Starting With Contract Pets - Chapter 85

Chapter 85: No More Love


The Little Tyrant roared fiercely and frantically dug the soil with its pair of small claws . Soon, it dug a big hole in the ground, exposing pieces of flaming volcanic rocks .

As a glutton, it had a strong talent for finding such minerals . The quality of these volcanic stones this baby tyrant had dug was much better than the ones found by its owner . It would even dig out other ores from time to time .

“Okay, okay . Let’s stop for now, or else we can’t bring everything back . ” Su Bai looked at his new pet speechlessly . It had dug ten meters underground for food .


Nodding, it threw a dozen volcanic rocks out and then reluctantly left the pit .

Su Bai and Purple Jade looked at the volcanic rocks piled up into two hills and felt speechless .

The Little Tyrant nodded in satisfaction . It did not have to worry about not having enough to eat now .

“Okay, let’s move to the next item . Test your strength and listen to my commands on how you should release your skills . ”

The boy looked for an open space at the side and instructed his new pet .

The Little Tyrant nodded . It was very good at fighting thanks to the instinct in its bloodline .

“Do you see that three-meter-high tree? Can you burn it to the ground with your Fireball?” Su Bai pointed at a tree in the distance .


The Little Tyrant nodded and opened its mouth . Fiery red spiritual power condensed in its mouth which gradually formed into a basketball-size fireball just as two fireballs condensed on its paws . It hurled these flame balls with a roar at the crooked-neck tree .

With a bang, flames directly engulfed the tree . The tree did not persist for half a minute before turning to ashes .


Roaring, the Little Tyrant raised its claws and gathered the fireballs back like water streams . Slowly, the flames entered its claws and disappeared .

“Huh, you can even take back your fired flames?” asked Su Bai in surprise . Not all pets could take back their fired flames, and this represented the ability to control fire well .


His pet raised its head, indicating that it was only a basic operation . It was innate to it .

“Wait a while then . Gather a fireball, but a smaller one will do,” he said after thinking about it .


The Little Tyrant gave him a questioning look . It was a basic exercise, and nothing worth looking at, but at the thought of the delicacies the youth had prepared for it, it still did as instructed .

Lifting a small paw about the size of a crocodile’s front claw, a ten-centimeter-large fireball slowly condensed . It quietly floated in the center of its paw, emitting a scorching light .


The cub spun around it curiously, finding the electric lightbulb-lookalike very interesting,

Su Bai pushed the volcanic rocks and turned to look at his pet . “Control it well!”

He then quickly touched a handful of fireballs with his hands and quickly retreated . The whole process lasted only two seconds .

With a bang, the fireball between the Little Tyrant’s claws suddenly enlarged from the size of a fist to a basketball, and its temperature also became higher . The pet almost could not control it .

Its eyes widened in shock . What was going on? Could Ah Bai increase the power of its fireball out of thin air?


It looked incredulously at him . How did he do it?

“Don’t worry about how I did it . Can you try to control the fire back to the size it was previously? Try to collect and release it; do you have such power?”

Su Bai smiled mysteriously . The pet’s body could not be guessed by common sense, and the same skills might have different activation methods .

Just like the rumors, some people called the place where Purgatory Tyrants lived as purgatory due to the bad conditions and flowing lava . The ground burned with flames, and the sky was covered with sulfuric acid .

Meanwhile, others thought that it was nothing, and the real purgatory was actually the stomach of a Purgatory Tyrant . That was the real horrible purgatory .

Su Bai knew that there was indeed a purgatory in his pet’s stomach . It was specially used to store fire and digest things and could not be used for other things .


The Little Tyrant nodded quickly to express that it was completely possible to store flames . As it nodded, it compressed the flame, turning the big fireball into a fingertip-size fiery seed, before it merged it with its claws .

It then switched the seed to its other claw, and the flame appeared again .

“Not bad, not bad . ” Su Bai nodded in satisfaction .

He then injected a handful of fire-attribute light balls into the fireball . The fireball temperature became a little higher, and Su Bai blew on his hands . They stung a little but were otherwise unharmed .

After giving the Little Tyrant some instructions, he continued adding fire-attribute light balls to the fireball . When it was about fifty centimeters in size, the Little Tyrant shook its head to signal its limit .

It could not take the flame back and control it if the fireball was any bigger . A big fireball like this took a long time to be compressed .

“I know; let’s take a look at some of your other skills . ” Having strengthened the cub’s Vine Whip skill, Su Bai understood that this kind of training must be done step by step, and there was no way to improve it overnight .

Other than Fireball, the Little Tyrant had skills, such as Ferocious Bite and Flying Stone .

Flying Stone was earth-based and could manipulate stones to attack opponents . Ferocious Bite was purely a melee skill and relied on the baby tyrant’s terrifying teeth and bite force .

The Little Tyrant had yet to awaken the elementary skills of its undead attribute . It might develop it after an evolution or learn it the day after .

After all, the undead attribute was regarded as secondary . Fire was its main attribute, earth second, and the undead last .

This meant that its spiritual affinity with fire was the highest, while its control of the two other attributes was slightly lacking .

Su Bai’s nurturing method mainly focused on the fire attacks and close combat . Its defense relied on the earth attribute, while its movement or concealment skills relied on the mysterious undead attribute .

In fact, the cultivation manual given by Gao An also specified this as the most reasonable cultivation method .

“Laddie, you’ll learn Crush Claw from your elder sister later this morning, but for now, you must practice your Ferocious Bite and Fireball skills . ”

Su Bai decided to start training from the simplest fire attribute and attack skills .

“If you do well, I’ll give you another meal at noon,” he said . This Little Tyrant’s mind was filled with food, so he only needed food to deal with it .


Sure enough, upon hearing that, the Little Tyrant expelled two small clusters of sparks excitedly .

The Little Tyrant had already acknowledged Su Bai . Not only could he make it stronger, he would also often give it delicacies . This youth was indeed a qualified Pet Tamer .

The Little Tyrant’s excitement spurred on Purple Jade, and the two trained very seriously all morning .

The cub’s Crush Claw broke a tree, while the baby tyrant broke a bigger tree with one claw . In close combat, the latter had the talent and strength while the cub was lacking .

However, it did not mean that the cub’s future was lower than the other pet . As long as it understood the true essence of life, it needed not be afraid of the fire attribute .

Moreover, the cub was good at prolonged war . No one could compare to it in terms of protracted fighting .

For example, during their spar, the cub completely suppressed its sibling, hitting it continuously and even giving it a big bruise on the head .

In fact, Purple Jade’s combat tactics were not completely established yet, or else it would be even more terrifying .

“Okay, let’s go back . ” Su Bai nodded . Training had become a lot easier with two pets .

When he returned to town, he rented a medicinal cake machine at the pet center to make new food for Purple Jade and the Little Tyrant .

The clear fruit, which he used to make potions for the cub, now cost nearly 30,000 yuan a piece yet one was only enough for a bottle of medicine . It was outrageously expensive .

It would have been even more expensive if not for the discount given by the Blue Moon Cultivation House .

This was the cheapest set of materials of the same effect that Su Bai could find with his pet interface . Under normal circumstances, it cost more to cultivate a high-level servant .

The Little Tyrant’s food was not cheap, either, and because it ate a lot, the total expenditure was not any lower than Purple Jade’s .

It was already past 3 p . m . when he finished making the energy potions and medicinal cakes . Despite having spent all his money, the food was barely enough for the cub to last eight or nine days .

“Let’s go back . ”

Su Bai glanced at his pets and sighed . This was too difficult . He now hoped to receive the bonus from the Spirit Alliance as soon as possible, or else he would run out of food .

The two pets, especially the Little Tyrant who was almost drooling, focused their attention on the large bag of food in his hands .

“You two cuties, I need to tell you something; we’re broke, and this is our last ration . You must eat sparingly . ” The boy thought for a while and still decided to reveal the truth to them .


The Little Tyrant pulled the volcanic rock bag along with a puzzled expression . Money? What did money have to do with rations?


Purple Jade turned around and explained the importance and function of money, as well as how to earn it, to its sibling .

The Little Tyrant was stunned after hearing that . The thing which looked like paper was so powerful, and it was so difficult to obtain?

“Let’s go . You’ll have to work hard to become stronger so that we won’t have to worry about money . ”

Su Bai seriously looked at his two pets .

The Little Tyrant nodded, its eyes gradually filling with desire for money .

The trio soon returned home . The Little Tyrant put the volcanic rocks in the storage room then climbed on the windowsill and prepared to jump into the backyard .

“Hey, what are you doing? You can’t bite the window!” Su Bai thought it was hungry again and quickly stopped it .


The Little Tyrant pointed to the backyard, indicating its desire to work harder and train for food .

It then hugged a volcanic rock and jumped down . The youth quickly looked down from the windowsill . The Little Tyrant was already practicing Fireball and Crush Claw in the backyard, its pair of fierce eyes emitting a light of excitement .

“Howl! (*゚ロ゚)!”

How could it be so hardworking? Did this not mean that its status as an elder sister would be swayed? Gritting its teeth, the cub gave up the idea of playing with its tablet and jumped down to practice with its younger brother .

Su Bai was taken aback to see this scene . He did not expect the Little Tyrant to be so hard working and was full of love for it . With it leading the way to hard work, he needed not worry about Purple Jade’s training anymore .


The cub collapsed on the bed, feeling close to death . It had trained for way too long today . If the sky had not turned dark, and the Little Tyrant had not felt hungry, it would probably still be training .

Of course, it was very resilient as a wood pet and was not really tired . It just found it too difficult to have no time for fun .

Su Bai brought out potions and medicinal cakes for his pets . He had never been as relaxed as today, where he only had to give pointers instead of painstaking supervision .

“Howl! Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ”

The cub crawled over and lay still on the ground, mobilizing a small vine to deliver the medicinal cake to its mouth . It purposely showed its exhaustion to demonstrate how hardworking it was .

“Cutie, you can stop pretending . I didn’t expose you when you were busy pretending earlier . ” Su Bai caressed its ears and laughed . He could clearly see the cub’s state with his golden fingers .

As long as the contract book was mobilized, he could also tell the pet’s specific status .

“Howl! (•̀へ•́╮)”

Purple Jade pushed his hand away with its paw and turned away from him . No more love; love was gone .  Bad Ah Bai, don’t touch my ears .  It still flicked its tail, though, obviously wanting the boy to come over and coax it .

“Roar (*⊙~⊙)”

On the other side, the Little Tyrant widened its small eyes as it got choked .

“My bowl!”

Turning around, Su Bai saw that another bowl had gone missing . Although the bowl was worthless, the little guy did not need to keep swallowing it, did it? Could it not eat more slowly? No one was snatching its food .

He handed the Little Tyrant some water and patted it on the back .


It gulped and burped . Although its small eyes were still sharp, it flicked Su Bai with its tail affectionately .

“Purple Jade, look at this . ”

Su Bai took out a small purple round pendant, which had cost him 10,000 yuan . It had the effect of removing obstacles for spiritual power once worn .

After putting it on the cub, he caressed it and smiled . “Work harder in the future, okay? As the elder sister, you must have the strength and appearance . I won’t limit your time on the tablet from now on . ”

“Howl! (* ̄) ̄)”

The cub suddenly yelped happily . It realized that Su Bai still loved it and even canceled the restriction of its playing time .

However, the boy had only done this because, with the Little Tyrant around, the cub would not have much time to play with the tablet anyway .


Once the Little Tyrant finished eating the energy medicinal cakes and potions prepared by the boy, it started gnawing on a hard piece of volcanic rock . It held the volcanic rock in its paw like a popsicle, using it to grind its claws while eating .

Su Bai did not stop it and just let it eat . The ore did not cost him money, anyway, and was also very beneficial . The ore, which had no peculiar smell, was even very suitable for growing spiritual plants .

“Go to sleep . We still have school tomorrow morning . ”

The youth shook his head and instructed his two pets .