Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 57

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“Aoran… is he okay?” Feng Moran couldn’t help asking . Aoran was still very young when he left home . In the blink of an eye, he was already an adult .

“Very good . He’s now a student of the Heavenly Phoenix Academy’s Sacred Hall,” Leng Ruoxue said . “Feng Aoran’s status in the Heavenly Phoenix Academy is second only to mine . I heard that he’s highly regarded in the Feng family . ”

“That’s good . ” Feng Aoran was his only brother, so he was relieved to hear that he was doing well . As for the Feng family…

“Everyone should rest early today!” Leng Ruoxue said, seeing that everyone was almost done eating .

“Big Brother Feng, why aren’t you sleeping yet? It’s already very late . ” Leng Ruoxue looked at Feng Moran, who was standing in the garden in a daze .

“I couldn’t sleep . ”

“Something on your mind? Tell me if there’s anything unhappy . Don’t keep it to yourself,” Leng Ruoxue said .

“Xue’er, it’s been more than a decade since I left the Feng family . Aoran was only five years old when I left . I didn’t expect him to still remember me, his elder brother,” Feng Moran said with some emotion .

“Xue’er, do you know why I left the Feng family back then?” Feng Moran suddenly asked .

“Why?” Leng Ruoxue asked cooperatively . In fact, even if Big Brother Feng didn’t say it, she could more or less guess the reason .

“After my spiritual power awakened, I took the aptitude test and found that my aptitude was very low . My life changed from then on . The once-favored eldest son of the main branch suddenly became trash in everyone’s eyes . Those people who were once jealous of me being favored started to hit me when I was down, finding opportunities to bully me and frame me . I left home after being framed time and time again,” Feng Moran said indifferently, as if he was talking about someone else . Back then, when his test results came out, his mother even comforted him by telling him that it was okay . He was the eldest son of the main branch of the Feng family, and the family would give him a spiritual essence pill when he grew up . At that time, he thought so very naively as well . But his parents slowly began to neglect him as he grew older and his younger brother was born . He knew then that his mother was only comforting him . With his aptitude, he didn’t qualify to obtain a spiritual essence pill, even if he was the eldest son of the main branch of the Feng family . The one thing that a prominent family like the Feng family was not lacking in was descendants, so he was really nothing . But he was well aware that with his current strength, he would definitely be treated as an heir as long as he returned to the family . Nonetheless, he didn’t want to go back . He wanted to follow and stay with Xue’er, not only because Xue’er was the benefactor who changed his destiny but also because he only felt at home when he was by her side .

In fact, even though he had left his home, he had not left the family . He was still a member of the Feng family now . If the Feng family encountered any difficulties and needed him, he would still return . But if the Feng family became enemies with Xue’er, then he would stand on her side without hesitation because no one was more important to him now than Xue’er .

Leng Ruoxue listened patiently as Feng Moran recounted his past . She didn’t disturb him because she knew very well that what Big Brother Feng needed was a listener .

“Do you know how much I envy you now? Even though you were once a simpleton, your grandfather and elder brother loved you like a treasure . Your status in your family is higher than even that of those stunning geniuses,” Feng Moran said with envy . To put it bluntly, those geniuses were just powerful pawns of their families . They needed to work hard to obtain their status, but Xue’er was loved without needing to do anything .

“Grandpa and Big Brother are also the most important to me!” Leng Ruoxue said . She would absolutely protect this familial affection that hadn’t come easily . She would kill whoever stood in her way!

“Big Brother Feng, how did you know about me since you left home at such a young age?” Leng Ruoxue asked in puzzlement .  When Big Brother Feng left home, I probably wasn’t even born yet!

“Although I haven’t been home for more than a decade, it doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything . Mercenary news is sometimes very useful . Moreover, I’ve been to Phoenix City a few times during missions, so I’ve naturally heard of the name of Leng Ruoxue . You should be the most famous after me,” Feng Moran teased . He felt much more relaxed after opening up to Xue’er .


Feng Moran’s words made Leng Ruoxue a little depressed, but she was relieved to see that he had adjusted his mood .

“Big Brother Feng, rest early!” Leng Ruoxue said .

“Okay . ”

Leng Ruoxue and Ye Chen walked into the training room and saw a group of people gathered together and talking about something . As soon as they saw the two come in, they stopped talking and just looked at them strangely .

Leng Ruoxue and Ye Chen exchanged glances before turning to look at them .

“Don’t you know that the selection competition is about to begin? Why are you all standing there?” Leng Ruoxue said with some displeasure .

“You aren’t qualified to be our leader!” a beautiful and sexy woman said with a face full of jealousy . She had heard that the simpleton Leng Ruoxue was a stunning beauty the moment she returned . Seeing her in the flesh, she realized that the simpleton was even more beautiful than she had imagined . Moreover, how could such an outstanding man stand beside a simpleton? Seeing the two of them standing together like a well-matched couple ignited the flames of jealousy in her heart . Only such an outstanding man was worthy of her, and only she was worthy of such an outstanding man .

“Who are you?” Leng Ruoxue had been in the Sacred Hall for a few days, but she had never seen this woman . But she could vaguely guess her identity .

“I am Chen Fang, a student of the Sacred Hall,” Chen Fang said proudly .

“Oh, so you are Chen Fang!” Leng Ruoxue said as realization dawned on her face . Her brother had specially told her that there were a few people in the Sacred Hall who were more prestigious in the eyes of the students, and this included Chen Fang . She was the granddaughter of the vice principal . Moreover, this Chen Fang seemed to have good aptitude . She was an intermediate Spiritual Monarch . It seemed that the more difficult students to deal with had returned early!

“Hmph, our Sacred Hall doesn’t welcome you . Our leader can’t be a simpleton, so you’d better take the initiative to leave our Sacred Hall, lest you embarrass yourself later,” Chen Fang reminded kindly .

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