Reborn Girl’s New Life - Chapter 779

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How could Ding Tong stop easily since Song Yunxuan did this to her?

Hearing what Gu Changle said, Shao Tianze began, “She will definitely go after Song Yunxuan.”

“You think she can make it?”

Gu Changle kind of looked down upon Ding Tong.

But after hearing these words,

Shao Tianze said, “Don’t look down upon her. It saved us a lot of effort to have her confronting Song Yunxuan.”

Gu Changle said lightly, “Maybe you think she is useful now. But even Yuan Xi was hurt like this, how could Ding Tong end well? Remember, she was the one who seduced me in the first place.”

“At least, Song Yunxuan hasn’t done anything to her yet.”

Shao Tianze said.

Gu Changle said slowly, “She hasn’t. But it doesn’t mean she won’t.”

“All right, you can leave these things alone. I can handle them myself.”

Shao Tianze wanted to stop the discussion.

Gu Changle compressed her lips and said, “What about the business in the Shao enterprise?”

“I don’t have much time lately, so you’ll have to manage the business in my absence.”

Hearing this, Gu Changle smiled and said, “You’d better come back earlier, then. I’m afraid that I would screw up because I’m not familiar with any of this.”

Gu Changle said so, but she smiled with her eyes slit and corners of her mouth upward.

How was it possible that she felt being bothered or was afraid of messing things up?

She had wanted to get her hands on the business in the Shao enterprise for a long time, but Shao Tianze had never allowed it.

But now, he would not stop her anymore.

She got plenty of time and opportunity to manage the Shao enterprise.

Shao Tianze had to deal with Ding Tong.

So he hung up quickly without talking much to Gu Changle.

Ding Tong let her men get the air ticket back to Yuncheng and other relevant procedures ready as soon as possible.

She also chartered an entire plane to prevent herself from attacking.

Shao Tianze did not take the same plane as Ding Tong just to be on the safe side.

Ding Tong saw him through instantly. She satirized him before boarding the plane, “You are afraid of dying because of Song Yunxuan’s vengeance upon me, aren’t you?”

“After what Song Yunxuan has done to Mr. Yuan, we had better be careful. There will be no one left to take vengeance for us if we die together.”

“Well. Good luck, then.”

Ding Tong did not need his company.

So with these words, she got on the plane with Yuan Xi.

Yuan Xi sat next to her. There was panic on his face.

Ding Tong put her arms around him all the way, trying to warm him and calm him down.

But even the slightest sign of movement would make him shiver.

Ding Tong held him. Every time she saw his violent mood swings, she gritted her teeth passionately.

She wished that she had forestalled Song Yunxuan.

She should have eliminated Song Yunxuan in the first place.

If she had killed Song Yunxuan, things might have been different, and Yuan Xi wouldn’t have got hurt.

Yuan Xi was still trembling. Ding Tong kept holding him and tried to console him, “It’s okay. You are safe now. I am here with you, and I will protect you no matter what happens.”

Her voice alleviated the tremble of Yuan Xi’s body.

But he still looked shocked, and the pain in his eyes that were covered by the white bandage was getting worse.

His eyeballs ruptured.

What a horrible thing! When he first came to Yuncheng and planned to take his shots, he never thought that one day he would be reduced to such a sorry state.

And he never expected that he would fall into the hand of Song Yunxuan.

He thought that Gu Miaomiao’s death would be a big blow to Song Yunxuan.

But it turned out that the harder she was hit, the more ruthless she became.

It was unexpected that Song Yunxuan should take advantage of Gu Yi, by which she abducted Yuan Xi easily and hurt him like this.

Ding Tong gnashed her teeth at the thought.

Meanwhile, Yuan Xi could not help regretting his decision to come to Yuncheng.

He shouldn’t have come indeed, since there were always crises in Yuncheng.

Thinking about the wrong decision he had made, Yuan Xi stretched out one of his hands and grabbed Ding Tong by the sleeve. He mumbled, “Tong…”

Ding Tong heard him. She asked hastily, “I’m here. Do you want anything?”

“Leave…” Yuan Xi said when he grabbed her tightly with his shaking fingers.

“Leave?” Ding Tong thought that he wanted to leave Thailend, so she explained to him instantly, “We are leaving Thailend. No one can hurt you anymore. We will arrive in Yuncheng soon.”

She would go back to Yuncheng and go after Song Yunxuan.

And she would take vengeance for Yuan Xi.

Ding Tong mused, but she totally got him wrong.

What Yuan Xi meant was that Ding Tong took him away from Yuncheng, the place of sheer danger.

But Ding Tong still wanted to get revenge.

With great difficulty, Yuan Xi mumbled again, “Leave…”

“We have already left.”


“We are heading to Yuncheng. I will definitely go after Song Yunxuan and make the b*tch pay the price! Don’t worry, Master. I will demand justice for you.”

“No… I didn’t mean…”

Yuan Xi tried to explain.

But he felt that there was a thorn in his throat, so he could not say even a single complete sentence no matter how hard he tried.

Noticing that Yuan Xi had struggled to tell her something, Ding Tong said, “Just have a good rest, Master. We will be in Yuncheng when you wake up, and by then, Song Yunxuan won’t be able to hurt you anymore.”

Hearing her words, Yuan Xi got more worried.

Yuncheng was Song Yunxuan’s realm. They just left Thailend, and now they were going to Yuncheng. Weren’t they jumping out of the frying pan into the fire?

It would be silly to confront Song Yunxuan in such a situation.

They should first try to find out Song Yunxuan’s weak spots and then stay at a safe place to recover. As for the revenge, they could talk about it later.

Why was Ding Tong so impatient?

Yuan Xi grabbed her cloth and tried hard to express his unwillingness to go back to Yuncheng.

But he was too emotional to say anything.

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He looked so anguished that Ding Tong thought those bitterly painful memories still haunted him.

Ding Tong’s heart melted with pity. She kissed him on the forehead and said, “Maybe you need some pills to help you sleep, Master.”

“No… I can’t…”

Yuan Xi refused.

But Ding Tong ignored his words.

She asked for some sleeping pills, put them into her mouth with some water, and fed him mouth to mouth.

As Ding Tong pressed over Yuan Xi’s mouth, he couldn’t spit them out, even if he wanted to.

He had no choice but to swallow them.

The pills worked right after he swallowed them.

He began to feel tired and limp.

At last, he became spacy and then lost consciousness.

Seeing that he fell asleep, Ding Tong sighed deeply.

One of her men read a sign of reluctance from Yuan Xi’s behavior and said to Ding Tong, “It seemed that Master didn’t want those pills.”

Ding Tong compressed her lips and said, “He got worn out. He needed them to help him sleep no matter he wanted or not.”

“But it seemed that he didn’t want to go back to Yuncheng, Miss Ding.”

Hearing this,

The light in her eyes disappeared. With her eyes on that man, she said, “Am I supposed to let Song Yunxuan off easily after what she has done to Yuan Xi?”

“But… Maybe we shouldn’t disobey him.”

“I have always listened to him and done whatever he said because I knew he was right about his decisions. But it’s different now. I won’t listen to him this time.”

Looking at her sleeping lover, Ding Tong caressed his hair and said with a savagely angry look in her eyes, “I will certainly go after Song Yunxuan since she hurt Yuan Xi like this. She will be sorry for what she had done to him.”

There was a note of ruthlessness in her voice.

Her voice sounded like a toxic blade.

Meanwhile, however, Song Yunxuan was in the study of the Song Family. She put her pen aside as if she had sensed Ding Tong’s resentment.

Then she turned to Mei Qi sitting beside her.

Mei Qi was nodding off.

Song Yunxuan said, “You can go home and get some rest if you are tired, Assistant Mei. There is nothing you need to do here, so you don’t have to be around me.”

Mei Qi did not show the slightest inclination to leave, though it was allowed.

Instead, after being woken up by Song Yunxuan, he said with his eyes closed, “Well, I had better stay here with you.”

“But I am fine.”

“I don’t think so.”

Mei Qi reminded her, “Do you remember what Ding Tong used to do?”

“Even though she had killed many people, she got to think twice before she comes back here and walks in the door of our Song Family.”

“She is already on the way back with Yuan Xi. Shao Tianze took another plane just to be safe.”

“Well, He worried too much. I wasn’t going to do anything to their planes.”

If Ding Tong wanted to come back to Yuncheng, she would wait for her.

She would not tamper with the plane. Shao Tianze didn’t need to be so nervous, actually.

It was because Ding Tong would learn her lesson after she came back anyway.

Yuan Xi had failed miserably.

Ding Tong would not end well either.

Perhaps, she would come off worse.

Song Yunxuan was not afraid of her coming back or her vengeance.

In fact, she was worried that Ding Tong would be frightened and didn’t dare to come back to Yuncheng.

At the thought that Ding Tong and Yuan Xi were about to land in Yuncheng in a few hours, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help smiling. She said with the corners of her mouth raised, “I’ll wait for them.”

She would wait till Ding Tong came back.

And when Ding Tong was back, she would let out all her anger.

Song Yunxuan would like to see what Ding Tong’s resentment was compared with her pain of losing a child.

Ding Tong was in pain, but had she ever thought about Miaomiao, the girl she had killed?

Had she ever thought that after Miaomiao died, Song Yunxuan and Gu Yi were also grieved and brokenhearted?

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