Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping - Chapter 1693

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Chapter 1693: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 31)

When she said this, her eyes were cold and there was even a bit of hatred.

This was the first time that she felt helpless over not having any power or money.

It would make it hard for you and would make everyone look down on you!

“Ze, ze, ze.” Ling Luo raised a brow before grabbing her hair, “When I went to your broken place looking for your big brother for my money, you didn’t say this! I remember that you were saying ‘go find Luo Qing Chen, she has wronged me and has money!’.”

Actually, Ling Luo’s words were only half true just to force Pei Dan Dan into the spotlight.

After all, she was still a part of society. There wasn’t that much of a difference between a real kind soul and a little white flower, it was just a difference in thoughts.

“You really said this?” Jiang Yi Liang’s eyes were filled with anger at this moment. He never thought that Pei Dan Dan who was completely innocent in his mind would say these words.

This was completely different from the love in his heart!

“I…..I didn’t!” Pei Dan Dan had red eyes as she bit her lips while Ling Luo tugged at her hair, “I just wanted her to find Luo Qing Chen, I didn’t say that she had wronged me!”

She really didn’t say the latter, how could she be wronged like this!

“Let go!” Jiang Yi Liang came forward to pull Ling Luo’s hand from Pei Dan Dan’s hair before looking at her, “I will return the fifty thousand for her. It’s young miss Gu, right? My Jiang Family and your Gu Family still do business, so for just fifty thousand, you wouldn’t not give me any face, right!”

Although Jiang Yi Liang’s heart was filled with anger, Pei Dan Dan was still his girlfriend.

If she was bullied in front of everyone, he wouldn’t have any face.

“Ke, ke.” Mo Ze Chen who walked to Luo Qing Chen’s side looked at Jiang Yi Liang before turning to Pei Dan Dan. His lips curled into a cold smile, “Then the problem is, the one that is riddled with debt…..Why did you have them come find Luo Qing Chen?”

Mo Ze Chen pulled back the topic that was about to be changed with just a single word.

All the students around realized something before turning to look at Pei Dan Dan.

“Damn! So shameless! She really is a little white flower acting pitiful!”

“I thought that Luo Qing Chen went a bit too far with how she treated her, but now it seemed like that was nothing more than an act!”

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“That’s right! So disgusting, people here hate her openly and she still secretly came here. If it wasn’t for young miss Gu coming here, if she had trapped Luo Qing Chen in an alley, what would have happened? These people have always been unreasonable…..”

“Really, really, really, really, really disgusting! I don’t know why school hunk Jiang likes her…..”

“Commoners are all poor and crazy like her, it isn’t much to do something this despicable in her eyes!”


Each word was like a sword that had pierced her heart bit by bit.

What did she do wrong to be treated like this!

Based on what, based on what, based on what?

Based on what was she born into this family, based on what was Luo Qing Chen to have everything that she didn’t!

She was smarter and more powerful than her, she had taken away the man she had loved since they were kids.

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