Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei - Chapter 205

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205 Palace Coup (3)

Prime Minister An saw the situation was beyond salvation but was loath to give up . He glared vehemently at Feng Yi Xuan who remains unscathed, bellowing, “Ming wang, don’t be so arrogant! Do you know your beloved fiancee is in this old man’s hands? If you don’t want anything to happen to her…”

Once Prime Minister An’s came out, on the other side, the expressions on many people’s faces changed .

Feng Xia Qi’s fox eyes that were bright and gentle as water were frozen over by layers of cold frost . He glanced at his younger brother with worry, but he couldn’t see any expression . Feng Xia Qi thought, if something happens to Nian’er meimei, I will definitely let go . He didn’t care about what imperial throne . Both he and Bai Lian came to the agreement that they will protect Lan You Nian .

Both Jing Wu An and Lan Mo Xian’s faces turned ugly as they glowered at Prime Minister An, but they knew this wasn’t the right time to speak . In their hearts, they prayed Lan You Nian to be safe and sound, not because of this situation but because Lan You Nian was their friend, their little sister .

Emperor Feng Xuan glanced at his son . He was aware of how unpredictable his son was . Perhaps he would really abandon the current situation for a woman . The Emperor wanted to say something to sway him but knew he wouldn’t be able to persuade him .

Lan Jian Jun’s entire person became volatile . He watched with disappointment as Feng Yi Xuan showed no change in expression . Has Ming wang really given up on his daughter? Lan Jian Jun suddenly fell to his knees in front of Emperor Feng Xuan; then, he banged his head on the ground, pleading, “Your Majesty, forgive this subject’s boldness . This subject wants to save my daughter!”

Lan Jian Jun’s words signified resisting imperial will . No one, not even Emperor Feng Xuan, expected the most unwavering General Lan was willing to bear the charge of treason in order to save his daughter . Emperor Feng Xuan actually had no desire to lay any blame on Lan Jian Jun . He was well aware of Lan Jian Jun’s fealty, but having been loyal most of life, at this moment, the most important thing in Lan Jian Jun’s heart was no longer his fealty to his sovereign but his daughter .

“Ming wang…” Lan Jian Jun was ready to entreat Feng Yi Xuan to let Prime Minister An go, so his daughter’s life can be exchanged . If Ming wang consented, he would be grateful and will believe in their love . If he refused, he was ready to risk everything, even his life, to save his daughter .

Lan Mo Xian internally agreed with his father’s decision . there was nothing more important than his little sister . In the past, because of their oversight, little sister underwent so much suffering . They will never make the same mistake again .

In a moment, everyone’s focus was on Feng Yi Xuan, for Feng Yi Xuan was the one who was ultimately making the decision, and it was Feng Yi Xuan who could mobilize Ming army .

Feng Yi Xuan regarded Lan Jian Jun who would rather bear the dishonor of treason in order to save Nian Nian . For the first time, he felt happy for Nian Nian for having such a father . It was the first time Feng Yi Xuan offered a pleasant expression to Lan Jian Jun as his thin lips curled up, “Haven’t you noticed only half of Ming army is present?”

With these words, all eyes stared at those Ming army soldiers with terror as they noticed that, indeed, only half of Ming army was present . This was such a crucial time, so how come only half of Ming army has come? What about the other half? Thinking of this, all eyes fell on Feng Yi Xuan with horror . They didn’t expect that at a time like this Ming wang considered a woman more important than the country .

Lan Jian Jun gaped at Feng Yi Xuan in disbelief . He didn’t expect Ming wang to do this . Such love was more tempting than anything . In Ming wang’s heart, it’s likely, his daughter was even more important than Feng country’s land .

“No, not possible!” Prime Minister cried out in fear . If the last remaining hole card in his hand was saved by Feng Yi Xuan, what was he to do?

“How is it not possible? Prime Minister An is indeed getting up in age . Not only is your head addled, but even your ears also appear as if they’re not working!” A laugh like tinkling silver bells drifted into everyone’s ears, like a pristine spring trickling over granite-cool, soothing, and pleasant .

At one look, everyone saw Lan You Nian who was like a celestial maiden as headed an orderly formation of Ming army standing not far away . Hair like waterfall willfully draped over her shoulders, the tails of her hair were in disarray from the fighting, like blossoming tender flower buds, setting off her fair and smooth skin, extreme black against extreme white . When the two extreme colors set off one another, it was a soul-stirring beauty . She wore a pure white dress . When a gentle wind blew past, the skirt and hair danced in the wind . The sunlight behind her was reduced to being a background as if it was a spotlight that shone only on her . Her beauty was like a clear spring, pristine, pure, possessing a divine beauty that no one dared to desecrate or violate .

The cold cruelty passed over Feng Yi Xuan’s brows, disappearing . His eyes fell on the young girl standing not far away, his eyes couldn’t help filling up with gentleness and adoration . In a flash, Feng Yi Xuan appeared by Lan You Nian’s side, drawing Lan You Nian into his arms as his mouth continuously asked, “Are you hurt? Are you afraid?”

Even knowing Lan You Nian was powerful and strong, in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, he still couldn’t help but worry .

A smile unfurled on Lan You Nian’s face . In an instant, there was a reverence of hundreds of flowers in full bloom under the radiance of the sun . She carefully inspected Feng Yi Xuan, in fear Feng Yi Xuan received any injuries . Feng Yi Xuan’s black hair swayed with the breeze . A black brocade robe under the sunlight refracted a faint radiance . Under a pair of sword eyebrows, those dazzling eyes seemed to be able to peer through the past and present life . Below, was a straight and upright nose and colored lips that when looking at her turned up into a soft smile but when looking at others, they were as cold as ice . His three-dimensional facial features were as handsome as if it was carved by a blade . His whole person gave off a monarchial air that could inspire awe throughout the world . On that handsome face, there was an adoring smile .

“I’m not afraid, nor am I hurt . I’m fine!” Lan You Nian very naturally snuggled into Feng Yi Xuan’s arms . She could sense Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed with worry as they looked at her, so she disregarded a woman’s reserve and acted like this in public, but no one dared to mention it .

Perhaps because he had Lan You Nian by his side, Feng Yi Xuan’s cold air was subdued a lot, making many people stupefied . This Ming wang changed his face too fast!

Lan You Nian peeked at Lan Jian Jun . She heard what Lan Jian Jun said . To say she wasn’t moved would be a lie . She didn’t expect father would go this far for her . Walking out of Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, she walked over to Lan Jian Jun and embraced Lan Jian Jun like any lovable daughter, her face voice filled with stickiness, “Father, daughter is well!”

Lan Jian Jun’s wide and coarse hand patted Lan You Nian’s back, his eyes slightly red, “That’s good, that’s good!”

“Thanks everyone’s concern . Nian’er is well!” Lan You Nian said to Feng Xia Qi and the others . She then turned to the ministers, “Ministers, your daughters are well, but there are a few young ladies who have been killed by Prime Minister An’s subordinates!”

With Lan You Nian’s words, some of the neutral ministers glared at Prime Minister An with fury . They were previously afraid of implicating their family, but now they heard Lan You Nian’s words, knowing their family was either saved by Ming army or were already killed, how can they stay still?

Prime Minister An knew he had nothing to use against them . To the guards by him, he commanded, “Kill!” The soldiers charged over to the other side, but not to mention there wasn’t many soldiers left, just with so many of Ming army Lan You Nian brought back, dealing with these soldiers required no effort at all .

Prime Minister An, under the protection of some soldiers and ministers subordinate to him, was prepared to charge out of the encirclement and escape, but would Feng Yi Xuan give him this chance? Of course not .

Feng Yi Xuan still stood beside Lan You Nian, passing orders to An Yi, “Bow!”

An Yi presented the bow he always carried with him to Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan accepted the bow and offered Lan You Nian a smile and reluctantly let go of the big hand holding Lan You Nian; then, raising the bow, his mien changed suddenly, as if a king standing towering over the vault of heaven .

Feng Yi Xuan’s arms widened, easily drawing back the black bow . Lan You Nian handed an arrow to Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan smiled . The arrow attached to the bow . The sharp arrow aimed at Prime Minister An who was running away .

Feng Shao Chu watched Feng Yi Xuan’s every move, but he couldn’t do anything to anything to stop him . The hand in his sleeves were bloody from self-inflicted clawing, but he could only watch…

Feng Yi Xuan’s arm shifted slightly and the arrow broke through the air as it whipped through the wind . In a blink, it appeared in front of Prime Minister An . Before Prime Minister An could react, the arrow perfectly pierced through Prime Minister An’s chest . The entire arrow passed through Prime Minister An’s chest . One can imagine the power of the force behind this arrow .

Prime Minister An stared disbelievingly at his punctured chest, bright red blood spilling out the corner of his lips . He stared, unresigned, at Feng Yi Xuan, wanting to say something, but helpless he was to say anything . He could only glare with eyes wide-open as he toppled over, dying with grievances .

Many soldiers who were still resisting, seeing Prime Minister An dead, were in disarray .

“Father!” An Gong Jing watched as his father fell at his side, painfully wailing . Seeing there weren’t many soldiers left by his side, he knew he has already lost . There was no future for their An clan .

Feng Shao Chu suddenly stood out, “Uncle, you people dare to transgress against your superiors! Surrender yourself now!”

Looking at Feng Shao Chu, An Gong Jing knew he was being abandoned by this nephew . Seeing Feng Shao Chu disregarded their An clan’s well-being, An Gong Jing was filled with disappointment . They revolted today for who? Wasn’t it so they can push Feng Shao Chu up the throne? But Feng Shao Chu stood by Emperor Feng Xuan’s side, not affected at all . An Gong Jing was unresigned . Why? They will have nothing; they’ll even lose their lives, but Feng Shao Chu could sleep in comfort . He wanted to drag this nephew down with him!

Feng Shao Chu could tell An Gong Jing wanted to drag him down in an instant . He couldn’t let his uncle expose his ambitions, so…

Feng Shao Chu picked up a guard’s sword, his mouth shouting, “Since you aren’t willing to repent, then don’t blame benwang for upholding righteousness above family!” Feng Shao Chu came over to An Gong Jing . How were the already exhausted An Gong Jing and his soldiers Feng Shao Chu’s opponent? Not giving An Gong Jing a chance to speak, Feng Shao Chu ended An Gong Jing’s life with a strike of his sword .

Seeing Feng Shao Chu’s move, Feng Xia Qi’s eyes flashed . Jing Wu An’s lips curled up in a sneer . They knew this palace coup can’t get away from being linked to Feng Shao Chu . Most likely, Feng Shao Chu was the one to plan this palace coup . But seeing Feng Shao Chu’s straightforward actions, they knew they couldn’t drag Feng Shao Chu down .

“Father, subject-son is guilty!” Feng Shao Chu put down the sword, kneeling at Emperor Feng Xuan’s feet .

Did Emperor Feng Xuan really not know this matter was connected to Feng Shao Chu? No, of course Feng Xuan knew, but as an Emperor, under the current circumstances, without any evidence, he couldn’t do anything like killing his own child . So Emperor Feng Xuan solemnly asked his son, “What are you guilty of?”

Hearing Feng Xuan’s words, Feng Shao Chu knew his Imperial Father suspected him, but Feng Shao Chu wasn’t afraid, “Imperial Father, subject-son wasn’t able to uncover these traitors’ scheme . It’s subject-son’s fault . And these rebels are subject-son’s grandfather and uncle, thus subject-son can’t be absolved of blame!”

“Enough!” Emperor Feng Shao broke off Feng Shao Chu’s words and looked at Feng Xia Qi, “The following matters will dealt with by fourth wangye . None of the rebels are allowed to get away! Ministers, you got a scare today . Lan Jian Jun, take the guards and send all the ministers out of the palace!”

“Yes!” Feng Xia Qi and Lan Jian Jun received the imperial orders .

Those ministers whose legs have turned into jelly from fright were eager to flee from the palace . One after the other left the palace after salutations .

Feng Yi Xuan glanced at the traces of blood on Lan You Nian’s clothes . Without bidding farewell, he took Lan You Nian and left the palace, leaving An Yi to head Ming army to handle the remaining matters .

Leaving only the piles of corpses and blood everywhere, as well as the lingering gloomy haze…



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