Chapter 1664: 1664

Duan Yanhao didn’t even know that that had happened . As he listened to Xie Limo’s account, his body froze .

Xie Limo continued explaining slowly, “Back then, she bade me goodbye and said many things . She told me not to let Xue know if she didn’t return . She was very stubborn back then . In order to look for you, I think Bai Yaoyao had already prepared to lose her life . Do you think she’ll do this if she didn’t love you?”

Duan Yanhao’s expression changed, and his heart shuddered . “I had no idea . ”

“Actually, there’s a lot of things that you still don’t know about . But she’s close friends with Xue, and she knows her very well . I don’t understand many things too, and I only want to see Xue happy . She hopes that you can make Bai Yaoyao happy . ”

“I’ll do my best . ”

“When she wakes up, we still want to attend your wedding . Xue is now five months pregnant and still wants to join the wedding . I hope that you can also stay strong . ”

“No matter what happens, I’ve never thought about giving up . I’ll never let off anyone who bullies her . ” Duan Yanhao’s face was cold, and he emitted a murderous aura . It was clear that he had made up his mind .

Xie Limo had high hopes for Duan Yanhao . He nodded in agreement quietly .

In the suite, Yun Bixue walked to the bed and asked in a low voice, “Yaoyao, are you going to ignore me and Limo too? We traveled here from far away and rushed here just so we can see you happy . But you’re unconscious now . How can we not feel sad and worried? You know that I’m pregnant, and I cannot be upset . Please wake up, okay?”

Seeing her still unconscious, Yun Bixue sighed .

She sat on the chair and pondered about who and what Yaoyao cared about the most .

An idea popped into Yun Bixue’s head suddenly, and she gestured at Yun Bilu, whispering into her ear .

Yun Bilu’s eyes lit up . Then, gave her elder sister a thumbs-up .

Yun Bilu coughed and asked loudly, “Elder Sister, Duan Yanhao hasn’t come back for a long time . Did something happen to him? I’m quite worried . I’ll go take a look . ”

Yun Bixue also answered loudly, “Oh, yes, go take a look! He hasn’t moved an inch or eaten anything since yesterday night . I heard from his aunt that he has been feeling miserable for a long time . Go take a look to ensure that he’s fine . ”


 Yun Bilu intentionally walked outside and slammed the door loudly .

She looked at Huang Yize and Duan Yanhao who both stood beside the door and placed her finger to her lips, instructing them to keep quiet .

Yun Bilu looked at her watch and stayed outside for ten minutes . When it was about time, she rushed into the suite and yelled, “Oh, no, Elder Sister! Duan Yanhao had fainted and he’s receiving emergency care now . The doctor said that he’s in critical condition and he wants to see Elder Sister Yaoyao . What should we do?”


“Elder Sister, you’re scaring me . What happened?”

 When Yun Bilu was shouting, Bai Yaoyao had moved her fingers . Yun Bilu was so surprised that her eyes widened .

Yun Bixue winked at her, and Yun Bilu continued shouting .

At that moment, Bai Yaoyao’s fingers started moving even more . Slowly, she tried to pry open her eyes bit by bit .

Yun Bilu jumped in excitement and forgot about helping her elder sister up .

Because it was difficult for Yun Bixue to move around, she almost slipped and fell when Yun Bilu let go of her . Fortunately, Xie Limo had entered and kept her steady when he saw her .

He broke out into a cold sweat when he witnessed that scene .

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