Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 4

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“Miss?” Lü Tao and Cui Zhu finally came back to their senses after being dazzled like idiots . They nearly drooled .

“A-are you my Xue’er?” Leng Qingtian muttered as he looked at the face that was almost similar to his dead daughter-in-law’s .

“Grandpa, don’t you even recognize your own granddaughter?” Leng Ruoxue’s bright eyes looked at her grandfather . She could recall the extremely protective ways of that Silly Ruoxue’s grandfather, as she had inherited her memory and body . Yes, this grandfather protected all the Silly Ruoxue’s shortcomings and loved her very much, causing her to have a deep affection for him and was very dependent on her grandfather . She felt at home with this old man who loved the Silly Ruoxue unconditionally . This old man hailed as the God of War on the battlefields also gave her an indescribable feeling of admiration, and the old man’s love for his granddaughter was the familial love she had always longed for . This was why she had decided to treat this grandfather as her own before she met him . Seeing him in person strengthened her thinking even further . This grandfather was the famous God of War of the Eastern Lagoon Empire, a powerhouse at peak Spiritual Sovereign . He was an idol worshipped by countless people . However, this old man, her grandfather, in front of her was disheveled, his face full of stubble, his clothes all dusty . No one would believe it if he was introduced as the top general of the empire .

“Hahaha… that’s great . My baby Xue’er is really clear-headed . Grandpa is so happy . Come, let Grandpa take a good look!” Leng Qingtian’s tired face lit up . Her illness was cured, and she was finally worthy of being the daughter of his deceased son and daughter-in-law .

“Grandpa, you must be exhausted after traveling for so many days . Have a good rest and a good night’s sleep . Granddaughter will not run away . Granddaughter will let look at me to your heart’s content once you are well-rested . ” The pinkish lips on Leng Ruoxue’s absolutely beautiful face pouted a little rebelliously .

“Grandpa isn’t tired . Grandpa is happy!” Leng Qingtian’s face couldn’t hide his joy . Now that he saw his granddaughter with his own eyes, he knew that he was not dreaming, and his wish for many years had finally come true .

“Then Grandpa has to at least take a bath and change clothes!” Leng Ruoxue said with a smile on her lips, her bright eyes shining as she said mischievously .

“Yes, yes, I have to take a bath . Look at my dirty body . Xue’er, wait for Grandpa . ” He disappeared after that .

“Miss!” Lü Tao and Cui Zhu were excited . Seeing the spiritual energy surrounding her, they knew that she had successfully awakened .

“What are you doing on your knees? Get up!” Leng Ruoxue glanced at the two maidservants who were still kneeling and stretched out a slender jade finger . Her fingertips released a wisp of spiritual energy, and the silver-white spiritual energy slowly circled her skinny fingers .

“Silver white! Great Spiritualist…” Cui Zhu exclaimed in surprise . Lü Tao was relatively calm, but both of them were speechless for a long time . Two days ago, the young miss had no spiritual power . But today, she had awakened to become a Great Spiritualist . What kind of astonishing potential was this? Compared to the young miss, could those so-called geniuses be called geniuses? Was the young miss born to shock others? Their aptitude was pretty good, but it took almost ten years to become Great Spiritualists, yet their young miss took only two days to achieve the same . No, maybe less than two days . They were speechless .

“Xue’er . ” Leng Qingtian walked in steadily after freshening up, but he felt that the atmosphere in the room had become a little weird . What happened?


“Eh, Xue’er, you’ve become a Great Spiritualist?” Leng Qingtian was surprised . In fact, it was not difficult to see her level with his cultivation level . As the saying went, one would be blinded by concern . His mind was on Xue’er’s sane consciousness, so he hadn’t really noticed Xue’er’s cultivation level . After all, who could have imagined that a person who just became clear-headed would suddenly become a Great Spiritualist? Leng Qingtian’s face changed abruptly, as he seemed to have thought of something .

“When did this happen? How dare you hide it from me? Who gave you the courage to do that? Guards, come and lock them up to wait for my disposal!” Leng Qingtian pointed at Lü Tao and Cui Zhu with an angry face as he ordered the guard at the door . When Xue’er was injured, he hadn’t had time to punish them . How dare they conceal such an important issue from him!

“Grandpa, this isn’t their fault . I wanted to awaken my spiritual power . You go out first . ” Leng Ruoxue wheedled her way on it and pulled on one of Leng Qingtian’s arms to save the two maidservants .

“Xue’er . ”

“Grandpa, my spiritual power has awakened, and now I am a Great Spiritualist . Is Grandpa unhappy?” Leng Ruoxue whispered softly, cozying up to him .

“Silly girl . Of course, Grandpa is happy . But what if there was any danger during your awakening when Grandpa was not by your side? Grandpa wouldn’t be able to save you in that case . Grandpa just wants you to be safe . Do you want Grandpa to die of worry?” Leng Qingtian’s face became stern again after thinking about it .

“Grandpa, my dear grandpa, you’re blinded by concern . I know that there is no life-threatening awakening . How could you, a Spiritual Sovereign, have no idea!” Leng Ruoxue said with a light smile . Failure would still cause some damage to the body, but it would not be life-threatening . Lü Tao had already told her before she planned to try the awakening . It was mentioned in the book as well, so she knew it, but she still decided to try . After all, only when you became strong would your destiny be in your own hands .

“You silly girl…” Leng Qingtian scowled deliberately, but he was obviously not so angry anymore .

“Come, tell Grandpa when you awakened and how you became a Great Spiritualist?” Leng Qingtian also knew that he was a little caught up .

“I awakened yesterday,” Leng Ruoxue replied .

“And you became a Great Spiritualist today?” Leng Qingtian had a face full of question marks .  Such speed!

“Well, I began absorbing spiritual power after awakening yesterday, and then I already was a Great Spiritualist when I woke up today . ” Leng Ruoxue did not expect the aptitude of this body to be so amazing . As far as she knew, even a genius with the best aptitude would take about one and a half to two years to progress from the most basic Spiritual Practitioner to Spiritualist . And it would take about five to six years to become a Great Spiritualist . Those with lower aptitudes would take longer . Lü Tao and Chi Zhu had upper-medium aptitude, and it took them about eight years to cultivate to become Great Spiritualists .


“I never thought that my precious granddaughter was such an astonishing genius . Hahaha, that’s great!” Leng Qingtian’s resolute and serious face was full of a triumphant expression . There was only continuous good news recently, elating him .

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