Soul Land IV Douluo Dalu : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 331

Chapter 331

Chapter 331 – The Video Is Sellable ?

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“At that time, our Martial Soul Fusion skill was successful, and Huihui seemed to have transformed into another person…” Lan Xuanyu then retold how Yuanen Huihui transformed, and then explained how Tang Yuge was insta-killed by him .

“Scriiiiiiich–” Xiao Qimeng slammed the brakes, and Lan Xuanyu almost hit the windshield .

Xiao Qi turned his head and stared at him sitting on the co-pilot seat dumbstruck, “What did you say? You won? You won against Tang Yuge and the others?”

“Yes!” Lan Xuanyu nodded . At this moment, he didn’t care about winning or losing at all, the important point was Yuanen Huihui being fine or not .

Xiao Qi didn’t know what to say anymore .

What kind of place was Shrek Academy? This was a gathering place for the proud sons of heaven, a place where monsters gathered . One grade difference in studies was definitely a huge gap, as huge as the distance between heaven and earth . Everyone here was an apex genius!

But now Lan Xuanyu told him that they had defeated the third years students, and it was no less than the number one team among the third years of Shrek Academy’s Outer Court . This was almost unheard of . In Shrek Academy’s history, there were extremely rare occurrences of this .

It was this successful Martial Soul Fusion skill that caused Yuanen Huihui’s coma .

“Teacher, will Huihui be okay?” Lan Xuanyu asked worriedly .

The corners of Xiao Qi’s mouth twitched, “In my experience, the probability that he is in big trouble is very low . It is more likely that this Martial Soul Fusion skill has stirred up something that was hidden in his Martial Soul or bloodline . The possibility of a benign mutation is much greater . Moreover, you don’t need to worry about his safety . In Shrek, as long as he’s still breathing, it is not easy to die . ”

This was why Xiao Qi was more surprised than worried after hearing that they had defeated Tang Yuge’s Sunshine After Rain Squadron . Yes, in Shrek Academy, wanting to die was not so easy .

Although Yuanen Huihui was in a coma and his vital signs were not stable, his life force was obviously still very strong . It was almost impossible for him to have a big problem . One must know that Shrek Academy even had a way to heal one’s spiritual sea . What’s more, judging from the current situation, Yuanen Huihui really may not be in trouble, on the contrary it might be his lucky day .

His own students had defeated the third years’ ace team . After his shock, a smile suddenly appeared at the corner of Xiao Qi’s mouth .

Turning his head to Lan Xuanyu said: “After going back, seal up the video of this match, and then give it to me . I will put it in the exchange center to sell . If you sell it under my name, more people will believe it . I get half of the benefits, the remaining will be for the five of you who won today . ”

“Huh?” Lan Xuanyu was in a daze, what was he talking about ?

Xiao Qi said angrily: “You think that me being a teacher means I don’t need emblems ? Liu Feng, this kid still owes me, with this opportunity you should be able to to pay it back . Hehe, a video of the first years winning against the third years, this should sell for a lot of money . ”

Lan Xuanyu said: “But, in the Douluo World, many viewers have already watched it . Can’t they record it? And, can we seal up the video ?”

Xiao Qi said: “Learn more about the rules of the Douluo World in your free time . The video of the Arena of Souls, only the winner can obtain its rights . If you win, the ownership of the video is yours . Not only can it be sold to the Academy first, You can sell it again in the Douluo World to earn some Douluo coins later . But don’t worry about it . We will sell it for three days in the academy . Surely many people will want to see it . Even teachers would have to buy it . You have to learn how business works, otherwise, cultivation resources will never be enough . Don’t be complacent because you have some small money now…”

Speaking of this, he suddenly felt that something was wrong . It was not right . These little guys just won Tang Yuge and the others, and they probably had nearly one million Douluo coins in total . How many emblems could they exchange for during this preferential promotion period !

When he thought of this, Xiao Qi suddenly felt a little jealous . Thinking about how difficult it was to earn some Douluo coins when he first started . But they…

“Okay, we’ll listen to you . Half for you . ” Lan Xuanyu agreed without hesitation . One reason was that he didn’t have spare energy left to pay much attention to these now . The other was because his senior brother once told him that if a famous person published an exchange item, it would be more easily trusted .

What’s more, once this video was released, Tang Yuge and the others would definitely hate them . But If it was a teacher, there would be no such problem . Therefore, after thinking for a fraction of second, he immediately agreed .

Xiao Qi’s words also made Lan Xuanyu and Liu Feng more aware of the importance of Shrek emblems . Although they didn’t know what Xiao Qi’s cultivation base was, it would not be low . People who could become teachers in Shrek Academy were definitely not weak .

Lan Xuanyu knew that his teacher Ji Hongbin was a powerhouse at the eight-ring level ! Even him was still regretting not being able to stay in Shrek, so Teacher Xiao was at least not weaker than Teacher Ji . However even at his level of cultivation, it seemed that he still needed Shrek emblems, which refueled Lan Xuanyu’s motivation to earn more .

Starting his soul car again, after a couple of minutes, they arrived at Yuanen Huihui’s dormitory .

Yuanen Huihui was in his dormitory bedroom . When Xiao Qi brought Liu Feng and Lan Xuanyu here, many people had already gathered here .

Lan Xuanyu only knew Ying Luohong, the dean of the Outer Court . He didn’t know anyone else .

Dong Qianqiu and Lan Mengqin were also called, and when Ying Luohong saw Lan Xuanyu walk in, she couldn’t help but say : “It’s you again brat! You can really cause some trouble . How many times it’s been already !”

“Huh?” Lan Xuanyu looked at the gean in a daze . I caused trouble ? When did I cause trouble?

Yuanen Huihui was lying on the bed, his beautiful little face a little pale . An old man was sitting on the edge of the bed with a hand on Yuanen Huihui’s forehead .

From Lan Xuanyu’s point of view, he could only see his white beard and white hair, he was obviously very old .

There were several people standing beside the bed . Among them was a handsome man with a burly figure . The silhouettes were obviously similar to Yuanen Huihui and from the looks they seemed to be related by blood . His brows were frowned, but his expression remained calm .

At this moment, the old man stood up, and the man who looked similar to Yuanen Huihui asked in a low voice, “Old Shu, how’s the situation?”

The old man with white beard and white hair smiled and said: “It’s okay, it’s okay . The little guy has just overextended himself, causing a consumption of his life force exceeding what he could bear . He only needs to replenish his life energy, and there should be no problem after resting a few days . His spiritual sea was damaged a bit severely . I wanted to help him sort this out, but I encountered resistance, which is very interesting . The second awakening of his Martial Soul seems to be accompanied by a second awakening of his bloodline . It is a rare good thing . His overall abilities are going to evolve . ”

“A complete secondary evolution?” The middle-aged man was slightly startled .

The old man nodded and said, “It’s a rare situation . I’m very curious to know what caused this . It is indeed much safer to awaken like this in the Douluo World . If it is in the real world, there might be some real life-threatening danger . Once he couldn’t hold it, his body might have collapsed . But after passing this level, there is no problem . The future of this child is unlimited! I can already see an embryo for godhood . “

As soon as he said this, everyone present was shocked . The middle-aged man showed joy for the first time, “Thank you Old Shu . ”

The old man smiled and said, “Your Yuanen house’s luck is really good . ”

At this moment, the corner of his eye saw Lan Xuanyu who was standing not far away . He turned around and said with a smile, “Little kid, what’s your name!”

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