Super Gene - Chapter 2963

Chapter 2963: 2963

Han Sen looked at the statue of Qin Xiu and raised the knife in his hands . “Qin Xiu, I drank three cups of your wine . In the future, I will be responsible for Wan’er’s life . You and I will go our separate ways . We fight to secure our own path . Perhaps today I will have to break your path to build my own path . ”

“Han Sen, you dare…” Old Vulture, the demon lady, the eyeless beast, and Red Ghost were all roaring . They released their strongest powers to become four different scary powers attacking Han Sen . They were trying to stop Han Sen from destroying the holy palace .

Han Sen waved his knife . The knife had a holy spirit power . It suddenly cut open four people’s power . One knife meant four injured . Blood was in the sky .

The demon lady and the others fell outside the holy palace . Blood burst out of their chests . They turned into a holy light that danced . They struggled a little, but they could not get up .

“The karma of Littleflower should be composed by itself,” Han Sen said . “Today, I will not kill you, but I must destroy this holy palace . ” He then slashed toward Qin Xiu’s statue .

“Noooo!” The demon lady shouted from the spot where she had been thrown to the floor . She was unable to stop Han Sen from attacking Sacred Leader’s statue .

Old Vulture, Red Ghost, and the eyeless beast were hopeless as they watched . No matter which way they viewed it, they did not expect that one day, the holy palace would be destroyed by the holy spirit Sacred Leader made .

A sky full of God Spirits could not destroy the holy palace, but it was going to be destroyed by the weapon Sacred Leader had made .


Han Sen’s knife was decisive as it slashed down . The white knife light cut the Qin Xiu statue in half through the middle . Each side fell in a different direction .

The Qin Xiu statue’s race lantern, however, remained floating in the air . It did not fall with the statue .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

While the Qin Xiu statue fell apart, the other statues around fell apart . The holy palace was shaking and falling apart too . It was like the end of the world .

“No!” The demon lady looked very hopeless . She could not believe the holy palace was coming undone like that . The hope that they could rebuild Sacred had been dashed across the stones .

Old Vulture’s eyes and the eyes of the others were dribbling blood tears . That had been their only hope for all those years . Now, that hope had been destroyed in one mere moment . It made their hearts feel like ash .

Sky Palace’s first seat watched this unfold from afar . He felt immeasurable relief and said, “This is the dust of history . It should be forever buried . Why disturb a world that is already in chaos?”

“Mister, why are you doing this?” Nine-Thousand King looked to be in shock as he stared at Han Sen . He could not believe Sacred Leader wanted him to escort Han Sen just so he could destroy the holy palace . He suddenly felt conflicted about a whole number of things . He was frozen standing where he was and uncertain about what to do next .

While everyone was thinking, they saw the destroyed holy palace unleash lights that came out crossing each other . There was more and more light . The rocks that fell from the holy palace all rose . Below, a crystal object that was so big like a disc appeared .

Five Sacred race lanterns were heading to the five corners of the crystal disc . Each one had a place to hold the lanterns . The five lanterns started to exude a light that steadily grew brighter . They were brighter than when they were atop the stone statues .

When this happened, the demon girl lady, who had previously appeared hopeless, was suddenly thrust into shock . They were all frozen and staring at the crystal wheel . They had no clue what was happening .

Han Sen frowned and looked at the crystal disc . He felt something come out from his chest . It went into the crystal disc’s center . It was Wan’er’s statue .

Wan’er’s jade statue landed on the crystal disc . It fit into the slot of the crystal disc in the center . The hand-sized jade statue grew bigger . It suddenly returned to the size Han Sen saw in the holy garden .

The crystal disc had many weird symbols and patterns because of the weird statue . It looked like a fuse box with a line of lights crossing each other on the crystal wheel . When every light crossed each other, there was a weird symbol .

When the lights rose, the jade statue behaved as if it had a life . The eyes started to look alive . A gaze landed on Han Sen . “I knew you were the person I needed . ”

“I am no savior,” Han Sen said as he stared at Qin Xiu .

“I did not need a savior,” Qin Xiu’s voice said . It was coming from the jade statue . “I am not going to save the world, and I am not looking for anyone to walk my path . All I needed was a forerunner . I needed a person that could break the rules of the here and now . ”

“Leader!” Nine-Thousand King shouted and kowtowed .

The demon girl, Red Ghost, Old Vulture, and eyeless beast tried their best to bow before Qin Xiu . They looked happy and excited . They were in a state of disbelief .

“I am not what you needed? Aside from Wan’er, I will not do anything for you . ” Han Sen frowned .

“I do not need you to do anything for me . You just need to follow your heart . You and I are the same . Even without me, you would reach the path you seek . I am just the one that sees the end sooner than you can . ” After Qin Xiu spoke, the light on the jade statue grew brighter . The whole crystal wheel connected together . It was like it was standing on a bright moon .

Before Han Sen could say anything, Qin Xiu looked at the demon girl and the others and smiled . “Thanks for your hard work guys . You have done well . From now on, you guys are free to do what you want to do . You do not have to keep guarding this place . ”

“Master, what is this all about? I thought you said that only the holy body could become the new master of Sacred . Why does he not have a holy body?” The demon girl’s heart was confused .

“You can become the new master of Sacred if you have a holy body . You can become the next Sacred Leader that way . You can build another Sacred, but that is the lowest requirement . It is a choice you have to make to maintain the last shred of hope . What you really need is something more than that . What I need is someone who can walk further than I can . I need someone who can accomplish even more…”

Qin Xiu stood on the crystal wheel and looked into the sky as he spoke . His eyes started to look unfocused as his arms slowly began rising . It was like he was trying to hold the whole sky .

“Allow me to introduce you to this interesting world . ” Qin Xiu smiled .

Han Sen wished to say something, but the wheel suddenly became too bright . The crystal disc spun like mad . When Qin Xiu raised his hands, the crystal disc’s light was like a volcanic eruption . It became a beam of light that fired into the sky .


The entire universe started to shake . Lots of stars and systems quivered . Countless races were shocked as they looked to the sky . They looked at the pillar of light like it was the universe’s anchor .

At the top of the light pillar, it looked like black ice was melting . Behind it, a world was revealed .

There were many mysterious temples and some old palaces . They all looked like a mirage as they appeared in the air . When the darkness melted in the pillar of light, everything became more clear and more real .

“This is… It is the geno hall . ” Han Sen squinted his eyes . He looked at the old, mysterious buildings in space .

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