Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Pitiful Fire Dragon

Feeling that she had gathered enough, Leng Ruoxue stopped . Anyway, the fire dragon couldn’t run away . She could get some at any time if she needed its blood!

Seeing the woman finally stop collecting its blood, the enormous fire dragon finally felt relieved . After all, it didn’t want to be the first dragon to die from excessive blood loss . But it didn’t know Leng Ruoxue’s thoughts yet . It would be depressed to death if it knew .

“Hey, big lizard, I want you to be my subordinate’s spirit beast!” Leng Ruoxue cut straight to the chase .

“I don’t want to . I don’t want to be a human’s spirit beast,” the fire dragon refused arrogantly . It was a noble dragon . How could it be a human’s spirit beast? If other dragons knew it became a contracted spirit beast to a human, it wouldn’t be able to raise its dragon head in front of them . It was absolutely impossible .

“Die or become a spirit beast . Choose one,” Leng Ruoxue threatened . She had always been very friendly to spirit beasts and never liked to force spirit beasts into contracts . But extraordinary times called for extraordinary measures . She was in urgent need of a level nine holy beast . Moreover, she knew that threatening was the most practical and effective method for this timid lizard .

“Boohoo…” Tears welled up in the fire dragon’s giant eyes . It didn’t want to be a spirit beast, nor did it want to die . But it couldn’t run away either, so it was in a dilemma, a dilemma… considering .

Even though it didn’t respond for a long time, Leng Ruoxue didn’t rush it . She could tell that the big lizard was unwilling to die, so she gave it some time . She was the most humane .

“I-I agree to be a spirit beast, but I have a condition,” the fire dragon said after some thought .

“Tell me!”

“You humans can’t force me to do things I don’t want to,” the fire dragon said . It had thought for a long time and knew that these two humans wouldn’t let it go, so it wanted a condition in return . This was for the dignity of dragons!

“Okay . But you have to protect my subordinate, and I want you to sign a soul contract with him,” Leng Ruoxue said . Dragons and phoenixes were spirit beasts with ancient noble bloodlines, and their status was the highest among all spirit beasts .

“You know about the soul contract?” the fire dragon said in surprise .

“Is it strange? Dragons and phoenixes aren’t the only spirit beasts with ancient bloodlines on the Ling Feng Continent!” Leng Ruoxue said mockingly .  Does this stinky lizard think I’m inexperienced?

“Uh, I agree to sign the soul contract,” the fire dragon said quickly, a little embarrassed . It could feel that this female jinx was a little angry .

Leng Ruoxue stored the fire dragon in her pet ring and went back to the Leng residence with Ye Chen on Quill’s back .

“Miss…” Lin Yuan looked at Leng Ruoxue hesitantly .

“What’s the matter?” Leng Ruoxue looked doubtfully at Lin Yuan, who kept giving her meaningful glances . She turned around and found her grandfather standing behind her .

“Stinky girl, you’re finally back!” Leng Qingtian roared angrily .

“Grandpa, I’ve only been out for a few days . You don’t have to be so angry!” Leng Ruoxue said helplessly .  Grandpa’s temperament is becoming more childish recently .

“You still dare to say it? Let me ask you, what was that pill you gave me?” Leng Qingtian said furiously .

“Green spirit pill!”

“What for?”

“Spirit beast advancements!”

“Damn girl, why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Leng Qingtian said breathlessly .

“I thought Thunder Night would know . Hehe!” Leng Ruoxue didn’t mean to keep it a secret . She really forgot about it, and she had already left Phoenix City when she remembered . Moreover, she thought Thunder Night would know, so she didn’t turn back . After all, the sense of smell of spirit beasts was much more sensitive than that of humans . Otherwise, why would those precious heavenly materials and earthly treasures be discovered by spirit beasts first!

“Thunder Night has been with Grandpa since he was still in an egg . How could he know?” Leng Qingtian complained while looking at his precious granddaughter with resentful eyes .

“Grandpa, did Thunder Night not advance after eating it?” Leng Ruoxue guessed .  Why else would Grandpa be angry?

“He advanced,” Leng Qingtian said in a huff .

“Then why is Grandpa still angry? Thunder Night is already a divine beast . ” Leng Ruoxue smiled gently .

“I’m angry because the commotion during the advancement attracted many powerhouses,” Leng Qingtian said in annoyance .

“Uh… why didn’t you find a secretive place?” Leng Ruoxue couldn’t help asking . Even though she didn’t care if others knew about it, her grandfather didn’t seem to want others to know!

“There wasn’t enough time . ”

“Why wasn’t there enough time?” Leng Ruoxue was a little puzzled .  The advancement to divine beast shouldn’t be so fast, right?

“Thunder Night took the pill and advanced in less than a few minutes,” Leng Qingtian said . Then he advanced as well because of Thunder Night . He was now at intermediate Spiritual Supremacy and would advance to advanced Spiritual Supremacy soon .

“So fast?” Leng Ruoxue asked .

“Master, I guess Thunder Night advanced so fast because he had abundant spiritual power in his body . In fact, even without your green spirit pill, I believe that Thunder Night would have advanced by himself soon enough . ” Charm communicated with Leng Ruoxue in their minds .

Leng Ruoxue nodded . She heard from her grandfather that Thunder Night had good aptitude and was born as a level nine spirit beast .

“Grandpa, there’s nothing much you can do since the commotion has already happened! You shouldn’t be angry anymore!” Leng Ruoxue coaxed .

“The winds howl around the highest peaks . It will attract envy,” Leng Qingtian said . He was afraid that someone would do something underhanded . He was a Spiritual Supremacy and had a divine beast, so it was difficult for others not to be envious . Some people might not dare to do it openly, but it was possible to do it in secret . No one dared to touch him because of his strength, but it didn’t mean that no one would touch the people around him .

“Let them try . Anyone who dares court death will be killed without mercy!” Leng Ruoxue said coldly . They had to ask if she agreed before hurting her family .

“Perhaps I’m too worried!” Leng Qingtian sighed .  With Xue’er around, I really don’t need to worry so much .

“Xue’er, did you find the level nine holy beast?” Leng Qingtian finally remembered why she left home after complaining for a while .

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