Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 374

Chapter 374 – God Rank Singer ?

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“Singer?” Wang Tianyu was stunned . What the hell, a singer? A God rank singer? His expression immediately became incredulous . He couldn’t remember how many years had passed since the last time he was this surprised . When did the Federation have a God rank singer?

Of course he didn’t listen to songs, and naturally he didn’t know who were the current popular singers . But looking at Tang Le’s manner of dressing, his temperament and his appearance, it seemed…, that there was really such a possibility!

With his looks, it could be hard to not become popular, right? There was no hope for ordinary people to match the presence of someone at God rank .

However, this answer made Wang Tianyu feel even more vigilant in his heart . A God rank powerhouse became a singer in the Federation? If someone told him that there wasn’t some kind of purpose behind this, who would believe that, does he come from that place?

Thinking of this, Wang Tianyu’s face darkened, and he said coldly: “Since you’re already here, I’m feeling a little itchy, how about a spare, brother Tang?”

Tang Le was taken aback, he had explained his intention as gently as possible . One was because he didn’t want to cause trouble, and the other was that he didn’t want to bring unnecessary trouble to Lan Xuanyu, but he didn’t expect Wang Tianyu to be so insistent . He hadn’t the slightest clue about Wang Tianyu’s guess on his identity .

“This is not really necessary, right ?” Tang Le frowned slightly .

“Since you’ve come to Shrek, you have to abide by Shrek’s rules . ” As he said, Wang Tianyu’s eyes suddenly lit up, and brilliant blue light burst out instantly .

Tang Le frowned slightly, he raised his right hand and gestured forward gently .

A deep roar suddenly sounded in the air, and a blue fist stopped right on his palm .

Wang Tianyu’s figure had reappeared at this moment, and his face had changed drastically .

Tang Le didn’t seem to be any different, his hand had blocked the fist effortlessly . Although Wang Tianyu hadn’t exerted his full strength, one had to know that at his level, his control of power had reached the extreme . He could completely adjust his output instantly .

Therefore, although it was just probing, he could still adjust his attack power at any time .

However, when Tang Le blocked his fist, he only felt that the thunder in his fist had faded like ice and snow melting under the sun . What was even more frightening was that he had felt a shiver coming from the bottom of his heart, greatly reducing his fighting spirit .

He had never felt this way since his breakthrough . How was this possible? Could it be that the person in front of him was on a higher level than him overall ?

While shocked, Wang Tianyu’s alertness and fighting spirit broke out in an instant . Dazzling blue light burst out from his body in an instant . At the core of that blue light, there was a faint purple ripple . Not a single bit of energy leaked outward, it was extremely condensed . Lowering his shoulders, he then slammed towards Tang Le .

Returning to the natural state, reducing complexity into simplicity .

When he saw that smear of deep purple, Tang Le frowned slightly, “The power of destruction?”

His eyes suddenly lit up with a smear of gold, and his hand suddenly clenched into a fist . A deep dragon chant echoed, his long hair fluttered behind his head, and his fist blasted out to the front .

Wang Tianyu’s shoulders collided with Tang Le’s fist instantly . The entire space trembled for an instant .

Tang Le was still suspended in the same position, but Wang Tianyu had flown out for hundreds of meters before barely stabilizing his figure . His entire shoulders trembled violently, and a large amount of blue halo rushed to his shoulders like rippling waves, but a faint layer of gold was still attached to his shoulders, constantly dispelling the blue light .

Wang Tianyu’s expression at this time had become extremely solemn . There was no doubt that he had fallen into an absolute disadvantage after the two collisions .

This person, he is actually so powerful?

At this moment, a mass of sparkling green quietly appeared beside Wang Tianyu, it floated to Wang Tianyu’s shoulders, the gold and green blended with each other, and they quietly disappeared .

A figure also appeared beside Wang Tianyu, his beard and hair all white, it was Old Shu .

Currently, Old Shu’s skin on his face looked as delicate as a baby, seeming very energetic . There wasn’t the slightest trace of his decrepit appearance after consuming his Life Essence .

However, the current expression in his eyes looking at Tang Le looked a bit complicated .

“Let’s go together!” Wang Tianyu shouted in a deep voice .

He was about to rush up again, but Old Shu grabbed his arm, “Stop fighting, he’s not an enemy . ”

“Huh?” After suffering successive losses, Wang Tianyu’s fighting spirit was burning hot, he couldn’t help being surprised when he heard the words, and turned his head to look at Old Shu .

“No wonder the disciples you taught are so crazy . You’re still reckless as ever even at your age . He is not an enemy, this is what the Eternal Tree said . ” Old Shu said angrily .

After being ridiculed, Wang Tianyu’s heart was full of anger, but when Old Shu said that it was from the Eternal Tree, his anger immediately mostly dissipated, “The Eternal Tree? It knows him?”

Old Shu said: “I don’t know about this . The Eternal Tree just gave me a message to tell me that he is not an enemy . If he is willing to stay, he can naturally stay, and he can leave at any time . He will not threaten the Academy’s safety . Whatever he wants, just let him do it . No need to bother about it . ”

“But…” Wang Tianyu looked at Tang Le, this man was so powerful, just in case, what if there was something .

“Don’t you believe in the judgment of the Eternal Tree ?” Old Shu said solemnly .

As the head of the School of Life, he was also the spokesperson of the Eternal Tree . His position in the academy was exceedingly aloof . He might be mischievous in other matters, but he would never be sloppy when it came to the Eternal Tree .

Wang Tianyu frowned, he looked at Old Shu, and then at Tang Le . In the end, he lowered his arm and nodded to Tang Le .

Old Shu turned to Tang Le and smiled slightly, “Welcome to Shrek Academy . ”

Looking at Tang Le, he was also very surprised . Even with his cultivation, he could not feel Tang Le’s life fluctuations . In other words, he couldn’t detect the intensity of Tang Le’s vitality .

In addition, Wang Tianyu had suffered a loss against him earlier, his strength could be easily imagined .

Tang Le also nodded slightly, “Is the Eternal Tree you are talking about, this big tree? Does it know me?”

Old Shu said: “I don’t know this, but the Eternal Tree has told me that you are not an enemy . You can move freely in our Shrek Academy area . No one will disturb you anymore . When you want to leave, you can do it freely . “

“Thank you . ” Tang Le frowned slightly, he could feel that the Eternal Tree that the old man in front of him was talking about should know him . For some unknown reason, he felt that it was also a bit rejecting him .

Tang Le was not keen on retrieving his memories, because every time he started to remember, he would have a headache and have negative emotions surging up . Compared to that, he prefered his daily peace .

Nodding to Wang Tianyu and Old Shu, Tang Le disappeared silently .

Wang Tianyu looked down intently, only to see that he had returned to his previous place . Still outside the window, he looked at Lan Xuanyu in the meditation room, who was cultivating .


Early morning .

After a night of cultivation, Lan Xuanyu clearly felt that his soul power had improved again, and he was naturally one step closer to the 30th rank . Clenching his fist, he told himself to work hard, he had to strive to break through the 30th rank through the help of the life energy he absorbed from Sea God Lake .

Touching the rainbow-colored scale on his chest, Lan Xuanyu suddenly laughed . He could try it again already . However, no need to hurry for now . After digesting and absorbing all of the life energy, he would try to practice it again before going to Sea God Lake next time .

In this way, he could grow his body through the nourishment of his bloodline power to the greatest extent .

Through yesterday’s absorption, Lan Xuanyu understood that, after transforming using that Dragon God scale, the best way to recover was to go to Sea God Lake . One session of cultivation in Sea God Lake should be enough to recover .

If it weren’t for the money, he would likely go to the Sea God Lake every day .

After breakfast, he went to class .

This morning was all about knowledge on Battle Armors . While studying, Lan Xuanyu had basically made up his mind to choose his auxiliary profession as forging .

After school at noon, he dialed Tang Zhenhua’s communication number, “Teacher, I want to try forging again in the afternoon . If it feels good, then I will choose forging as my auxiliary profession . Yes, I understand . That’s it . I won’t go to your place this afternoon . ” After excusing himself, Lan Xuanyu quickly hung up the communicator .

He still had some lingering fears after being tortured by Tang Zhenhua that day, and today he could take advantage of this opportunity to skip his lesson .

Others busied themselves with their study and cultivation, and everyone had their own classes in the afternoon according to the curriculum they chose .

Lan Xuanyu went back to his dormitory and ordered a simple lunch, and then meditated for an hour . After he was full of energy, he went to the academy’s Blacksmith Association again .

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Yang Yingming . Yang Yingming looked tired and was sitting in a chair to rest .

“Senior . ” Lan Xuanyu walked over with a smile .

Yang Yingming glanced at him, and said, “Junior brother, you’ve made your choice? Are you officially beginning your study today?”

Lan Xuanyu said, “Senior, can I study by myself? I think there are books for forging here . Can I try it out by myself? Like this, I should be able to learn more efficiently from you once I have some questions . ” He had already thought out everything . If he let Yang Yingming teach him, the efficiency was definitely not as good as self-studying first, and after stumbling on some problem he would then ask for advice .

It was most efficient to study by himself first, summarize the problems, and then ask him for advice when he was learning from Yang Yingming . He would also learn more . The key aspect was that it would help him to save emblems .

“Okay . ” Yang Yingming took a deep look at this clever junior brother, “You’re very promising, junior brother . Let me gift you this book on the basics of forging, take a good look at it and explore by yourself . Although your method can help you save some money, but in fact, your learning speed will definitely not be as fast as letting me teach you all the time . ”

Lan Xuanyu smiled bitterly: “Senior, the key problem is that I don’t have enough emblems!” Among the freshmen, he could count as having quite a lot of emblems . However, the cost of training in Sea God Lake was too great, so if he could save some, he would save some . Moreover, he was not completely sure whether he was suitable for forging, he still had to try it again . It was not too late yet to change . If he invested too much, he would have no choice but to work hard on forging .

“Okay, I understand . I will take you to the forging room . Read the book and explore by yourself . At the beginning, I suggest that you don’t buy rare metals, use ordinary iron ingots to practice your hands . After you become able to forge ordinary iron ingots into steel, you can then start on rare metals, this is the most economical way . Alas…, we all went through this in agony! Forging is not easy . ” Looking at Lan Xuanyu, who was calculating carefully, Yang Yingming couldn’t help but think of himself .

“Okay, thank you senior . ”

Under the guidance of Yang Yingming, Lan Xuanyu was taken to a forging room . The difference from last time was that there were no rare metals in this forging room . There were iron ingots hung on the walls . There is no charging fees for ordinary iron ingots .

Of course, free meant that there was no good stuff, the forging counter was the same, but the forging hammer was a common one . Want a good one? OK, buy it yourself .

After leaving the book on the basics of forging to Lan Xuanyu, Yang Yingming said, “Work hard, junior brother, and call me if something happens . However, if you want to learn from me, you will have to pay . Find me in priority . ”

“Okay, thank you senior . ”

Yang Yingming left, and the forging room suddenly became quiet . Lan Xuanyu decided to read the book first, and then opened it .

Time passed by quickly, his spiritual power was strong, and his reading speed was naturally fast .

As he read, he said to himself: “Oh, it’s a pity that I can only practice with ordinary iron ingots first . Ordinary iron ingots are definitely not as sensitive to energy changes as rare metals . It’s really half the effort twice the effects !”

“That’s not necessarily true . Only those who can forge ordinary iron into divine tools can be called as a true Divine Blacksmith . ” A voice sounded suddenly, and Lan Xuanyu suddenly jumped up with fright .

When he turned around, he found that there was another person behind him since no one knows when, with long blue hair, wearing a white suit, and a gentle smile .

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