Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 56

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“What can I do? Create hell for them, of course . ”

After seeing that the students of the Sacred Hall were training in peace, Leng Ruoxue and Ye Chen left the Sacred Hall and returned to the Leng residence .

“Master . ”

“Miss . ”

“Miss . ”

“Deputy Leader Ye . ”

As Leng Ruoxue got down from Quill’s back, a small, white fluffy ball jumped into her arms and stayed still there .

“Master, I missed you so much . Boohoo…” Charm’s purple eyes looked at Leng Ruoxue with tears in them .

“Charm, you’re back . ” Leng Ruoxue caressed Charm’s soft and fluffy fur and then looked at Feng Da and the others around her . “Big Brother Feng . ”

“Xue’er . ” Feng Moran looked at Leng Ruoxue and smiled gently . They originally wanted to train in the Illusionary Forest for some time, but after staying for a few days, they realized that they were all a little absent-minded . They didn’t have the mood to stay there, so they returned together .

“Miss, Deputy Leader Ye, we missed you to death!” Feng Da and the others said .

“We missed you too,” Ye Chen said .

“Xue’er, why are you back so early today?” Leng Qingtian asked . His granddaughter had really grown up, and she had managed to recruit so many outstanding subordinates .

“I missed Grandpa!” Leng Ruoxue coaxed flatteringly .

“You have a glib tongue,” Leng Qingtian said happily .

“Grandpa, they are the members of our Blazing Flame Mercenary Group that I told you about,” Leng Ruoxue said proudly .

“Yes, Grandpa knows . ” He had been chatting with these people for a long time .

“Xue’er, Grandpa has already arranged their lodging . You don’t have to worry about it,” Leng Qingtian said .

“Thank you, Grandpa . ”

“Foolish lass, do you need to thank Grandpa?!” Leng Qingtian deliberately said unpleasantly with a stern face .

“Let’s not talk about it then . I will cook Grandpa’s favorite dishes tonight . ”

“That’s more like it . Make more . There won’t be enough for Grandpa,” Leng Qingtian said quickly . It wasn’t easy to get his granddaughter to cook!

At night, there was a fire in the garden, and a group of people was sitting around it, each holding something to grill .

“Xue’er, is this what we’re having for dinner? Didn’t you say you were going to make Grandpa’s favorite dishes?!” Leng Qingtian complained to his precious granddaughter with a bitter face when he saw that everyone was grilling and that there were no dishes available .

“Grandpa, this is what we will eat tonight . Of course, this is only part of it . There’s also something you’ve never eaten before,” Leng Ruoxue said mysteriously . She had already prepared and would surely surprise them .

“Never eaten before? What is it?” Everyone looked at Leng Ruoxue curiously .

“You’ll know when the time comes . ”

After a while, some servants brought over a few tables one by one and placed them side by side . Then the servants brought over a few things that looked like pots, but they had never seen this type of pot before . Moreover, the fragrance was really too alluring .

“Xue’er, what is this?” Leng Qingtian asked curiously .

“Grandpa, this is called hotpot,” Leng Ruoxue said . She had specially refined a few pots for hotpot a few days ago to satisfy her craving . How could this world not have hotpot? However, if people knew that she used artificing techniques to refine pots for meals, they might faint from anger . But this art of artificing was really too useful . The hotpot she refined didn’t require electricity or coal, and just a fire-attribute spiritual crystal was enough to settle everything .

“Miss, how do we use this thing?” Feng Da asked anxiously . It smelled good, but there was only soup inside when he opened it . Could she only be providing them soup to drink?!

“Don’t worry . I’ll teach you how to eat in a bit!” Leng Ruoxue said helplessly .  Why are all the people I know gluttons?

The servants brought over cleaned vegetables and sliced meat one by one and placed them on the table .

“Bring the grilled meat over!” Leng Ruoxue said and motioned for them to sit down . Then she picked up a thin slice of raw beast meat and rinsed it in the hot pot a few times, then immediately picked it up and put it in her mouth .

“See? Eat it like this . Cook it on the spicy side if you like spicy food . If you can’t eat spicy food, put it in the clear soup and then dip it in sauce to eat,” Leng Ruoxue explained .

Everyone waited for her to finish speaking before imitating her eagerly .

“Ah, I’m so full!” Feng Da said contentedly .  Alas, life is so beautiful!

“Xue’er, why didn’t you let Grandpa taste something so delicious before?” Leng Qingtian said with some dissatisfaction . It was his first time eating something so delicious .

“Grandpa, I just refined these pots a few days ago!” Leng Ruoxue explained . She also wanted to eat it, but it wasn’t like there was any available!

“Refine? You mean these pots are…”

“Sacred artifacts . ”

“What? These pots are actually sacred artifacts?” Leng Qingtian’s eyes widened in disbelief .  How can Xue’er be so extravagant? Sacred artifacts! Sacred artifacts! Sacred artifacts that would make everyone green with envy! Sacred artifacts that everyone aspired to possess were actually being used for meals by them!

Although everyone was speechless, they were already used to Leng Ruoxue shocking them, so they weren’t surprised .

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” Leng Ruoxue said aggrievedly . She wanted to refine treasured artifacts, but she couldn’t . They accidentally became sacred artifacts .

“Xue’er is such a little monster!” Leng Ruohan said seriously while rubbing his sister’s head .  Fortunately, Xue’er is my sister, or else even I would be jealous .

“We’re used to it,” Ye Chen said calmly .

“Yes,” Feng Moran agreed .

“Big Brother Feng, do you want to go home and take a look?” Leng Ruoxue suddenly asked .

“Go home? Not yet,” Feng Moran said indifferently . He had left home for many years and had never returned . Perhaps everyone in the family thought he was dead!

“Big Brother Feng, I met Feng Aoran at the academy, and he asked about you,” Leng Ruoxue said . Since Big Brother Feng returned to Phoenix City, it was inevitable for him to meet people from the Feng family . She didn’t know why Big Brother Feng was unwilling to go home, but she needed him to be mentally prepared . Escaping wouldn’t solve any problem .

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