Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Fire Rhinoceros King (1)

“Alright, stop screaming . You won’t die from the stab!” Leng Ruoxue said to the fire rhinoceros, which was screaming miserably from being stabbed in the butt . She didn’t really intend to kill it; she just wanted to scare it . However, it wasn’t because she couldn’t do it . She just felt that killing them would be letting them off too lightly . How could these fire rhinoceroses compensate for her big brother’s injuries and grievances just by dying? Thus, she was more inclined to mental torture . After all, mental torture was always more effective than physical torture when dealing with enemies .

“Y-you are a demon!” the fat fire rhinoceros stabbed in the butt cried out . Other humans would run away when they saw them, but these two detestable humans actually came knocking on their door .  Hmph! These two detestable humans will die for sure when the king comes . The king will definitely take revenge for this pain, the fat fire rhinoceros muttered in his head .

Leng Ruoxue knew that the fire rhinoceros king was almost here, as she heard the sound of galloping drawing close .  It seems to have brought a lot of subordinates . Come on, the more, the merrier .

“What a brazen human! How dare you bully my tribe in my territory!” roared the fire rhinoceros king, which was nearly twice the size of an ordinary fire rhinoceros . Its thick nostrils spurted out flames continuously . It was very angry, and the consequences would be serious .

“So what if this young lady is bullying them? What can you do to me?” Leng Ruoxue deliberately provoked . She didn’t expect this fire rhinoceros king to be a level five holy beast . Moreover, it didn’t even bat an eyelid about Quill, a level eight holy beast, just because it had so many subordinates .  It’s really arrogant . Very good . This is what I like . It will be satisfying to tidy them up this way .  She felt incomparably happy looking at the nearly one thousand fire rhinoceroses in front of her .

“Human, you will regret this!” the fire rhinoceros king bellowed furiously, its bell-sized eyes widening .

“Go, let this human taste the power of our fire rhinoceros tribe!” the fire rhinoceros king roared . All the spirit beasts in the Misty Wood knew that it had a bad temper, so no beast dared to provoke it . It had been too used to its status as the king here, which was why it didn’t do anything when the eagle first caught a fire rhinoceros . It knew about it, but it didn’t pay too much attention since these people were of a higher level, and it thought they were just passing through . The death of one or two fire rhinoceroses wasn’t a big deal to him after all . The forest was always a place where the strong preyed on the weak . But now, they had caught more than a dozen advanced fire rhinoceroses in a row, causing its tribe to panic . Therefore, it was impossible for it, the fire rhinoceros king, to overlook it . Fortunately, its tribe was huge, so it wasn’t afraid of the eagle . As for these two humans, they were even less worthy of his attention because they were just two people who came to court death in its eyes .

Upon their king’s orders, the fire rhinoceroses immediately surrounded Leng Ruoxue and Ye Chen . They glared at the two of them fiercely, especially the fat fire rhinoceros that had just been stabbed in the butt .

“Big or small?” Leng Ruoxue asked .

“I’ll take the big one and leave the small ones for you to practice your sword moves . ” Ye Chen knew that Xue’er hadn’t really tested the power of her Meteor Sword Technique yet .

“Exactly to my liking . Quill, keep an eye on them and don’t let them escape,” Leng Ruoxue ordered .

“Yes, Master . ” Quill flew into the air, ready to capture fire rhinoceroses at any moment .

“Big Rhino, where are you looking? I’m your opponent . ” The fire rhinoceros king’s lack of focus made Ye Chen very displeased .

Leng Ruoxue looked at the nearly one thousand fire rhinoceroses around her, raised the sword in her hand, and used ‘Meteor Moon Slash’ . A sword beam shot at the fire rhinoceroses like a shooting star . She didn’t infuse spiritual power into the Meteor Moon Slash just now, so it was just a pure sword move . But it left the thick-skinned fire rhinoceroses covered in wounds . Then she agilely weaved between the clumsy fire rhinoceroses and used ‘Blazing Tree Silver Flower’ . The sword beams infused with fire-attribute spiritual power swept at the fire rhinoceroses like blazing shooting stars, instantly killing more than half of them . She was extremely fast, and most of the clumsy fire rhinoceroses died before they could react . Seeing that the fire rhinoceroses were either dead or wounded and could no longer attack, Leng Ruoxue stopped and looked over at Ye Chen .

Leng Ruoxue couldn’t help but become a little speechless when she saw Ye Chen using only his fist to beat up the fire rhinoceros king until it was unrecognizable and kneeling on the ground begging for mercy .  How tough must this freak’s fist be to beat the fire rhinoceros king to such a state?

“Great masters, please spare me . It’s all my fault for failing to recognize your greatness . Boohoo…” the fire rhinoceros king pleaded .


“Don’t worry . We won’t kill you now,” Leng Ruoxue said . She believed that the fire rhinoceros king must have now suffered a serious blow, both physically and mentally .

“As long as you answer my questions honestly, and your answers satisfy me, I will let you go . ”

“Really?” the fire rhinoceros king asked fearfully . It was really scared of these two humans now .  Where did these demons come from? Boohoo…

“You can choose not to believe me if you want to die now,” Leng Ruoxue said impatiently .

“I believe you . I definitely believe you!” the fire rhinoceros king said hurriedly . How could it dare not believe her?

“Very good . Then let me ask you, did your tribe almost kill a man a month ago?” Leng Ruoxue asked .

“How do you know about that?” The fire rhinoceros king was startled .  Are these two demons here to avenge that man?

“Why did you want to kill him?” Leng Ruoxue asked while suppressing her anger .

“We didn’t want to kill him . We wanted to kill a woman who came to steal our fire rhinoceros fruits,” the fire rhinoceros king said aggrievedly . Fire rhinoceros fruits were their favorite fruit to eat, and they were very important to them . Anyone who wanted to steal them had to die .

“Tell me what happened in detail . ” Leng Ruoxue ordered .

“Yes… Yes . ” The fire rhinoceros king explained the situation at the time in great detail, and then it looked at Leng Ruoxue with a pleading gaze .  Boohoo… I don’t want to die!

“What did that woman look like?” Leng Ruoxue asked . It turned out that the fire rhinoceros king was also seriously injured at the time, which was why that woman was lucky to have survived .

“I can’t say . She should be very beautiful according to human standards!” the fire rhinoceros king said . Fire rhinoceroses didn’t like human women .

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