Chapter 280: 280

"Who are you?!" Trueblack Ancient could feel the horro looming above him and the dangerous aura that was permeating the atmosphere . His instincts keep on telling him that this man was a being of catastrophe .

However, as an Ancient, he couldn't just run away with his tail tuck between his legs, can he? 

"There is no reason for me to tell you who I am . " Jin Rou walked over to Trueblack Ancient in a lazy manner, "You are going to die anyway . " 

"I'm going to die?" Trueblack Ancient's eyes turned bloodshot and shouted, "You think I'm a fish in a chopping board?" 

This blatant disdain and humiliation couldn't keep Trueblack Ancient's feelings in check . As a prideful and arrogant man that used to bask in compliments and reverence of the masses, he couldn't take this lying down . If he did, he would no longer have the face to face others! 

"Activate!" Soon, Trueblack Ancient released all his qi and grand treasures capable of wiping anything away .  

"Buzz!" After which, buzzing sounds creeped out of the land . It was a dark energy filled with lightning element . It coiled around

Trueblack Ancient, tweaking itself .  

"Rumble! Rumble!" Then, rumbling sounds resounded as the world shook . The gravity was wiped out as everything in this world floated mid-air . The atmosphere got heavier and heavier until it could make anyone die in suffocation . After a few seconds, something appeared beside Trueblack Ancient .  

It was a beast . Particulary, a beast with a body of a horse and the head was a star . The all-over body was painted with deep black . It carried a large shield, one that was imposing enough and a short sword . Each of the weaponry items seemed like giving out an anciently and powerful aura as if they survived the river of time .  

"The Black Star's Dao System: Centaur of the Mad Star…" Owner Bu sucked a mouthful of air as he saw this . He knew this system very well as he encountered this when he was young! 

This dao system was said to be one of the strongest systems that ever created by an Ethereal . If one would talk about the rankings overall, it could easily take one of the top 5 spots .  

Rumors had it that Mad Star, the Ethereal and the founder of Black Star, created this dao system as memento for his dear beast friend during his youth where he was but a commoner . He spent more than a million year to create and perfect the said dao system .  

As a matter of fact, Mad Star consumed almost half of his life just to create this dao system . And hard work paid off, because the dao system was completed and perfected without any flaws within .  

And in the constellation, only Destinies and above had the authority to learn this dao system . As for the emperors and saints?

They weren't entitled yet, but had an access with some of the second strongest systems in the constellation .  

And today, Trueblack Ancient didn't hesitate to use it . After all, his opponent was unfathomable enough for him to feel scared! When he tried to gauge out Jin Rou using an incredible measure, he fell down in an abyss that seemed like to have no bottom . The feeling was eerie enough for him to be frightened with a creeping cold chill running down his spines .  

"Go!" So now, Trueblack Ancient decided to go all out and put all his chips in this dao system . Though he was confident that their dao system was perfect and unbeatable in the ages, he couldn't feel the same confidence when facing this unknown young man! However, he already rode the tiger, so there was no reason for him to back off . Since he decided to bite the bullet, might as well swallow it now altogether! 

"Rumble!" The centaur suddenly raised its sword and shield up above its head . After which, a bright mini version of sun appeared . It encompassed all the darkness affinity available in the region . The bright of the sun was capable of washing and tearing one's flesh without further ado .  

"Hah!" Then, the centaur shouted and the mini sun descended towards where Jin Rou was . The sun burned everything in its path as it threatened to annihilate the world . The raging flames within was capable of turning even the highest grade of ore in this world into ashes in a matter of seconds . The fluctuations within the void was also intense enough to shake the balance between the nature and man .  

"It's futile . " Jin Rou smirked and flicked his hands . After which, a small ball made of lightning appeared in it . The small ball wasn't intimidating . In fact, it looked like a ball filled with cuteness . However, you shouldn't underestimate something that Jin Rou personally showed .  

"Whoosh!" Jin Rou threw the small ball of lightning towards the incoming sun with a speed of light . The throw was normal yet the effect made the surroundings tremble in a more violent manner! 

"Boom!" When it clashed with the sun, a large and deafening explosion was created . The explosion was terrifying enough that even Ethereals might be gravely injured . The clouds disappeared above and the sky lost its blueness . The said explosion was capable of annihilating any worlds below Starlight .  

"Impossible!" That exchange of attack was even which surprised Trueblack Ancient to his core . He didn't anticipate that just a small ball of lightning could stop that despairing attack that personally created by their Ethereal! His head shook in denial . He refused to believe this . That sun was capable of burning everything . Though he believed that Jin Rou was powerful, he didn't estimate that Jin Rou would be this powerful! 

It was a miscalculation in the ancient's part .

But no matter how many times he calculate, the ending would still be the same as his enemy's power was off the chart .  

"Crash! Stab!" While Trueblack Ancient was like this, Jin Rou didn't waste any time as he summoned another sword and crashed it towards with a momentum, stabbing the dazed ancient .  

Soon, blood splashed everywhere as it painted the plains deeper red .