Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 814

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Chapter 814: Stupid Teammates

“This Young Master is enduring humiliation for the bigger picture! I have to be patient as I am still injured. Ling Chuxi is good at pill refinement and medical skills; once she has cured me, just see how I’ll deal with her! ” Zhen Ye boasted confidently.

“Oh, so that’s how it is! Young Master is really wise!” Xiao Rou praised, smiling tearfully.

“But, Young Master, isn’t that a bit ungrateful?” Big Dark Face asked hesitantly.

“It does seem so, actually,” Xiao Rou added thoughtfully, pursing his lips.

Indeed, it was scarier to get stupid teammates than excellent opponents!

“Shut up and stop exposing your stupidity!” Zhen Ye jumped to his paws and snarled angrily. “Anyway, you both just obediently wait here. Expose my identity and I’ll chop you to death, do you hear me?!” Zhen Ye bared his teeth fiercely, but instead of looking ferocious, with his current appearance, he just looked extremely cute.

“Yes, yes.” Xiao Rou and Big Dark Face hurriedly agreed. It was quite terrifying when the young master’s temper flared.

“Alright, I’ll leave first. Remember—don’t expose me. If Ling Chuxi asks for your help, just do as she says.” Zhen Ye finished giving his orders, hopped to the windowsill, jumped down, and disappeared into the night.

Xiao Rou and Big Dark Face watched Zhen Ye leave. Only when Zhen Ye had fully disappeared from sight did they retract their gazes and stare at each other.

“What exactly is going on with Young Master? Is he really lying in wait to get his revenge on the she-devil? ” Xiao Rou asked, blinking slowly.

An image of Ling Chuxi pinching the young master’s rump flashed in Big Dark Face’s mind, and he became silent.

“I’m asking you a question, answer it!” Xiao Rou whacked Big Dark Face on the head.

“I’m sleepy, let’s sleep.” Big Dark Face evaded the question, yawned, and went to bed.

Xiao Rou was unhappy with Big Dark Face’s response, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Sighing in frustration, he closed his eyes and went to sleep too.

The next few days were an extremely challenging time for Xiao Rou and Big Dark Face.

For example, when eating, Ling Chuxi fed their young master. Sometimes she would pick up their young master and kiss his forehead, and they would see their young master blush a bright red. They had also already become numb to seeing Ling Chuxi pinching their young master’s rump, since it happened so often.

However, they had to admit that Ling Chuxi really took good care of their young master. Every day, only pills of the highest quality were given to the young master for his health. Their young master was getting fatter and fatter, and his spirit was getting better and better.

Zhen Ye seemed to enjoy these days of eating well and sleeping well too, except for when he was molested by Ling Chuxi…

However, those good times came to an end one day.

It was a sunny day, and Ling Chuxi was basking under the sun in the courtyard with Little Red in her arms and Duan Xiaomo by her side. Little Red was lying on Ling Chuxi’s thigh, its eyes half-lidded and ears twitching in pleasure. It seemed like the great demon emperor young master had somehow degenerated into a pet, and was very much enjoying it.

The young master raised his chin slightly so Ling Chuxi could scratch him there, and closed his eyes in bliss. If Xiao Rou and Big Dark Face were here to see this, they would probably faint.

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