Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 124

Chapter 124: The Unlucky Huo Family (2)

“What’s the latest news?” Passerby A asked curiously. He just heard the news this morning. How did it become outdated so quickly?

“The latest news is…” Passerby B looked around carefully. “The Huo family’s patriarch, Huo Yi, has become impotent,” Passerby B said very quietly.

“Ah! Is this true?” Passerby A couldn’t believe it.

“It’s absolutely true. The news is absolutely reliable,” Passerby B said solemnly.

“What a pity for his many concubines.” Passerby A felt great pity.

Listening to the two people’s whispered discussion, Leng Ruoxue was really speechless. Where did these two clowns come from? They actually dared to talk about the Huo family’s patriarch in the Huo family’s territory. But how did this news spread so quickly? It seems to have spread in just one night. Thinking of this, she deliberately glanced at Freak, who had a very calm expression.

In the Huo family’s main residence…

In the main hall, Huo Yi, the Huo family’s patriarch, sat in the main seat with a gloomy face. On both sides of him were sitting the elders of the Huo family.

“Elders, tell us the results of your investigation!” Huo Yi said coldly with a livid face.

“Patriarch, according to my investigation, the news that you… you can’t perform was spread from a servant of the Xu family,” the elder sitting in the second row on the left said carefully.

“Xu family!” Huo Yi gritted his teeth and frowned. His handsome face was full of anger. How dare the Xu family provoke me? Hmph! I won’t let them off.

“Patriarch, there’s also evidence that the theft of our treasury was done by the Xu family,” another elder said. He found a Xu family token on the path not far from the treasury, and that path happened to be the one people had to take to get to the treasury.

“The Xu family is really too despicable,” the elders said one after another. Everyone’s face was extremely angry. The loss of the treasury was an enormous loss for their Huo family!

“Patriarch, Elders, don’t jump to conclusions yet. What if someone framed the Xu family? Wouldn’t we have fallen into their trap?” the first elder reminded calmly. For some reason, he felt that something was amiss.

“First Elder, you are too kind. This Xu family has been at odds with our Huo family for a long time. They must have done it,” a more fiery-tempered elder roared.

“Patriarch, it’s very likely that the Xu family is behind this, but we should still consider it at length.”

The elders discussed and expressed their views.

“Elders, calm down. I understand your intentions, but the most important thing now is the Academy Competition. We will talk about the other things after the Academy Competition is over.” Huo Yi made the final decision. The Academy Competition was related to the number of spots for the Creek of Affinity Mystic Realm, and it was of the utmost importance.

After hearing Huo Yi’s words, all the elders fell silent.

“First Elder, is Leng Ruoxue really unwilling to marry Qing’er?” Huo Yi asked with a displeased face while looking at the first elder.

“Yes, she said she doesn’t want to share a husband with others,” the first elder said, but he was also a little displeased. He had already reported to the patriarch when he returned yesterday, but the patriarch actually asked again today.

“Ridiculous! It’s normal for a man to have multiple wives and concubines. Why can’t she accept it?” Huo Yi roared furiously. This Leng Ruoxue really doesn’t know how to appreciate favors. The main reason why he was willing to send someone to the Leng family to propose marriage was actually for the final competition. He didn’t want his best son to lose to a woman.

“Patriarch, I personally think Leng Ruoxue is more suitable to be the mistress of the Huo family than Shui Xinran. Please consider it carefully!” the first elder repeated his proposal.

“No! The marriage with the Shui family can’t be canceled,” Huo Yi denied directly. No matter how outstanding Leng Ruoxue was, she couldn’t compare to the Five Great Families.

Seeing how insistent the patriarch was, the first elder had nothing else to say.

In the reception room on the fifth floor of the Elegant Lagoon Pavilion…

“Lass, the competition resumes tomorrow,” Elder Qiu said.


“Lass, are you confident?” Elder Qiu continued asking.


“Lass, can’t you say a few more words each time?” Elder Qiu looked at Leng Ruoxue with some bitterness.

“Of course.” There were two words now!

“…” Elder Qiu was helpless.

“Elder Qiu, just ask me what you want to know.” Seeing his pitiful appearance, Leng Ruoxue decided not to tease him anymore.

“Lass, have you heard about the Huo family?” Elder Qiu probed.

“Yes. I heard some people talking about it while we were eating downstairs,” Leng Ruoxue said lightly.

“Then this matter… this matter has nothing to do with you, right?” Elder Qiu said while looking at Ye Chen.

“Of course it has nothing to do with us. It’s the Huo family! How can small families like us afford to offend them! Right, Grandpa?”

“Yes, Xue’er is right. We can’t afford to offend the Huo family, nor do we dare to,” Leng Qingtian said in agreement.

You don’t dare to offend them? You even dared to refuse the Huo family’s proposal, and you still dare to say that you don’t dare to offend them? Elder Qiu snorted in his head.

“Elder Qiu, I didn’t expect you to be so gossipy,” Leng Ruoxue teased. Has this old man been too idle recently?

“Hehe! I’m just curious! This is the most popular topic in Lunar Capital now,” Elder Qiu said. Huo Yi is really pitiful.

“Elder Qiu, we are leaving after the competition. You should prepare!” Leng Ruoxue reminded.

“I’m going back to my room.” Leng Ruoxue turned and left the reception room.

“Xue’er, wait for me.” Freak chased after her.

“Old Leng, who do you think did it?” Elder Qiu pestered Leng Qingtian again after Leng Ruoxue left.

“How would I know? Don’t they say it’s the Xu family?” Leng Qingtian said without interest.

“Don’t you want to know the truth?” Elder Qiu asked, unwilling to give up. Why do I feel that this matter has something to do with that girl?

“No.” Leng Qingtian turned and left.