing: Invite me.

In this world, the previous host mainly played support and this was the position that could listen to the beautiful voice of the ADC Shen Zhe!

As the name suggested, the two of them were in the bot lane together.

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