The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150: 1150

Bai Zhun was worried about leaving the child in the hands of such a bossy salesperson, even if it was just for changing .

Also, even though Nine was very young, “he” was still a boy . Concerned for his self-esteem, Bai Zhan though that it was more appropriate for him to go in and help the child change .

Evidently, young master Bai had considered everything thoroughly . However, there was one thing that he hadn’t thought of: that Little Baldy would be a girl .

In order to make Little Ajiu more comfortable, Bai Zhun asked the salesperson for two pairs of underpants printed with black and white pandas . He was ready to change the child’s clothes from top to bottom .

Little Ajiu also felt that compared to women, she wanted brother to change her clothes .

This woman from beneath the mountain also looked like a tiger .

Moreover, she was a boy . A boy should not let a woman see his body . She understood this much .


Little Ajiu nodded her big head again .

Bai Zhun took the child’s hand and went into the fitting room, leaving Little Gangster Li and the others to look around somewhere else .

The monk’s robes were pullovers . Little Ajiu first wiggled out of it like a little turtle, and then she blinked at Bai Zhun .

“Take off the inner lining and the underpants too,” Bai Zhun said as he lowered his head to tidy up the child’s pajamas . Nine only needed to raise her arms when putting these on .

Little Baldy was very obedient . She took off the inner lining as she was asked to . Her little mouth bit the corner of her shirt, and with a whoosh, her small, naked body was exposed . When Bai Zhun lowered his head to pick out the clothes, he also took off the last bit of her underpants .

Up until this point, corners of young master Bai’s mouth were curled up . When he turned around, the clothes and the wallet in his hand fell to the ground with a snap .

For the first time in his life, young master Bai experienced what it meant to be dumbfounded!

Outside, Little Gangster Li and the others heard the sound coming from the fitting room and thought that something had happened . They knocked on the door and said, “What’s wrong, master Bai? Are the children’s clothing too hard to put on? Open the door and let your brother Li go in . I’ll help you with them . ”

“No need . “Bai Zhun took a deep breath and reached out his hand to wrap up the Little Baldy . He sounded a little irritated when he shouted at those behind him, “If you dare to sneak in, you won’t get to copy today’s homework . ”

Little Gangster Li, whose hand was already on the door handle, withdrew his hand in embarrassment and touched the bridge of his nose . Bai Zhun was really too scary–he even knew what Li planned to do next .

Little Baldy didn’t understand why her brother would suddenly become like this . He looked at Bai Zhun with a silly but cute expression . “Brother, didn’t you say you were going to dress me? It’s so uncomfortable to be wrapped up like this . ”

Bai Zhun lowered his head and looked at the “little brother” in his arms .

One hell of a little brother!

This was clearly a girl!

Why did that damned master not tell him when he mistook Little Ajiu for a girl!

Could it be that the master did it on purpose?

After thinking through this point, Bai Zhun’s did not seem too happy . All in all, he had a feeling that he had been struck by lightning .

His original plan was to raise his child into an indomitable little man .

Now . .

How was he going to raise a girl?

He had no experience at all .

“Brother, what’s wrong? “Little Baldy scratched her big head . “You look like you’re about to go crazy . ”

Bai Zhun’s mind was still spinning .

Master deliberately hid it from him, but what about Nine? Why didn’t she say anything?

Wait a minute, the child had been saying that “women at the foot of the mountain are tigers” from the day she came down the mountain .

She even made it clear that she was a boy .

Could it be . .

When Bai Zhun thought of this, his eyes flashed, and he asked tentatively, “Nine, do you think I’m a boy or a girl?”

“A boy . ” Little Baldy reached out her small hand and touched Bai Zhun’s head . “Brother, why are you asking such a stupid question? Could it be that you were influenced by Little Gangster Li’s negative IQ?”

Little Gangster Li, who was caught in the crossfire: “…”

“What About You? Are you a boy or a girl? “Bai Zhun continued to ask .

Little Baldy’s two little hands were placed on her waist, and even her cheeks were puffed up . “A boy, brother . The questions you asked today are all very strange . I am so manly . In the future, I will be the abbot of the temple . Of course, I’m be a boy . Look at my head . It has been shaved into a little monk . The temple does not accept girls . You are clearly uncultured . Why would you ask this? It is an insult to Wuli Buddha!”

“Manliness…” Bai Zhun reached out and slapped his forehead . He immediately felt a headache catching on . When he first took the child over, he did feel that a child like Little Ajiu would definitely have a strong boyfriend vibe when “he” grew up .

Because of this, he felt that Nine wasn’t too bad .

After all, he didn’t really like narrow-minded boys .


Little Nine was a girl, a girl . .

Bai Zhun felt that the most important thing for him to do now was to let the child know that he was a girl .

“Little Nine, come, sit properly . ” Bai Zhun swore that he had never been so patient .

Little Baldy pulled at the clothes wrapped around his body in confusion . “Aren’t you going to dress me?”

“Yes, you have to dress first . ”Bai Zhun looked at the little one in front of him . He was holding a pair of underpants in his hand, and he was really embarrassed . “Put them on yourself . ”

Little Baldy nodded . “Okay!”

The child was indeed obedient, but it was a little difficult to put on the kitten pajamas .

Bai Zhun turned around and waited for a long time . He had also done a lot of prepared himself psychologically .

Little Baldy stretched out her little hand with great effort . “Little brother, is this how I should wear them?”

Bai Zhun turned around and saw the little girl wearing the kitten pajamas like a giant sack . The clothes hung loosely on Little Baldy’s body, making her eyes look even bigger .

She looked a little funny, like an abandoned kitten .

Bai Zhun gritted his teeth . Even if Little Nine was a girl, she was only four years old . It should be fine for him to help her put on the pajamas .

“Little Nine, be good . Raise your hands . ” Bai Zhun squatted down, just enough for his eyes to be on the same level as Little Baldy’s .

Little Baldy grunted!

Her two little arms obediently extended upwards, looking cute and docile, and subconsciously, Bai Zhun kiss her forehead .

After kissing her, young master Bai paused for a moment first .

The little child didn’t seem to mind . She rubbed her forehead, smiled sweetly at Bai Zhun, and continued to raise her little hand seriously, saying, “Brother, it’s a good thing you’re a man . I saw in the Buddhist scriptures that meditators are not allowed to be kissed by girls . If that’s the case, I would’ve broken the precepts . Then I won’t be able to become a temple abbot . ”

What an obsession with becoming an abbot . Young master Bai also smiled . Even if she was a girl, what did it matter? She was all his .

However, one thing had to be changed .

That was the educational policy!

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