Chapter 973

Chapter 973: Class Reunion (Part 9: Announcing That He Was Married)

Manager Du was stunned but he was quietly ecstatic . Oblivious to what had happened, he suppressed his happiness as he said, “I’m surprised that Chairman Jue knows her as well . She is indeed very beautiful, professional, and knowledgeable . I was going to recommend her as our company’s legal adviser . ”

“Really?” he replied indifferently .

Manager Du nodded furiously and said, “Yes, yes . If she becomes…” The sheer excitement on Manager Du’s face suddenly froze when he saw the iciness in Baili Jia Jue’s eyes .

What, what is happening?

Without having a clue of what was happening, Manager Du’s back suddenly broke into a cold sweat as he wondered why the chairman was looking at him with such an expression . He tried to figure out the person’s intention, but his effort drew a blank .

Baili Jia Jue merely glared at him coldly with obvious mockery . Manager Du’s expression turned darkened and awkward when he noticed Baili Jia Jue’s malicious gaze .

Manager Du faked a smile and sheepishly asked, “Chairman Jue, is there any problem?”

Baili Jia Jue was playing with the phone in his hands when he suddenly smiled and said, “You previously said that Qing Long made you submit a resignation letter?”

“Yes, yes . It is absolutely unreasonable . ” Manager Du believed that a ray of hope had finally shone on him . He thought that the chairman did not hear his report as he was texting on his phone . Things were finally taking a favorable turn for him!

Baili Jia Jue turned his strikingly handsome face slightly toward Qing Long and asked, “Why are other people making the decision for important matters in Jue Wei Group for me? Qing Long, you decided to let General Manager Du go simply by making him resign? You’ve been too lax recently . ”

“My apologies . ” Qing Long was not surprised and merely lowered his gaze, perfectly enacting the standard posture of an executive assistant .

Manager Du, who thought that he would be reinstated, immediately froze . Wait for a second, there’s something wrong with this!

That man’s smile was still graceful and pure . As he leaned against his chair elegantly, and gently uttered a murderous command, “Please make an announcement . From today onward, Du Dewei is officially dismissed from his position as a Jue Wei Group employee . Also, Jue Wei Group will not do business with any company that Manager Du works for in the future . We will even try to destroy their business . Kindly remind everyone else to avoid doing foolish and irrational actions . ”

Baili Jia Jue uttered the order courteously, but it was glaringly obvious that his words had an underlying message . He was simply issuing a warning – anyone that hired Du Dewei in the future would be completely destroyed by him .

This sent a cold shiver down the spines of Jue Wei Group’s managers . They always knew that the chairman was very capable, even his threats sounded very polite . He had limitless means and ways to eradicate his enemies, he was simply invincible .

Du Dewei was completely confounded . Executive Assistant Long had warned him beforehand, but he was too ambitious .

The managers exchanged glanced anxious glances with one another when they saw the scene . To avoid becoming the chairman’s next target, they tried to stay invisible . Even now, they still had no idea what had caused the chairman to be so angry .

Du Dewei, who was forced into a blind corner, was completely oblivious as well as he asked, “Chairman Jue, it is for the company’s best interest to have a legal adviser . Even if you fire me, don’t you think it is too excessive to quash my future? Everything I did was for the company, what did I do wrong?”

“For the company?” Baili Jia Jue rose from his office chair, and bent slightly while resting one hand on the desk . Then, he said, “Stop saying such empty words . The one thing that I hated the most is for people to interfere with my private business . Besides…who told you that I am single?”

“Aren’t you?” This question was not raised by Du Dewei, but unanimously by every manager in the meeting room .

They knew that Chairman Jue had a son, but that was his only family member . Young Master’s temperament and appearance were noble and imposing . He came to the office twice before, and each time meeting him was an unforgettable experience .

However, they have never seen any woman by Chairman Jue’s side . For an entire year, he did not even have any rumors or scandals . Isn’t that evidence of him being single?

They assumed that Young Master was a child from Chairman Jue’s libertine youth . It must be a mere accident and unrelated to anything else .

That is why it’s impossible for Chairman Jue to be anything, other than being single!

Everyone in the meeting room had their eyes fixed on Baili Jia Jue with growing curiosity .

Apparently, no matter how old one was or whichever position one held, people still could not contain their exploding curiosity .

Baili Jia Jue who was at the center of attention, simply replied calmly and steadily, “I have been married for three years, and my wife loves me with all her heart . ”


He’s married!

The managers in the meeting room were all dumbfounded, while Du Dewei was completely thunderstruck . How can he, how can he be married?

This news was undoubtedly a bombshell!

The explosive news caused the managers to be very surprised . They could not contain the bursting urge to the identity of his wife . Who is the woman who married our chairman?

Besides, wouldn’t normal people usually say ‘I love my wife with all my heart’?

Why did Chairman Jue say things in reverse…? Only Chairman Jue would say that his wife loved him very much .

Baili Jia Jue was completely unperturbed by the people’s reactions . He simply walked toward Du Dewei and when he passed him by, he muttered scathingly, “I heard that Manager Du intended to arrange a meal for me and your cousin . Don’t you worry, your wish is going to come true soon…”

Du Dewei did not understand what Baili Jia Jue meant . The only thing that was troubling his mind was that if the previous news was announced to the world, his future would be utterly doomed .

Du Dewei was absolutely horrified, and could only think of begging that man to forgive him and revoke the order .

However, Baili Jia Jue did not even give him a glance . After delivering the explosive announcement, he swiftly ended the meeting nonchalantly .

The reporters who were waiting outside the meeting room all turned their heads around, when they heard the door opening . Then, they saw a tall and upright figure walking out of the room…

The crowd was instantly submerged in a frightening silence . When they witnessed the man appearing, their eyes were filled with admiration and praise .

With his presence, the glimmer of the afternoon sunlight swiftly turned dull and cold .

He was stunningly handsome, and his profound eyes seemed like a galaxy with glittering stars, hiding a boundless sky of wisdom . His figure and posture were extremely graceful as well .

He highly resembled a noble vampire from the movies, and each movement he made seemed to exude a dark, demonic aura .

The reporters could no longer contain the urge to rush toward him for an interview . However, his domineering and regal presence was very intimidating, thus completely immobilizing them…

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