Sinister Ex-Girlfriend - Chapter 336

Chapter 336 – The Warlord’s Concubine(9)

Because of Yin Beige’s return, Yin Family was enveloped by a bustling atmosphere. There were many people coming in and out of Su Wan’s courtyard. People were sent over by Yao Baiqian to take care of Su Wan. There were maids as well as physicians specially looking over the Yin Family’s health.

Su Wan understood. Yao Baiqian was just doing this for Yin Beige to see.

Su Wan was already familiar with Yao Baiqian’s methods. No matter what she did, she accepted it.

After all, she was a patient that couldn’t “get off her bed.” Yao Baiqian didn’t guard against her that much either. She was happy to play this bitter role of “eldest madam that will die soon.”

It was December in the blink of an eye and the weather got colder and colder. It was about to reach the end of the year and the roving bandits in the mountains started getting restless and started causing trouble everywhere again.

As the specially trained heir, Yin Beige, as a general, naturally needed to lead the troops to vanquish the bandits.

Before leaving this time, Yin Beige specially when to the general’s residence where Yin Shun dealt with official matters at. This was the first time he talked to his father about Yin Beichao.

Yin Shun was shocked by Yin Beige’s suggestion to send Yin Beichao abroad for his studies. Thinking that his youngest son was indeed not suited to leading troops and going to the military, he may as well send him abroad to learn business. In the future, when he comes back, he’d be able to take over Yin Family’s businesses. Maybe he wouldn’t need to rely on his second son’s pay from the military anymore.

Everyone says that each family has their own troubles. Although Yin Shun was a general, there were hundreds of people in the Yin Family. The tens of thousands of soldiers from the military relied on the army provisions and this was all money!

The way of the world was in a slump. Wars and battles enveloped the surrounding regions. He also heard of some university students protesting about reform in the capital. In short, General Yin needed to consider for himself.

The father and son’s conversation went quite well and they came to the same conclusion as well. In the end, Yin Shun decided to send Yin Beichao abroad to learn business after the New Years…

The year was about to end and Su Wan’s “sickness” finally reached the point where none could save her.

Yao Baiqian’s people were all in her courtyard and Shuning was already sent to Su Rui’s residence upon his request.

Today, as Su Wan knew, snow fell down the entire day and the entire Liao City was painted white.

Yin Beige charged into the room against the cold wind to see Su Wan’s gaze turning hazy.

“Su Wan!”

Yin Beige disregarded the snowflakes on his shoulders and body, rushing into the room.

“Second master, the eldest madam…can’t hold on anymore!”

“Scram! All of you guys, get lost!”

After dismissing the servants in the family, Yin Beige trembled as he hugged the skinny body. “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. I’ll go get you checked out right now. You’ll get better. You will. Su Wan, you won’t die.”

Losing something and watching something be lost are two different things.

At this moment, Yin Beige was terrified.


Su Wan’s gaze turned hazy but her tone was still gentle as ever.

How long hasn’t she called him by his name that gently?

Yin Beige trembled and his fingers caressed over Su Wan’s pale face. “I’m here, I’m here.”


Su Wan smiled. “Beige, I’m leaving. I am so reluctant, reluctant to leave you. But…I have to go accompany my brother Beiyue now. He really…is lonely. He’s such a gentle person. Although…we were just a couple by name, I know. I always knew….he liked me.”

Since the day they entered the bridal room and he lifted her cover.

He liked her.

He fell in love with her at first sight.

Yin Family’s brothers fell in love with the same woman at first sight at different times. Unfortunately, she lived painfully only because she wasn’t the female lead in this world…

“Brother Beiyue told me to wait for you to come back and you’ll marry me. I had been waiting, waiting, waiting. Beige…why? Why didn’t you believe me? You didn’t believe him either. That makes me feel so painful, do you know?”

“Don’t, don’t say anything!”

Yin Beige’s tears landed on Su Wan’s face, drop by drop. The warm tears could never warm her cold face anymore.

“I’m so tired, very tired.”

Su Wan’s tone grew weaker and weaker. Seeing that she almost lost the light in her eyes, Yin Beige suddenly hugged her in his arms. “Xiao Wan, don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me. I love you. I love you!”


Su Wan slowly said and took out an exquisite spice bag from her arms. “Beige, this is…this my hair…bring it with you okay? That way…I can keep, keep on being with you. No matter where you are, I’ll…be there with you. Forever….standing by.”

Forever standing by.

Yin Beige clutched the spice bag in his palm but he started choking on his words. “Okay, I promise. I’ll promise you anything.”

“Then…that’s good. I…I have one more wish…After I die, bury me next to Beiyue. Let me be with you. I…owe…him this…”

Before she could finish, Su Wan died in Yin Beige’s arms…

“Xiao Wan! Xiao Wan!”

Tonight, snow swirled in the air. Yin Beige teared up as he hugged Su Wan’s cold body and he didn’t sleep the entire night.

The next day, Yao Baiqian ordered the deputy official, Lu Anbo, to forcibly knock Yin Beige out. Su Wan’s body had been sealed in the coffin and was prepared to be buried.

Women didn’t have a high status in the Yin Family. Even more, Su Wan was just Yin Beiyue’s widow.

Her mourning hall was lonely and cold. Only Yin Beichao was wearing mourning clothes and draped a white cloth over him. He quietly kneeled in front of the coffin.

In the middle of the night, the wind blew and the false paper money in the brazier in front of the mourning hall had been burned to ashes.

Light footsteps sounded from the back.

“I already told you guys not to come! I won’t leave!”

Yin Beichao’s voice was hoarse but his tone was determined.


A cold male voice rang.

Yin Beichao froze and turned to see Yin Mingye standing behind him wearing a black cape.

“Third uncle, why are you here?”

“I’m here to visit her.”

Su Rui glanced at the coffin in the center of the mourning hall. The time was almost here. He must take Su Wan’s ‘corpse’ away.

But Su Rui was surprised that someone was here to keep watch besides Su Wan’s coffin at this time!

Su Rui even specially went to Yin Beige’s room before evening and pressed on his sleeping acupuncture point just in case, to make sure that he wouldn’t wake up in the evening at all.

Yin Beichao looked surprisingly at him and then kowtowed. “Third uncle, you’re thoughtful!”

“You, this is…”

Yin Beichao’s action caused Su Rui to be surprised. What was wrong with this child?

“I promised sister-in-law that I’ll look after her. Now…that she passed away, I have to wear mourning clothes for her. Sister-in-law has no children so I’ll be her son.”

Su Rui lifted his brows and smiled before slowly walking to the coffin. “You’re right. Beichao, with how filial you are, sister-in-law will be really happy to find out!”


Su Rui smacked the coffin gently and then pushed the cover off. While Yin Beichao was flabbergasted, he carried Su Wan’s body out and covered her body within the black cape.

“Third uncle, you…”


Su Rui gestured for him to be quiet. “I’m here to save her. Beichao, this is our secret!”

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