Chapter 278: 278
"This is nuts . " Owner Bu could feel the danger looming above his head . He knew himself that with this kind of enemies in front of him, he wouldn't be able to survive . After all, he was now facing two Destinies and even one Ancient! 

He was already struggling during his fight against Bluepeacock Destiny . What more for three stronger opponents? Because of this, he instinctively backed off several steps .  

"Afraid?" Trueblack Ancient smirked and revealed a dense amount of killing intent,

"You will not escape from us again, Bastard Bu . Since you offer yourself in our front door, wouldn't it be a shame if we don't play as a host to receive your head?" 

"You really think I'm that easy to push over? Do you think I am still the old Bu in the past?" Owner Bu was enraged . He summoned the World-Destroying Sword once again .  

However, the sword didn't move an inch which confused Owner Bu . After a short while, the sword finally said, "Human, we can't defeat them . I just gauged their strength and calculated the possibility of us winning . And our chance on defeating them is a despairing 0 . 1% . You will die if you still keep this up . "

Owner Bu was shocked to his core . Seeing this expression, the sword continued, "It is not shameful to run away now . You have already proven your power here . I still have enough strength for us to escape here safely . So let's call this a day and retreat . " 

The World-Destroying Sword was very concerned about Owner Bu right now . Though the latter was only an ant in its eyes, the former had acknowledged the perseverance and fighting spirit of the latter . In fact, it could see the determination in his eyes even he was facing this type of enemies .  

It really wanted to urge Owner Bu to escape since they really couldn't win right now . After all, the sword's power is the same as the owner's power . It couldn't use its full potential due to the owner having insufficient cultivation and power .  

Owner Bu looked pale, however, he shook his head and declined the sword's idea, "No, I cannot . I have ran once for my life already . I don't think I will be able to swallow cowardice again . " 

"Idiot!" The sword was annoyed and gave Owner Bu a smack by its hilt, "Escaping to preserve life isn't an act of cowardice . It's a strategic retreat . No one will mock you for running, I'm sure of it . " 

"But still, I don't want to run away . " Owner Bu smiled wryly and shook his head, "I'm done running away . This time, I will fight to the death!" 

"…" The sword was speechless because of its owner's stupidity . Why would he choose to die here over the chance of escaping? To preserve honor and dignity as a cultivator? When he was dead, all of this would be meaningless now . So what's the point? 

It sighed and clicked its tongue, if it had one,

"Fine . Go and be heroic! If you want to die this way, then be it! I don't care anymore . " 

"Oh? Already done bidding good bye?" Trueblack Ancient smiled and asked, "So let's not waste time and offer your head on your own volition to make things easier . " 

"Trueblack Ancient, do you think it would be easy?" Owner Bu spoke coldly, "If you want my head, come and get it then!" 

"Whoosh!" The World-Destroying Sword shot itself upwards and bombarded thousands of white-colored sword arcs! 

"Activate!" The three didn't hesitate to use defensive measures for this . After all, they were fighting against a World Treasure capable of slaying enemies above its power! 

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" Loud and terrifying explosions exploded all around the battlefield as it shook the land in a catastrophic manner . The sun lost its shine as the whole void turned dark . It was like death was coming their way .  

"Release!" The sword knew that this wasn't enough to threaten these guys, thus, it used a power using its last reserve of energy .

"Clang!" Soon enough, a white shadow appeared . Particularly, it was a knight judging from its appearance . As it was only a white shadow, it didn't exclude something like a grand aura or whatsoever . The white knight shadow was now currently holding the sword .  

However, Trueblack Ancient could sense this power and seriously said, "You two, stand back . You will die if you fight this thing . Let me handle the rest . " 

He could sense death in that white knight shadow . He could sense a danger that only beings on par with him could emanate .  

"Amazing . " Trueblack Ancient was truly amazed and found this a marvelous thing,

"You are capable of accumulating a power almost on par with an Ancient . You truly deserve to be one of the World Treasures everyone is seeking for . Is this your last ditch of effort?" 

"Shut up, you bastard human . " The sword spoke without any filter in its words . Its tone was filled with annoyance and arrogance, "Of course, I am the great World-Destroying Sword . Capable of destroying everything in my path . This King shall reign over the world, where you guys will be kneeling in front of me . " 

"Oh? What an arrogant sword . I like it . " Trueblack Ancient chuckled and said, "How about you become my sword? If you want to dominate this world, you need a strong owner right? I am very qualified . " 

"You?" The sword sneered and mocked Trueblack Ancient, "With just a power of an Ancient, you think you can make me dominate this world? Not to mention Ancients, even Ethereals aren't worthy of becoming my owner . " 

"…" Trueblack Ancient was speechless . He didn't expect that this sword would mock him for the second time around! His expression turned dark and spoke with an ice-cold tone, "You, a mere sword, dared to mock me?" 

"Boom!" After which, Trueblack Ancient revealed his full aura and it covered everything here in darkness . The darkness was suffocating enough even for the two Destinies, "Very well, let me see how capable a treasure of your level is . "