Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 156

Chapter 156

Chapter 156: The Fire (2)

Ye Tianxin already knew what had transpired when she saw Ye Youran’s expression . It was her .

It was Ye Youran who had set the fire .

It was Ye Youran who had set the fire!

But why had she done so?

Was it just because Ye Tianxin had come in first in the exams?

So she had to set a fire to burn Ye Tianxin to death? To burn Grandmother to death?

Was Ye Youran familiar with arson and murder? Was she even aware that those were crimes punishable by law? She could be imprisoned for years!

“Auntie Zhu, your daughter knows better than anyone about what happened . ”

Ye Tianxin wanted to slap Ye Youran hard, very hard . Actually, Ye Tianxin wanted to punch her . Was she out of her mind? Why did she do that?

Admitting that she had lost…

Admitting that she was not as good as Ye Tianxin . Was that too difficult?

Would burning Ye Tianxin to death change the fact that Ye Youran had lost?

“Tianxin, is your grandmother all right? If you all don’t have anywhere to stay, come and stay here,” Auntie Zhu offered .

Auntie Zhu ran after Ye Tianxin as she headed downstairs .

Ye Tianxin ignored Auntie Zhu’s fake concern and returned home with Guan Chenxi .

Auntie Zhu ran up the stairs when she saw that Ye Tianxin was a good distance away from her home . She grabbed Ye Youran’s hair and slapped her in the face .

“Tell me the truth, Ye Youran . Why did you come home so late? What did you do?”

Ye Youran looked at her mother emotionlessly . A small smile formed on the corners of her lips .

“Mom, don’t you know what I did?”

Yes, her mother knew .

When Ye Youran came home earlier, Auntie Zhu heard the sound of the shutters downstairs being closed . However, she had not thought much about it .

If Ye Tianxin had not come to their home, Auntie Zhu would not have known that her daughter had committed arson .

“Ye Youran, you have disappointed me greatly . How could you do such a thing? I couldn’t believe how much you hate Ye Tianxin that you committed arson!”

Auntie Zhu let go of her daughter . She was truly disappointed .

And now that she knew her daughter had done such a thing, she was filled with distress .

“Then go and turn me over to the police! Go and be righteous . Go and tell everyone that I was the one who had set the fire! Go and tell everyone that it was your daughter, Ye Youran, who had set the fire!”

At this point, Ye Youran was indifferent . She felt that nothing mattered . A person who had lost everything was not afraid of anything .

She had already lost everything .

She did not want to go back to school . She didn’t want to be mocked or ridiculed .

“Ye Youran, how could you? You didn’t use to be like that . Why have you…”

Auntie Zhu collapsed into a chair . She did not know what to do with Ye Youran .

What if Ye Tianxin called the cops?

Ye Youran’s life would be ruined!

“Why have I become like this? Weren’t you the one who forced me to? You were the one who forced me to become who I am!” Ye Youran screamed and got on the bed .

She closed her eyes and ignored Auntie Zhu, who was extremely disappointed and hopeless .

Auntie Zhu braced herself against the wall and walked out of the room .

She took two steps before falling to the ground .

Ye Youran heard Auntie Zhu falling from inside her room, but she did not check on Auntie Zhu .

Auntie Zhu was sprawled out on the cold concrete floor . She wanted to ask Ye Youran for help, but she could not speak .

She could only lie on the ground and reflect on her life in the dark .

Why had her sensible and obedient daughter become frightening all of a sudden?

Did she not teach her daughter well?