Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei - Chapter 206

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206 The Fall of An Clan

Ever since the palace coup, the people at high ministerial positions in the capital were in a panic, in fear that they will be cracked down on . Ever since that day, the court has begun to change blood . Many of the ministers of the Prime Minister’s faction fell off their horses . All of the men of An clan were beheaded while all the women were escorted to the borders to be military prostitutes . Military prostitutes didn’t live past a few days .

Empress An Qian Mei was stripped of her position as Empress and banished to the Cold Palace . To everyone’s surprise, the Empress was found to have committed suicide in the Cold Palace a few days later . Before her death, the Empress wrote an apology letter, begging the Emperor to not implicate her son Feng Shao Chu . In the posthumous letter, Feng Shao Chu was innocent .

However, Lan You Nian them knew the Empress didn’t commit suicide but was choked to death by her son Feng Shao Chu . As of now, the Empress could no longer provide Feng Shao Chu any assistance but has become a stain on Feng Shao Chu, thus Feng Shao Chu killed the Empress . Then, he forged the suicide note, making him the most innocent person .

Though Feng Shao Chu’s move was cruel, it can’t be denied this move cleaned him of this whole incident . Even though he no longer had any forces or backing, at the very least, his life was still intact, even his title of wangye was untouched .

“Young miss, when are we going to Jiangnan?” Lan Wu boringly slumped in the pavilion, fiddling with the handkerchief was embroidered for Lan You Nian . Though all of Lan You Nian’s things were prepared by Feng Yi Xuan, as Lan You Nian’s handmaiden, Lan Qu and Lan Wu still embroidered some things for Lan You Nian from time to time .

Lan You Nian looked at the closed windows, a little bored . Winter has yet to pass . The whole of the capital was a world of ice and snow . She couldn’t stay any longer herself . More importantly, Heaven Tear Heart’s whereabouts has been discovered . Even more important, Wu Qing Pavilion has found out the other force searching for Heaven Tear Heart was Ghost Realm’s people . Lan You Nian knew a little about Ghost Realm . This assassin organization was very mysterious but also very powerful, so Lan You Nian must find Heaven Tear Heart before Ghost Realm .

“In a few days, we’ll be departing for Jiangnan . You go prepare everything beforehand!” Lan You Nian ordered . She hasn’t mentioned this matter to Feng Yi Xuan yet, so she’ll be discussing this with Feng Yi Xuan tonight and then depart .

At this moment, Lan Ren and Lan Feng returned . Even Gui San came . Lan You Nian was surprised . Usually, it was she who went to Xiao Jin Pavilion to find third brother . Third brother usually very rarely came to Lan manor to find her . It looks like something has happened .

“Third brother!” Lan You Nian smilingly poured flower tea for the three people and asked, “What has happened?”

Gui San took a sip of the steaming flower tea, feeling his entire body warm up, and said, “Many of our Wu Qing Pavilion’s businesses have been suppressed . Though no one was hurt, there was a loss of a portion of the property . ”

“Suppressed?” Lan You Nian chewed on this . There have been many people who came to provoke Wu Qing Pavilion over the years but no one party has been able to accomplish suppression . With Wu Qing Pavilion’s power in front of them, who would brazenly do so?

Gui San them heard Lan You Nian’s tone and knew Lan You Nian was beginning to be displeased . After all, Wu Qing Pavilion was founded by her . Now there was someone who blatantly provoked them . No matter what was said, it was slapping Lan You Nian in the face .

“As long as everyone is fine!” Lan You Nian was a good master . From the very start, her requirement for her subordinates was their loyalty . If they were loyal, Lan You Nian will consider them her own people . For Lan You Nian, her own people must stay alive . The loss of money was a minor matter but their lives can’t be lost .

“Have you found who the guilty party is?” Lan You Nian lifted the teacup, catching a whiff of the flower tea’s fragrance .

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“Ghost Realm!” Gui San said, brows furrowing . This matter was very tricky . If it was any ordinary forces, Gui San wouldn’t even tell Lan You Nian to bring her unnecessary troubles, but would directly deal with them . But the one suppressing their Wu Qing Pavilion was Ghost Realm, the assassin organization that made people’s face change from mentioning it . Gui San had to be cautious . What puzzled Gui San was that Ghost Realm didn’t use all its strength suppressing Wu Qing Pavilion, nor did they hurt anyone as if they were merely giving Wu Qing Pavilion some troublesome matters to deal with . This kind of approach left Gui San puzzled .

Lan You Nian’s brows furrowed hearing this . She didn’t expect it to be Ghost Realm . Not only did Ghost Realm was competing with her for Heaven Tear Heart, but they also looked for trouble with Wu Qing Pavilion . Why? Lan You Nian asked her and didn’t think she had any involvement with Ghost Realm . More importantly, when Wu Qing Pavilion went up against Ghost Realm, she had her subordinates to avoid if possible . It looks like there was something strange about this matter .

“Is the loss serious?” Lan You Nian asked Lan Feng, for it was Lan Feng who handled matters of this nature . Lan You Nian was a master who knew how to use people well, so she was very relaxed in the last two years .

Lan Feng carefully thought it over and said, “It’s nothing serious . It’s just a little tiff really . It hasn’t shaken Wu Qing Pavilion!”

Lan You Nian closed her beautiful eyes . After a moment, she said, “Despite our Wu Qing Pavilion not provoking Ghost Realm, if Ghost Realm provokes us, then don’t be afraid . Those who dare to find trouble with Wu Qing Pavilion need to have a realization of blood!”

“Understood!” Lan Feng and Lan Ren nodded in affirmation . They were fed up with Ghost Realm for suppressing Wu Qing Pavilion for no reason the last few days and when their Wu Qing Pavilion wanted to kill someone, they would disappear . It really made one’s head hurt . Now they had young miss’s orders, they were finally going to show their ruthlessness .

“Third brother, I will be going to Jiangnan . I will have to trouble you with Wu Qing Pavilion’s matters . I also wrote a letter to fourth brother . In a few days, fourth brother will leave the valley to help you!” Lan You Nian said . It was troubled times right now and with Ghost Realm mixed in, she was more or less worried . Though fourth brother was aloof, he was actually very meticulous . Besides, fourth brother already managed all aspects of intelligence . With fourth brother in the capital helping around, she would be at ease .

“Alright, don’t worry, I will definitely guard Wu Qing Pavilion . You can go get Heaven Tear Heart without worries!” Gui San tapped Lan You Nian’s forehead with his fan . Even if it was Ghost Realm, they weren’t afraid . They must guard little junior sister’s Wu Qing Pavilion .

“No, though Wu Qing Pavilion is important, your lives are more important! There is no need to get hurt because of some worldly objects!” Lan You Nian said sternly . She only founded Wu Qing Pavilion to protect the people she cared for, so she refused to allow her loved ones to risk danger for some forces .

“Third brother knows!” Gui San nodded . His little sister, though indifferent and cruel, had a warm heart towards her own people .

The few of them peacefully sipped on flower tea after their discussion was over . Suddenly Lan Wu said, “Young miss, today seems to be the day the women of An manor are being escorted to the military camps . The streets should be bustling with activity . Should we go to watch?” Lan Wu not only said this because she was fascinated by all fun matters and obsessed with play, more importantly, but she also heard An Si Yan wanted to harm young miss in the palace, so the vengeful Lan Wu wanted to see the ending of the enemy .

“Alright!” Lan You Nian nodded . She didn’t put An Si Yan in her eye but she wasn’t soft when it comes to hitting her enemy when they’re down .

After settling on this, they secretly boarded the carriage and left through the back doors of Lan manor . Though the Empress’s faction has already been eradicated, Lan You Nian was still a female, if she was to walk out the doors or was to attend an event with Gui San, it will more or less lead to being maligned . Lan You Nian didn’t care for her reputation but Gui San they cared .

Lan You Nian them entered Zhen Wei Pavilion entered the back doors without anyone knowing . They walked up Zhen Wei Pavilion’s third floor . Zhen Wei Pavilion was overcrowded today . Prime Minister manor has now fallen . Prime Minister manor’s women were to serve as military prostitutes . Today they will be escorting them through this street . All people enjoyed gossip, so on both sides of the street, there were many people watching the show .

Lan You Nian them sat in the box on the third floor that was specifically reserved for them . Lan You Nian currently stood at the window still, overlooking the entire scenery of the streets . One could even see all the people discussing the Prime Minister’s actions . Perhaps there were many patriotic people, many scholars disdained An manor’s action, jointly hating Prime Minister’s women .

It didn’t surprise Lan You Nian there were patriotic citizens in the capital . After ascending the throne, Emperor Feng Xuan has always ruled Feng country very well nor was there any excessive taxation . The common people lived quite happily . And with Feng Yi Xuan and Lan Jian Jun holding the fort at the borders, there has not been a city lost all these years . This for the common people could be said to be a very good homeland . So when someone wanted to break this balance, the common people will naturally be angry .

Lan Qu left the box for just a few moments before carrying some food and said to Lan You Nian, “Young miss, fourth wangye and Princess Bai Lian are at the box on the second floor . Should we invite them?”

Lan You Nian withdrew her gaze, shaking her head . Whether they had love between them, from Lan You Nian’s observation through the last few days, the two of them got along very well . This was good . Not every person could find someone to love them to the bones .

“They’re here!” Gui San exclaimed looking at the streets off in the distance . Lan You Nian followed his line of sight .

On the streets, several guards carrying blades oversaw several tens of women walking slowly on the streets . These women’s hands and feet were buckled by chains, giving off ear-piercing noise as they walked . All of the women had looks of despair .

With a look, Lan You Nian saw An Si Yan walking amongst the crowd . An Si Yan’s current state was simply too eye-catching . An Si Yan wore a ripped dress of indiscernible color that already exposed skin . Not only was one arm drooping, but the wounds on the arm was also simply bandaged . From the looks of it, it was starting to inflame . The once arrogant look was out of sight, only leaving the cowardice to evade . But what surprised Lan You Nian was An Si Yan’s face was gouged with a gash, appearing very horrifying . Even if she went to the military camp, probably no one will touch her .

“What’s this?” Lan You Nian asked . In the dungeons, usually, torture was not allowed . No one dared to use torture, unless…

Lan Ren glanced at An Si Yan’s indistinguishable face, replying, “It was done by An Yi . ”

“An Yi?” Lan You Nian was puzzled .

Gui San instantly understood, “It looks like Ming wang knew of this woman’s evil designs for little junior sister, so he let An Yi ruin the face she was so proud of!” Gui San had to admit this Ming wang really put little junior sister in his heart . He won’t let go of anyone who hurt little junior sister or wanted to hurt little junior sister .

Lan You Nian felt warm hearing this, thinking that no matter how beautiful the scenery was outside, it couldn’t compare to Feng Yi Xuan’s embrace . Lan You Nian said to Lan Ren, “Send people to follow An Si Yan . Ensure she experiences pain before dying!” Lan You Nian won’t leave any future troubles for her, so she needed to know her enemy was about to die .

Lan You Nian then said to Lan Qu, “You guys go play outside . I’m going to look for Xuan!”

“Hmph! Sure enough, a girl that can’t be kept!” Gui San grumbled sourly . Not only was the little sheep their family raised carried off by a big bad wolf, but this little sheep also presented herself at the person’s mouth . Gui San was vexed but could do nothing about it .

Lan You Nian giggled at hearing Gui San’s words and without turning her head, she left Zhen Wei Pavilion to find Feng Yi Xuan .

Knowing Feng Yi Xuan was at the military camp, Lan You Nian didn’t head for Ming wang manor but directly flew towards the military camp Feng Yi Xuan was at . Though Lan You Nian hasn’t gone to Feng Yi Xuan’s military camp before, she knew where the camp was at, for whenever Feng Yi Xuan handled matters, he never kept anything from her .

When Lan You Nian came to the capital’s southern suburbs military camp, there was an armored soldier who immediately blocked her way, his tone deterring, “This is a military area . Leave immediately!” If he didn’t look at Lan You Nian’s frail appearance, this soldier would have made a move or have arrested Lan You Nian as a spy . It had to be said, a face was the best weapon .

Lan You Nian blinked . She didn’t consider it wasn’t appropriate for a woman to come here but since she came, of course, she must see Feng Yi Xuan . Lan You Nian pondered over it and took out the jade pendant Feng Yi Xuan gave her, wanting to give it a try .

Unexpectedly, as soon as those soldiers saw the jade pendant, they knelt ceremoniously, respectfully saying, “Greetings to Ming wangfei!”

Lan You Nian nodded, asking, “Where’s Ming wang?”

“Ming wang went to train the Ming soldiers . We ask Ming wangfei to wait in the tent!” A soldier said bringing Lan You Nian into the training camps . Before they arrived at Feng Yi Xuan’s tent, they saw An Yi who was handling affairs .

An Yi was surprised to see Lan You Nian as he hastily ran over to Lan You Nian to greet her, “Wangfei!”

Lan You Nian nodded smiling, asking, “Why can this jade pendant allow me to enter the military camp?”

An Yi led Lan You Nian in the direction of Ming army, answering, “Wangfei isn’t aware, seeing this jade pendant is like seeing wangye . Besides, wangye already passed down the notice that if wangfei came, it’s the same as wangye . No one is allowed to obstruct!”

Lan You Nian was surprised . She didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to have given her such great authority, for the military area wasn’t an ordinary place .

Following An Yi some ways, they finally arrived at an open-spaced mountain forest . The terrain here was very good . It was difficult to attack . It was a very good place to station troops . From far away, Lan You Nian saw him standing with his back facing her as he overlooked Ming soldiers training . His build was lean, wearing a black cloud patterned brocade robe with a jade belt girdling his waist, and the cuffs and neckline were embroidered with silver-threaded floating cloud patterns on the hem . Though Lan You Nian only saw the silhouette of Feng Yi Xuan’s back, she could still imagine Feng Yi Xuan’s fearless face, cold hard lines but stunningly handsome . His thin lips most definitely were tightly pressed together . From far away, one would feel his entire person emitted a regal air .

Feng Yi Xuan was currently overlooking three thousand members of Ming army, watching as they all trained . When he saw a Ming soldier’s technique was wrong, Feng Yi Xuan directly beat the Ming soldier up until his face was swollen and had the Ming soldier remember the correct technique at the same time .

Right at this moment, some Ming soldiers noticed Lan You Nian who was standing there . On the day of the palace coup, they saw the legendary wangfei . Afterward, many Ming soldiers saw with their own eyes Lan You Nian’s skill . Now in Ming army, their esteem for this Ming wangfei was very high . They all felt just the fact wangfei a petite woman could take down Ming wang was worthy of their admiration .

Winter’s sunlight shined on Lan You Nian’s cheeks, reflecting her fair and radiant skin more rosy and transparent . Her long hair obediently draped down her back . Her curly eyelashes lifted slightly . She was like a celestial maiden descending to the mortal world from the Moon Palace, elegant and refined and lovable .

Because they noticed wangfei, many Ming soldiers who were training were distracted . Feng Yi Xuan’s entire person filled with violence, making the Ming soldiers afraid .

A brave Ming soldier who was Ming army’s commander called Mo Qing looked behind Feng Yi Xuan, saying, “Wangye, wangfei…”

Mo Qing’s words weren’t finished yet when they saw Feng Yi Xuan’s head whip back and in a blink of an eye flew over to Lan You Nian’s side . Then under Ming army’s wide-mouthed horrified gaze, they saw their expressionless wangye become gentle, even tightening wangfei’s clothes . His whole person looked like a gentle good man . Where was his iron-blooded and ruthless look when training them? If they haven’t had their eyes on him all this time, they would think their wangye was being impersonated .

“Why are you here? It’s so cold . If there’s a problem, just let the shadow guards inform me!” Feng Yi Xuan cupped Lan You Nian’s red hands in his broad hands, huffing his warm breath on them, his eyes filled with feeling .

Lan You Nian allowed Feng Yi Xuan to warm her hands, saying, “I missed you so I came!”

Feng Yi Xuan let bloom a smile of joy when he heard these words . Lan You Nian saw Feng Yi Xuan smile and a smile pulled on her own lips, but the Ming soldiers seemed as if they saw a ghost . Shit, wangye actually smiled? Everyone rubbed their eyes, admiring Lan You Nian even more .

Many of the Ming soldiers saluted Lan You Nian, the sound rocking mountains and rivers, “Greeting wangfei!”

Lan You Nian offered a soft smile . Before she could say anything, she was picked up by Feng Yi Xuan and carried away . Lan You Nian could only reach out her small hand to wave her hand at them .



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