Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Li Qingcang Was Really Possessive (2)

He walked over and hugged Ye Tianxin tightly .

“Tianxin, What’s wrong? Don’t be afraid . I’m here . ”

His warm embrace was a source of comfort and safety for Ye Tianxin . She really yearned for the embrace and wanted to stay like this regardless of anything .

Unfortunately, she couldn’t .

She could not let her affection run wild .

She had to pay off her blood feud .

“Elder Brother Li, you woke up very early today . ”

Ye Tianxin lowered her head, placing Jin’s sketch into a book sideways .

“My biological clock hasn’t really changed . That’s why . ”

Ye Tianxin had just cried, and her eyes were slightly red and swollen . Upon seeing that, Li Qingcang’s heart could not help but ache .

Li Qingcang didn’t know about Ye Tianxin’s past life, so he blamed Qie Yiyan for her abnormal behavior .

If Qie Yiyan did not take Ye Tianxin to a deserted island to train and become a soldier, she wouldn’t have these nightmares .

“Tianxin, don’t be afraid . Qie Yiyan will not dare to mess up with you anymore . I will protect you and guard you . ”

Li Qingcang’s voice rang in Ye Tianxin’s ears .

His voice was gentle and soothing .

“Elder Brother Li, I want to learn some self-defense techniques . ”

“Are you sure?” Li Qingcang asked . “It can be quite challenging . I’m worried if you can actually withstand it . ”

Ye Tianxin nodded . “Yes . ”

“Alright, I’ll teach you . I have so much time in my hands anyway . Might be a good distraction . I’ll teach you some simple self-defense techniques . ”

Since a beautiful young lady would always come across unexpected troubles, it’s always good for her to know some self-defense skills to protect herself . No matter how capable Li Qingcang was, he could not be by Ye Tianxin’s side 24 hours a day .

“That’s great!”

Ye Tianxin’s eyes lit up, and she smiled at Li Qingcang .

“Go wash your face and brush your teeth . I’ll take you to breakfast . ”

Li Qingcang made breakfast .

Actually, he used to be a young master who was never involved with housework .

However, when he arrived at the army, he was also forced to be an all-rounder . Therefore, it was not difficult for him to cook or do household chores .

“Wow, Elder Brother Li, you’re amazing!”

There was a small wooden table under the wisteria tree, basking in the morning sun . On the table was the breakfast that Li Qingcang had prepared meticulously . There was porridge with preserved pickle shreds, tasty pork buns, and a plate of cold bamboo shoots .

The bamboo shoots were cut thinly, and the length and size were evenly distributed . There were some red and yellow chili flakes, making it look appetizing .

“Elder Brother Li, I can’t believe you sliced these! They’re even! You got skills!”

Li Qingcang chuckled and said, “I’ve had practice . ”

Li Qingcang was the kind of person who would try his best in whatever he had to do . He always set high standards for himself since he was young .

Even if it was just cutting simple bamboo shoots, he had to cut them perfectly . He never settled for anything less .

There was a tap on the door .

Jing Zhichen stood at the door . Behind him was Yan Jun, who followed with embarrassment .

When Li Qingcang opened the door and looked at Jing Zhichen, who was standing at the door, his expression was still calm . However, as his gaze landed on Yan Jun, his expression instantly darkened .

“Boss Li, I brought breakfast . ”

When Jing Zhichen opened the door and walked in, Ye Tianxin ran back to the bookstore in shock .

“What did I do? Why did Ye Tianxin run away when she saw me?”

Jing Zhichen was confused .

Li Qingcang had no idea why Ye Tianxin ran to the bookstore either .

Five minutes later, Ye Tianxin walked out of the bookstore .

Her hair was tied in a ponytail, and she was wearing a gauze dress .