Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Leaving for the Southern Dusk Empire (1)

“After you!” Fu Mingyuan said. As a man, he should be gracious to women.

“Then I won’t hold back.” Of course, she didn’t need to use her full strength against Fu Mingyuan. What she valued more was combat experience, and fighting against people and spirit beasts was totally different.

Leng Ruoxue raised her sword and lightly swung it. A sharp white sword beam flew toward Fu Mingyuan. The sword beam was extremely fast, and its momentum was majestic, causing the pressure on him to double…

Fu Mingyuan was shocked and didn’t dodge in time. A cut appeared on his arm.

He didn’t expect this sword beam to be so fierce. If spiritual power had been infused into this sword beam, his arm would have probably been crippled. At this point, he couldn’t help but be on full alert. Now, he already listed Leng Ruoxue as his most dangerous opponent, and this aroused his intense fighting spirit…

Fu Mingyuan was good at using sabers, and the saber in his hand was considered a family heirloom of the Fu family. The saber was light and sharp, not very wide, and the handle was about the length of two adult palms. With the hand holding his saber, Fu Mingyuan lightly raised his wrist and unleashed a saber technique to shoot powerful water-attribute spiritual power at Leng Ruoxue.

Leng Ruoxue raised her sword and gently blocked it. An enormous amount of spiritual power neutralized Fu Mingyuan’s spiritual power. Then she turned her hand and added some fire-attribute spiritual power into her sword move. A dazzling red beam stabbed at Fu Mingyuan, who quickly dodged it.

In this way, the two of them fought for dozens of rounds. Leng Ruoxue was relaxed throughout, but Fu Mingyuan found it more and more strenuous to fight.

“I lost.” Fu Mingyuan took the initiative to admit defeat. He knew very well that Leng Ruoxue hadn’t used her full strength.

Afterward, the remaining four people on the stage also admitted defeat, and Leng Ruoxue successfully entered the top 30.

After entering the top 30, there was supposed to be a ranking competition according to the academy’s arrangement. But all 30 students, including Leng Ruoxue, forfeited, so the ranking competition was canceled. Chen Jian had no chance to do anything even if he wanted to.

Lin Liang looked at the final result with satisfaction and was elated. This is great.

As soon as the selection competition was over, the anxious Lin Liang dragged Leng Ruoxu to the principal’s office.

“Ruoxue, tell Grandpa Lin. How did you train them?” Lin Liang asked curiously. From the moment these students returned, he could tell that they were different from before. They had more aggressiveness, and he already saw the imposing manner of powerhouses from them. This was something that the students in the academy didn’t have. He didn’t ask earlier because they had been competing, and he finally had the chance to ask now that the competition was over.

“Grandpa Lin, as long as you are willing to throw the students of the academy into the Illusionary Forest for a month, they will also have such strength and aggressiveness,” Leng Ruoxue teased.


Lin Liang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Leng Ruoxue. This stinky girl said that even though she knows I can’t bear to do it!

“Ruoxue, how about Grandpa Lin hands those students over to you, and you can bring them to the Illusionary Forest!” Lin Liang said cunningly. Hehe, you will have to be responsible for their safety if you bring them!

“I don’t want to be a nanny.” Leng Ruoxue rolled her eyes at Lin Liang as she cut off his thoughts with a few words.

“Grandpa Lin, I heard that the academy will have a training exercise in a few days?” Leng Ruoxue asked.

“Yes, the academy arranges a lot of training exercises at this time every year,” Lin Liang explained.

“The people on the list should be going, right?” Leng Ruoxue asked. This was what she was more concerned about. Moreover, she had been waiting for an opportunity. She also heard from her grandfather that the Fu family had already obtained crystal honey, so Fu Mingzhu’s injury should have healed.


“Grandpa Lin, I want everyone on the list to participate in this training exercise!” Leng Ruoxue said unquestionably. It’s time to settle the score with those people.

“Okay, I will arrange it,” Lin Liang said helplessly. While he didn’t know how Ruoxue was going to take revenge on those people, he could guess that they were going to be in trouble.

After the selection competition, Leng Ruoxue gave the people from the Sacred Hall a five-day break. After five days, they would set off for Lunar Capital, the capital of the Southern Dusk Empire, to participate in the Academy Competition. Thus, Leng Ruoxue had to finish what she wanted to do before leaving.

Taking advantage of the dark and windy night, two humans and two beasts sneaked into a luxurious mansion.

“Quill, scout the way for us,” Leng Ruoxue ordered.


“Xue’er, are we here on a date?” Ye Chen’s eyes were glittering as he asked with anticipation.

“Would you go to other people’s houses for a date?” Leng Ruoxue glared at the freak and asked rhetorically.

“Then why are we here?” Ye Chen asked innocently. His beautiful face was full of confusion, and his bright black eyes were as clear as water.

“Of course to do something bad since we’re sneaking into someone’s house in the middle of the night,” Leng Ruoxue said without blushing or skipping a beat. Does this damn freak need to be so cute! I really want to pinch him…

“Uh, Xue’er, why are you pinching me?” Ye Chen looked at Leng Ruoxue aggrievedly, as though he was about to cry. Hehe, after days of observation, I discovered that Xue’er can’t resist me when I act like this. So of course I have to do what she likes.

“Ah! I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose!” Leng Ruoxue retracted her hand awkwardly. Why didn’t my hands listen to me? They actually went onto that freakishly handsome face by themselves. But it felt really good, and his skin is very smooth…

“I know. You did it on purpose,” Ye Chen said with certainty, his face full of pride. Xue’er touched me of her own accord!

“Damn freak…” Leng Ruoxue’s face darkened in embarrassment.

“Xue’er, I will be yours sooner or later. You can touch me however you want…” Ye Chen said very generously with a beaming smile.


Charm, who had been lying in Leng Ruoxue’s arms, couldn’t listen anymore. He simply covered his ears with his little paws. This person is really too mushy…

“Master, I found it.” Quill, who went to scout the way, returned and resolved Leng Ruoxue’s embarrassment at the right time.

“Quill, lead the way.”

“Master, come with me.” Quill changed to the size of a small bird and flew in front while Leng Ruoxue and Ye Chen followed closely behind.

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