Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 158

Chapter 158: 158

Chapter 158: Digging for Treasure with Elder Brother Li (1)

“Auntie, I will take care of you until the end of your days . I beg you, please don’t pursue the matter anymore . I’m begging you,” Auntie Zhu pleaded . “I will rebuild your house for you and give you everything . But please, will you and Tianxin let Youran off? Auntie, she is still so young . Her life would be ruined . ”

“Go home, Auntie Zhu! We will not withdraw the lawsuit . As for what will happen to Ye Youran, that is her fate and has nothing to do with us!”

Auntie Zhu felt hopeless .

If her daughter went to jail, her life would be ruined!

She was about to take the college entrance examinations .

She was about to have a bright future .

But why…why had everything come to this?

“Tianxin, it was my fault in the past, but I already learned from my mistakes . Will you please show mercy and let Youran off?”

Ye Tianxin shook her head once more at Auntie Zhu . “No!” Ye Tianxin refused firmly .

“Ye Tianxin, it will be the death of me!”

Auntie Zhu realized that even if she were to have a heart attack at this very moment, Ye Tianxin’s heart would not soften .

She stood up and was about to threaten Ye Tianxin when Guan Chenxi swiftly got hold of Auntie Zhu .

“Auntie Zhu, we don’t want you dead . Do be careful . If something happened to you, then it would benefit Uncle . Uncle might take this opportunity to remarry and have a son . Then everything you’ve worked hard for all these years will go to that son . Don’t you think so?”

Auntie Zhu’s face was red in anger upon hearing what Ye Tianxin had said . The most irritating of all, however, was the fact that it was true .

That’s right . She must not die . There was still hope to fix this mess .

If she were to die, it would only benefit other women . She had worked so hard for everything that she had . Why would other people benefit from her hard work?

Auntie Zhu stood up and glanced at Grandmother and Ye Tianxin . In the end, she left quietly .

The news that Ye Youran had committed arson quickly spread throughout the town .

Everyone sympathized with Ye Tianxin and Grandmother . Their house had been perfectly fine until it had been burned into ashes . Ye Tianxin and her grandmother were very pitiful .

How vicious must Ye Youran be to do something like that?

As for what would happen to Ye Youran in the future, Ye Tianxin did not care at all .

After the incident, Ye Tianxin found some time to remove the things under Grandmother’s bed .

Ye Tianxin borrowed a hoe from the neighbors and walked into the courtyard .

When she saw Grandmother’s bed, she felt dismayed once more .

Grandmother’s bed was an eight-step bed . The craftsmanship had been exquisite . If not for the fire consuming it, it could have been displayed in a museum .

Ye Tianxin was alone . How could she move the heavy bed?

Ye Youran suddenly heard someone pushing open the courtyard doors . She turned to look who it was .

“Who is it?”

“It’s me!” a familiar voice responded .

Li Qingcang’s tall figure was already inside the courtyard .

He was wearing a casual white shirt and a dark-colored pair of joggers, as well as a pair of white shoes .

He looked dashing as he stood under the pear tree in the courtyard .

There was a warm glow on his handsome face . Ye Tianxin was relieved to see Li Qingcang .

“Elder Brother Li, what are you doing here? I thought it was someone else . ”

Ye Tianxin tossed the hoe away and run towards Li Qingcang excitedly .

“Don’t run . Be careful!”

Ye Tianxin stood before Li Qingcang . She lifted her beautiful little face and looked at Li Qingcang with eyes shining like stars .

Then, she grabbed Li Qingcang’s wrist .

“Elder Brother Li, you came at just the right time . Shall we go and dig for treasure together?”