Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 29

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“You’re being naughty again!” Leng Ruoxue said helplessly while holding up the little wolf . This little fellow was very naughty, not allowing others to be worry-free .

“He is Yinfeng, the child of the silver wolf king,” Leng Ruoxue explained . She was the one who gave the little wolf his name .


No wonder Xue’er dares to camp in the silver wolf tribe’s territory . Alas, I shouldn’t compare myself to her . Apart from her, no dares to live there .  Feng Moran couldn’t help sighing .

“Big Sister, who is he?” Little silver wolf Fengfeng’s beautiful silver eyes looked at Feng Moran curiously .

“He is Big Sister’s new partner . Fengfeng can call him Big Brother,” Leng Ruoxue coaxed . This little silver wolf was a very cute and likable little fellow .

“Big Brother,” Fengfeng called out obediently .

“Good . ” Feng Moran stretched out his hand and gently caressed the cute little silver wolf’s head . However, he couldn’t believe it . An uncontracted spirit beast actually addressed him as Big Brother . It was all very surreal and bizarre . Probably no one else other than Xue’er had such an experience .

“Big Sister, what delicious food will you make for Fengfeng today?” Fengfeng asked curiously while looking at Leng Ruoxue with his bright silver eyes .

“You’ll know later,” Leng Ruoxue said .  What a glutton .

They walked for a while and came to Leng Ruoxue’s camp . Feng Moran rubbed his eyes as he looked at the silver wolves lying around the tent, dumbfounded . They were indeed silver wolves, and not just one but a whole group . He counted thirty-six of them, and they were not silver wolf cubs but all adult silver wolves .

“Xue’er, they…” Feng Moran looked at the surrounding silver wolves and felt his hair stand on end .

“No problem . They’re my friends . ” Leng Ruoxue calmed him .

“Oh . ” Hearing Xue’er’s words, he felt slightly relieved, but he was still a little nervous .

“Big Brother Feng, go and change your clothes!” Leng Ruoxue reminded him, who was still wearing bloody clothes when they arrived at the camp .

“Okay . ” Feng Moran turned and walked into the tent to change clothes .

Leng Ruoxue took out the big snake from her storage ring and threw it on the ground . Then she let her beasts out and asked them to help clean it so that they could eat snake meat tonight . The beasts nearly drooled when they heard this . Snake meat was very delicious . Moreover, it was a holy beast, which was not something that anyone had the chance to eat .

Leng Ruoxue turned her head to look at the sluggish silver wolves . “Go and help clean it, or there will be no food for a while!” The earth python was so huge, so how could her beasts manage to clean it by themselves?

“Master, here . ” Charm took off the earth python’s skin intact and handed it to Leng Ruoxue .

“Beloved Master, and this . ” Darling held a fist-sized yellowish-brown crystal in his little paw and handed it to Leng Ruoxue flatteringly .

Leng Ruoxue stored the earth python skin and then raised the crystal in her hand . The crystal was very clear and contained very abundant earth-attribute spiritual power . She knew that this was the spirit crystal of a spirit beast, and spirit crystals were the source of the spiritual power of spirit beasts . The spiritual power of spirit beasts was stored in spirit crystals, and spirit beasts could directly absorb the spiritual power inside . However, relatively speaking, the effect of direct absorption by spirit beasts was better than that of humans . Humans usually used spirit crystals to gather spiritual power . A perfect holy beast-level spirit crystal like this was absolutely valuable .

After changing his clothes, Feng Moran emerged and saw the huge earth python lying on the ground . The silver wolves were using wind blades to cut the flesh of the earth python into pieces while Xue’er was making a fire .

“Xue’er, are you planning to eat this earth python?” Feng Moran asked, slightly surprised .

“Yes . ”

“Xue’er, do you know the value of this earth python?” He guessed that she might not know the preciousness of this holy beast .

“I heard the earth python meat is very delicious, so I want to try it,” Leng Ruoxue replied .

“Well, it’s delicious, but it’s also very expensive . Like this big one, it can sell for hundreds of thousands of amethyst crystals,” Feng Moran explained . He had only eaten earth python once when he was very young . Although it was merely a small piece, the deliciousness was unforgettable for life . Moreover, that was only an advanced spirit beast . The meat of this holy beast earth python would definitely be more delicious .

Leng Ruoxue did not expect this earth python to be so valuable . The main currency of this world were gold coins and amethyst crystals . One amethyst crystal was equal to one thousand gold coins, and one thousand gold coins was enough for ordinary people to live for a year . A small piece of earth python meat would probably be enough for ordinary people to live for several years . But she did not intend to sell it even if it was valuable . If it was really delicious, she had to save some for her grandfather and big brother . She had been out for several months and was starting to feel a little homesick .

“All the more so that I have to taste it to see if it’s really that valuable,” Leng Ruoxue answered .

“Alright then, I’ll help you,” Feng Moran said . In fact, he really wanted to taste it as well . It was extremely rare to be able to eat the meat of a holy beast .

Feng Moran took a piece of meat the size of a basin and pierced it with a branch . He released a water ball to clean it and then put it above the fire for grilling . Just after grilling it for a bit, a delicious smell wafted through the air .

“It smells so good!” Leng Ruoxue couldn’t help exclaiming . She was really looking forward to it since it smelled so good before adding any seasoning . She also picked up a piece of meat and started grilling it . The surrounding beasts were all drooling as they lay down around them both obediently .

The smell of the grilled meat floated far away, attracting many spirit beasts . But no spirit beast dared to come forward and just stared from afar .

“Did your entire tribe come?” Leng Ruoxue asked speechlessly while looking at the large group of silver wolves . There were thousands of silver wolves . She would be exhausted just from grilling meat .

The silver wolf king looked at Leng Ruoxue with some embarrassment and feeling wronged . He did not ask them to come . They were attracted by the smell of the grilled meat . It was not his fault!

Feng Moran looked dumbfounded at the silver wolves that suddenly appeared, and the meat in his hands almost fell to the ground .  T-this is too exaggerated!

“Tell your tribe that each wolf can only get a small piece of raw meat,” Leng Ruoxue said to the silver wolf king after thinking about it . She couldn’t cook for them all, but she could still give them some raw meat . After all, she had lived in the silver wolf tribe’s territory for so long, and she had formed a good relationship with these silver wolves .

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