Super Gene - Chapter 3195

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Even the universe’s buffer zones were places ordinary people could not go.

Han Sen used Break World powers at a spot God Hall Leader told him to go to gain access. When he did as he was instructed, he created a space tunnel. He then took many people inside.

Everyone was shocked by what they saw. It was so huge that one could not imagine it. All kinds of big, small, strange, and weird weaponry were strewn about all over the place, including knives, lances, swords, halberds, axes, onos, hooks, tridents, arrows, shields, knives, hammers. They were looking at a forest of weapons that reached far into the distance. It was further than the eye could see.

The whole place was full of weapons. There were knives so big that they were like little mountains. There were some godly lances high up in the sky that could easily kill. There were rotten knives and swords. There were bronze, steel, wood, and stone weapons. The weapons were made from all sorts of materials, had countless types of textures, and were many different shapes.

Jia Shi Zhen and Thousand Mile Reach had heard stories about this place. This was the first time they had seen the place. Jia Shi Zhen was utterly flabbergasted.

“The legends claim the first sky is Soldier Knife Sky. It is heaven for weapons. It is true!” Thousand Mile Reach looked at the ocean of weapons with shock and sighed.

Qin Bai did not look overjoyed on the way there, but he was now looking surprised. He asked, “Are the weapons here real? Can you kill people with them?”

Thousand Mile Reach said, “Thirty-Three Days is better than the universe because this place is not hampered by the rules of the universe. You cannot use the rules and theories of the big universe to explain anything here. In Soldier Knife Sky, all the weapons are like the universe’s flowers, grasses, trees, and woods. They have lives and souls of their own. Unless they are willing to follow you on your departure, they will become dust if you try to force them out.”

After pausing, Thousand Mile Reach added, “If they are willing to follow you after you take them away from here, they can serve you as brilliant weapons. Of course, these weapons are like ordinary flowers, grasses, woods, and trees. There are different species. Their qualities and powers are different. Most of them would be ordinary weapons. They would be like baron- or viscount-class weapons in the Qin Kingdom.

“That is not too bad,” Qin Bai naively said. “If we can ship a lot of them back, the armies of our kingdom would never have to worry about a weapon shortage.”

“It is not that easy,” Thousand Mile Reach said. “Let’s not mention the fact that ordinary people can’t enter the Solder Knife Sky realm, but even if they could, they could only take a weapon one by one. If we force them out, most of them will become dust. You cannot take them all. Plus, some of these weapons have scary existences. Their powers can be scarier than those of a God Spirit. Even if you could take them back, if you shock them, you might not stay alive to even start doing that.”

“Does that mean these weapons are actually gene races?” Han Sen asked.

“You might say that, but these weapons are different from ordinary gene races,” Thousand Mile Reach said after a brief think. “For starters, they are not in egg mode. They cannot have a God Spirit mark. They are only half weapons and half gene races, so they cannot move by themselves. Even while they are asleep, they will only wake up when pulled out.”

“If I can pull out a weapon that is as good as a God Spirit, does that mean we can have a god weapon?” Qin Bai was showing a lot of interest. He looked at the weapons around him. He seemed to really want to give it a go.

“If you can get the approval of a weapon, that can work,” Thousand Mile Reach said with a streak of seriousness. “It would be best not to try that. If you do not get the approval of a weapon and pull it out, it might result in a fighting scene. If you lose, it will self-destruct and turn into dust. It won’t allow itself to be used by people.”

“I see.” Qin Bai shrugged and gave up the whole idea of obtaining a new weapon.

God weapons were great, but Qin Bai did not think they were anything fun. He had some at home already, so there was no need for him to risk his life for any of these.

Han Sen did not say anything. He looked around. He was quite interested in the weapons he saw. If there was a powerful weapon that was like a God Spirit, he would not mind pulling some out to try.

The weapons were all asleep. One could not tell if one was good or if one was bad from their image alone. On top of that, there were too many of them. He could not go and check out all of them. If he wanted to try and do that, he’d die of old age.

Bao’er’s interest was far greater. She ran to a little gem-like sword that was sunk into the ground. She reached her hands out to pick it up.

“Careful!” Thousand Mile Reach and Jia Shi Zhen exclaimed with shock.

When Bao’er pulled out the emerald short sword. The emerald short sword made a crunchy sword sound. It flew from Bao’er’s hands.

Thousand Mile Reach and Jia Shi Zhen felt nervous. They were going to save her, but they recognized the small flying fish and knew how strong that little critter was. Still, they did not think Bao’er, who was just a kid, possessed that much power.

If the small flying fish did not react next to Bao’er, she would be in danger.

Before they could move, they heard Bao’er say, “Turn around…”

The small, emerald sword listened to her. It circled Bao’er and drew a circle for her.

Bao’er thought it was very funny. She waved at the green, gem-like short sword that was flying around. She was having a lot of fun with it.

She behaved like it was not that fun. Bao’er was holding the emerald short sword in one hand. It looked like it had many pieces of broken emerald all over it. She pulled them all out.

Suddenly, there were 30 to 40 emerald short swords. Thousand Mile Reach and Jia Shi Zhen were shocked. They wanted to stop her, but Han Sen did not say anything. They bit their tongues and did not say what they wished to.

The way she was pulling them out made it seem that if there was one emerald short sword that did not listen, Bao’er would be in danger. They were prepared for something to happen, so they were ready to save her at any moment.

The emerald short swords all adhered to Bao’er’s will. None of them rejected her. After Bao’er pulled them all out, all the emerald short swords listened to her commands. They turned into a human shape. Next, they formed the shape of the Chinese character for “big.” They flew around in the air like soldiers learning a formation.

Qin Bai thought this was really funny. He thought, “It looks like Thousand Mile Reach is just bluffing people. Bao’er has pulled out so many, yet she is fine. All of these things must be really easy to pull out.”

“I am going to get one!” Qin Bai watched the group of emerald short swords being controlled by Bao’er with ease. It was funny. He could not help himself from trying to do the same. He looked around and thought about which would be best for him to pick up.

“Mister Crown Prince, you have to be careful,” Thousand Mile Reach quickly said.

“I know,” Qin Bai said in agreement. He did not keep it in mind. He locked onto a three-foot-long diamond great sword that was taller than him.

Qin Bia thought, “Bao’er is so small, so it makes sense that she draws short swords. I am a crown prince. I need a big one to look cool.” He walked toward the diamond great sword.

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