The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151: 1151

Chapter 1151: What Should I Do? Send Her Away?

Bai Zhun stretched out his hand and straightened the tail on the child’s pajamas . Then, he adjusted her sleeve .

In less than half a minute, a cute little kitten emerged .

Little Baldy followed behind Bai Zhun Like a little mascot .

Little Gangster Li watched from the side and could not help but exclaim, “F * ck, what’s that saying? Buddha relies on gold and people relies on clothes . Nine looks really good in her pajamas! Come, come, come, Little Ajiu, come and take a photo with your brother . Let’s make others jealous that you have a brother!”

“Don’t make her take pictures . ” Bai Zhun scooped the child back and said to Little Gangster Li, “I have something to discuss with you . ”

Little Ganster Li was stunned .

That was Lord Bai .

Lord Bai had done everything by himself since he was young . When would he need to discuss anything with someone else?

Lixiao Bawang got excited and cried out, “What is it? What is it?”

“We’ll talk later . ” Bai Zhun looked at his other two friends and said, “Let’s find somewhere to go first . ”

Lixiao Bawang suggested, “The Burger King is downstairs . ”

“You forgot that Little Ajiu can’t eat meat . ” Xiao Lin reminded him . He never liked to speak much, and his voice was cold . If he did not like Little Baldy, she wouldn’t even have noticed .

Little Gangster Li patted his own forehead . “We can only order coke, ice cream and French fries . Little Ajiu definitely haven’t had french fries before! Kids love French fries!”

“French fries?” Little Baldy leaned her big bald head over . “What’s that?”

Lixiao Bawang flicked his hands . That meant, told you so!

“Okay, let’s go to Burger King . ” Bai Zhun held Little Baldy’s hand and turned to leave .

Little Baldy twisted his little body . “Monk robe, my Monk robe!”

Knowing this child, if Bai Zhun said to throw it away, it definitely wouldn’t work . Bai Zhun thus asked the salesperson to pack the monk robe for the child .

He brought that little kitten downstairs .

Not being able to eat meat was like torture for the boys .

Little Baldy also saw that, so she raised her little face and said to Little Gangster Li, who was in line, “You can order meat . It’s just that Nine doesn’t eat meat . You can eat it . I want to train . Wuli Buddha said just because you are vegetarian, it doesn’t mean that you can force others do the same . You have to be tolerant . When you grow up, you don’t have to become abbot . You can eat whatever you want . ” . “…”

When Little Gangster Li heard this, he turned around and looked at Bai Zhun . “Master Bai, don’t you feel that people always like to listen to your child’s words? They are all widely-acknowledged truisms that even adults fail to achieve . What is that called?”

“Great wisdom can seem like a fool . “Bai Zhun’s voice was very calm . “You guys order the food . I will bring Little Nine to the big table to sit . ”

Little Gangster Li made an OK gesture . “Got it!”

Without having to worry about meat, Little Gangster went all out on his order . He got chicken tenders and spicy chicken wings in bundles of eight!

His coke also came in an extra large cup . After all, they still had to eat lunch later, so these are just some snacks to alleviate their hunger .

At that time, he still wasn’t aware of Little Baldy’s appetite . He ordered an ice cream cone and a small portion of fries for the little “guy” .

After all, with Bai Zhun’s obsessive attitude towards his little “brother” . If Li ordered too much for Little Ajiu and caused indigestion, Bai Zhun would definitely drag him over and beat him up .

This plate should be just right!

Little Gangster Li confidently brought the food to the long table and poked his straw into the coke .

Usually, his father was strict about these things and didn’t allow him to drink beverages at all . Now, he could finally drink without worry!

In the summer, a mouthful of coke filled with ice was extremely refreshing!

Little Ajiu stood there and looked at her brothers’ food and then looked at her own . Her portion seems a little smaller . Why?

“Oh right, brother, what do you want to discuss with us?” Every time Little Gangster Li spoke, there would an automatic sound mixing effect .

Bai Zhun glanced at the child who stood on the side . Seeing that Little Baldy was circling around her cat’s tail, he lowered his voice slightly . “Nine is a girl . ”

“PFFT!” Little Gangster Li spat out a mouthful of coke .

Little Baldy and Bai Zhun were both martial artists from a young age . Their reaction quickly and dodged it in a flash .

The other two were not so lucky . They were caught right in the face by Little Gangster Li .

“No, no, *cough cough cough* . Lord Bai, what did you say?” Little Gangster Li widened his eyes, “Our little monk is a girl? A delicate girl like the prettiest one at our academy? !”

Bai Zhun looked at him calmly . “She’s mine, not yours . ”

“I am not a girl!” Little Baldy was very angry . She looked Little Gangster Li seriously and denied it firmly!

Little Gangster Li did not listen to Little Baldy . He only looked at Bai Zhun .

The other two also finished wiping their faces with a paper towel . One of them punched Little Gangster Li as they waited for Bai Zhun’s answer .

“I found out when I was helping her change just now . ” Bai Zhun’s confirmation was definitely not a lie .

Little Gangster Li was stunned . He rubbed his handsome face and said, “But Little Ajiu said she’s not a girl . ”

“She thinks she’s a boy . ” Bai zhun rubbed his aching forehead . “That’s what I wanted to discuss with you guys . How do we make her believe that she’s a girl?”

Little Baldy was still shaking her head solemnly . “I’m not a girl! Brother, I’m not a girl! I’m not a girl!”

When the small child is trying to deny something, she buzzed like a little fly .

However, she was still cuter than the average child . Her voice was not too loud, and she also circled round and round, chasing after the cat’s tail on her pajamas .

No doubt that this was the latest toy that Little Baldy had found for herself .

“Master Bai, can you please tell her to be quiet first?” Little Gangster Li did not know why, but the little child always circled around him . Even his eyes were dizzy .

Bai Zhun was worried that the child would spin around too much and it’d be bad for her health . He stopped Little Baldy and fed her a French fry .

Little Baldy was really angry at first .

She did not understand why brother would think that she was a girl when she had her mind set on becoming the abbot in the future .

But brother was also very good to her .

He even fed her something very delicious . It was sweet and crispy; kind of like a baked potato, but much better in comparison .

The little child became happy again almost immediately . She set aside the question of gender and raised her little face to accept Bai Zhun’s feeding .

“You really got a way!” Little Gangster Li gave Bai Zhun a thumbs up with a look of admiration . If he had to take care of a four-year-old child all day long, he would’ve gone insane!

Fortunately, Little Ajiu was quite compliant . But this boy girl issue…

He had never met a child who mistook their own gender .

“‘Nine’s will is so strong . It will definitely be difficult to change her perception of herself . ”

“Brother Bai, haven’t you been to that Shaolin temple before? Since you and Nine were disciples together, why don’t you ask your master about this matter?”

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