The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool - Chapter 224

Chapter 224: 224

Chapter 224: Third brother! Someone Is Stealing the Fruit of Your Labor!

The wealthy son of a noble family from the Capital City was asking for a title . How great!

If his fans saw this, their jaws would drop .

Jun Yexuan’s handsome face turned dark . He shot Mu Jinghang a look, “Go away!”

“Immediately!” Mu Jinghang immediately fulfilled Jun Yexuan’s wish .

Jun Yexuan turned back around to look at Qiao Qing and silently waited for her response .

Qiao Qing felt uncomfortable by his gaze . She looked away, “I never said I wanted to be with you . ”

Jun Yexuan’s heart dropped, “Then who do you want to be with? Feng Heng? Or that bastard from just now?!”

Before she could respond, he said in a cold voice, “In your dreams!”

Qiao Qing, “…”

“Pretend I didn’t ask . ” Jun Yexuan gulped . He took her hand and dragged her towards a parked Bugatti, “Let’s go home . ”

Qiao Qing pursed her lips but she didn’t resist .


Over the next few days, those two didn’t talk about what happened that day at all .

Jun Yexuan no longer asked for a title . But every day, he acted as if he was her boyfriend and cared for her every move .

Time went by just like that . In the blink of an eye, school was about to start .

Nobody could have predicted that the location of where Qiao Qing was going to live while at school, would become something all the men fought over .

On the day she left, He Wanqing helped with packing as she wiped off her tears, “Baby, without mommy around, you must take care of yourself in the Capital City . ”

Qiao Qing thought about it and said, “You can come with me to the Capital City . ”

“That’s right auntie . Third brother’s house is big enough . He wouldn’t care if you live in it too,” Mu Jinghang offered .

Qiao Qing’s hands that were busy packing froze . He Wanqing also froze, “Qingqing isn’t going to live on campus?”

Mu Jinghang smiled, “Why would she live on campus? Those dorms are so dirty and low class . Plus, multiple people need to share a room . It wouldn’t be convenient . Third brother is in the Capital City . Why would he let Qingqing stay in a dorm?”

Just then, Chen Ming entered, “Ma’am, there’s a helicopter parked in the garden . ”

Mu Jinghang bit into his apple, “That must be third brother’s . He’s picking Qingqing up . ”

He Wanqing grinned, “With Lil’ Xuan there, I won’t worry as much . However, I won’t go to Capital City . Who brings their mom along for university? People would laugh at that . ”

“Plus, if I’m not home, then what will I do if that god-knows-where-he-is of a man comes back? What if he comes back and can’t find me?”

Qiao Qing’s expression tightened . She almost wasn’t able to keep the secret inside .

She remembered the message on the piece of paper in her father’s hand . And her words slid back into her throat .

Just then, Chen Ming entered again, “Ma’am, miss, another helicopter landed . ”

Mu Jinghang froze, “It doesn’t look like Qingqing has that much stuff to bring . Why did third brother ask for so many helicopters to come?”

Soon after he spoke, Feng Heng pushed open the ajar door and walked inside, “Qingqing, are you done packing?”

Mu Jinghang silently cursed and dashed his way to the study room . His speed was so fast it was like he was escaping death .

“Third brother, third brother! Someone’s here to steal the fruit of your labor!”

Jun Yexuan was having a conference call in front of a desk . When he heard the commotion, he looked over, “What happened?”

Mu Jinghang answered, “Feng Heng is here! It looks like he’s here to pick up Qingqing as well!”

Jun Yexuan’s face turned cold . After some closing comments, he ended the call and headed to Qiao Qing’s bedroom .

When he got to the door, he heard Feng Heng speak to He Wanqing .

“Auntie, my place is very close to the university . It will be convenient for Qingqing to stay there . Plus, I’ve known her for three years . I know all her likes and dislikes . I can easily take care of her daily life . ”