Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 282

Chapter 282: 282

282 – Successive eruptions

The current Bing Tianliang had completely turned into thunder, and almost instantly rushed in front of the two-headed ape king . Behind him, a shadow splitted from him, it was his demonic puppet .

The two-headed ape king felt an enemy rushing over . He flapped its wings and sent two beams of light toward Bing Tianliang .

A strange scene appeared next . Bing Tianliang’s demonic puppet soared into the sky and turned into a flash of lightning . When the two beams of light swept over, Bing Tianliang disappeared out of thin air . As if there was a strong attraction force emitted from the demonic puppet, an electrical bridge formed between it and Bing Tianliang . At that instant, Bing Tianliang arrived next to the demonic puppet’s location, in the two-headed ape king’s blindspot .

Bing Tianliang moved his arms as if hugging someone, and the demon puppet behind him turned into an electric light flood into his embrace . In the next instant, the blue and purple electric lights all over his body were condensed together . In that instant, his whole person had completely disappeared into a ball of electricity .

A huge blue-violet electric light beam rushed outright and bombarded the two-headed ape king .

Such a strong explosive power !

At that instant, whether it was Yuan En Huihui or Lan Mengqin, they couldn’t help being shocked .

Bing Tianliang had a four-ringed cultivation base, but as he wasn’t a Twin Martial Soul soul master, Lan Mengqin didn’t think much of him actually . However at this moment, she had to admire the skills that Bing Tianliang showed .

Overlaying soul abilities ! This was a superposition of four soul abilities! It already belonged to the realm of self-created soul ability . Being able to superpose four soul abilities so ingeniously, it was in a sense, no less inferior to a Martial Soul Fusion technique . With only his own Martial Soul, such a terrifying explosive force erupted . Bing Tianliang deserved his name as the number one candidate from Heaven Luo .

“Boom——” A huge thunder came down like a punishment from heaven, and it blasted fiercely on the two-headed ape king, bombarding its body and throwing it out . The two beams of light were engulfed by Bing Tianlang’s attack . The attack power was so great that it even stopped the two-headed ape king from rushing to Lan Mengqin .

Behind the two-headed ape king, a large scorched black wound appeared, and the blue wing on the left was blown out by a third of its volume .

Bing Tianliang’s attack was truly terrifying .

Qian Lei in the distance couldn’t help but be stunned secretly when he saw this scene . If it hadn’t been for Lan Xuanyu’s plan during the qualification phase, Bing Tianliang might have used this powerful attack and insta-killed them .

This guy was really strong!

When Bing Tianliang attacked, Qian Lei himself was not idle . He stood in front of Liu Feng, watching the scenes on the battlefield, feeling the threat that his friends might encounter at any time . At this moment, his blood was boiling .

Since he came here and started fighting, he didn’t really do anything and didn’t play any role at all . Only in the last battle, the eruption of the Emerald Demon bird saved some of his face, but in fact, he wasn’t exhausted at all and contributed very little to the team . But he could still get his part of the spoils .

He didn’t want things to be like this, he too wanted to be a useful person and contribute for the whole team!

At this moment, Qian Lei erupted .

Without Lan Xuanyu’s buff, he threw out his summoning coin from his hand . At that moment, the pupils of his eyes all turned into the shape of a coin, and his whole body trembled because of the massive output of mental power .

Without Xuanyu’s increase, am I really just a human waste ? No, I don’t want to be a waste . I can also become strong, I have a unique Martial Soul, I can definitely…

Roaring in his heart, the summoning gate was outlined in front of him with the summoning coin as a starting point . Qian Lei was desperately injecting his spiritual power into the gate of summoning regardless of consumption .

If his spiritual power was one hundred, under normal circumstances, the cost of using the summoning gate once was about twenty . He had never tried out something like today, at this moment, he just wanted to make his summons stronger and more useful, to help his partners resist the powerful enemies in front of him . Therefore, he poured all of his spiritual power into it without reservation, regardless of whether he could bear it .

Everything in front of him gradually turned black, but his summoning gate became exceptionally clear, and strong rays of light bloomed from the surroundings of the summoning gate .

Usually, he was too dependent on Lan Xuanyu for the summoning, but at this moment, when he poured all of his spiritual power into it, he could feel the voices inside the summoning gate .

They were all kinds of sounds, the echo of countless sounds and countless spiritual links . In Qian Lei’s coin-like pupils, images flashed like a blurry movie .

Lan Xuanyu’s silver-patterned blue silver grass could always help him attract dragon-type soul beasts, and he didn’t need to do much . But at this moment, he suddenly felt that this connection should actually have been done by himself!

He had cultivated up to his second ring, and he could already exert this attraction power by himself .

Subconsciously, he sensed those powerful auras that were enough to help them cope with the difficulties in front of them, but he found that he was unable to draw those auras over .

Was it because their connection was not close enough yet ? Or was it because he was too weak?

No, I don’t want to be weak, I also want to be a pillar in the team .

Quia Lei’s spurted a mouthful of blood on the summoning gate . He suddenly felt that his brain reached a strange unprecedented state, like an invisible restrain was shattered at this instant .

The spiritual connections that were originally vague suddenly became clear, and Qian Lei suddenly shouted, “You !”

The summoning gate shone brightly, and a sturdy figure rushed out of it .

The moment it appeared, Qian Lei was already sitting on the ground, but at this moment, his face was full of smiles .

It really takes hard work to make progress! At this moment, his spiritual power finally broke through five hundred and entered the Spirit Sea Realm!

What he summoned was a brown Great Bear with a sturdy physique .

This Great Bear was more than three meters tall, and every soul master could recognize it at the first glance : a thousand-years Earth Bear . A defensive soul beast that didn’t have too many attack methods, but was hard to shake off . Its abilities were its thick skin and inexhaustible strength . Once at the thousand-year cultivation, his innate ability would awaken : Gravity Control .

Roaring, the Earth Bear rushed towards the two-headed ape king who had just been bombarded by Bing Tianliang .

Almost all of the strong points in their team layed in attacking . Even in Lan Xuanyu’s trio, none of them were good at defense . In other words, their entire team of nine people, there was not a single meat shield . Undoubtedly, Fatty’s current summon at this time was the most suitable when looking at the state of the entire team .

At the same time Qian Lei summoned the Earth Bear, Lan Mengqin’s second soul ring also shone, the guqin’s note changed, and the previous harsh noise suddenly disappeared, replaced by the guqin sprinkling the sounds of flowing water . Everything around became quiet, and everyone felt their inner restlessness smoothed out . As if meditating, their violent urges also became calm .

Second soul ability, Serenity Tune . It could instantly reduce the enemy’s fighting spirit, offset all spiritual buffs, and block all spiritual attacks .

This Serenity Tune, in a sense, had the biggest effect on the battlefield because it was an area of effect . When facing a group of enemies, if one’s fighting spirit disappears, it would become very difficult to exert one’s full strength and would see his combat potential weakened by at least 20% . The abilities that relied on combat power to accumulate momentum would be even more affected .