Chapter 1059: 1059

After seeing the Young Madam Leave, the servant heaved a sigh of relief .

“Next time, when you see the young Madam, learn to be smarter . Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep your job . ”

Lu Yuxi’s eyes flashed . Just how much did this woman want to destroy her .

“Is she very fierce? ”

“She’s not fierce, but recently, the young Madam has lost her memory . That’s why she’s like this . Before the young Madam lost her memory, she didn’t know how good she was to us . Forget it, let’s not talk about this . I’ll continue to tell you where the young master’s and the young Madam’s rooms are . ”

Before the servant could speak, the sound of crying came from the baby’s room . Not long after, Xiao ru came out with a dark face and an angry look .

The babies cried crazily . Every cry made Lu Yuxi’s heart ache .

Long time no see, babies . Are you all right? Mommy misses you so much .

“Sigh, here we go again . It’s always like this . As long as young Madam wants to hug the young masters, the Young Masters will cry non-stop . It’s impossible to stop for an hour . I don’t know why, but in the past, Young Madam didn’t even cry when she hugged them . Why has she been crying so much recently? ”

Lu Yuxi’s gaze deepened and her heart ached from the shock . “Do they cry for so long every time? ”

“That’s right . The last time it was more serious, the young masters cried until they were mute . Fortunately, the old Madam asked the young mistress to prescribe a few bottles of medicine before they slowly recovered . That’s why young madam usually doesn’t hug the young masters . Perhaps it’s because of some special circumstances that she wants to hug the babies . ”

“Then let them cry here now . Aren’t you going to see them? ” Hearing the cries of her son and daughter, her heart felt as if it was being pulled by someone .

“Sigh, there’s nothing we can do about it . Even if we go and coax them, it’s still very difficult for the young masters to stop . ”

“someone help me . Xiao Cai, come here . Come and help me . ” At this moment, the wet nurse came out of the room and shouted .

The Servant replied, “got it . ”

Then, he turned his head . “Xiao An, let’s go . The Young Masters will be busy crying . I’ll bring you to take a look . ”

“Okay . ” Lu Yuxi was a little excited because she had not seen her son and daughter for a long time .

When they entered the babies’room, the servant quickly ran over to carry the wet nurse and Yiyi . They looked like they were changing diapers .

The three small beds were placed side by side . Because the other wet nurse went out for a while, other than Yiyi being picked up, Xiao Feng and Xiao Shun cried non-stop . They looked at Lu Yuxi with heartache .

The heartache made her suffocate . She could not help but pick up Xiao Feng, who was the closest to her .

Although it had been a long time since she had carried him, she still did not forget how to carry him .

After picking up Xiao Feng, Lu Yuxi habitually switched to her left hand . This was because Xiao Feng had a strange habit of being carried on the left .

After picking up the baby, the baby did not stop crying .

At this time, Lu Yuxi whispered in Xiao Feng’s ear, “Xiao Feng, didn’t mommy say that you are the big brother and should take care of your younger siblings? Why are you crying with her? Are you not listening to Mommy? Be Good, stop crying and sleep well, okay?”

The familiar voice and the smell of missing made Xiao Feng Fall Asleep very quickly .

After Xiao Feng fell asleep, Lu Yuxi put down Xiao Feng and put him on the bed, then picked up Xiao Shun .

“Wah, Wah… ”

“Xiao Shun, why are you crying? Isn’t mommy here? ”