The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 1235

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Chapter 1235: Who Is the Evil One (2)

Sen Tai could not bear to say anything bad about her.

His baby was so kind. When she saw that someone was in pain, she could not ignore it and wanted to seek justice for them.

But… how was she going to get justice?

No one could salvage anything that had already happened.

“Mrs. Bo, do you know how much pain and grief those people have suffered after they became test subjects without even knowing it? How do you plan to make them forget the pain and sorrow and stop them from protesting?” Ling Wei asked again, looking at Mu Huan.

“I’m a layman. All I can think of is to make up for it with money,” Mu Huan said as she put down the cup in her hand.

“Mrs. Bo, do you think that everything in this world can be solved and made up for with money?” Ling Wei’s words made one subconsciously feel that Mu Huan was rich and didn’t care about people’s lives. She felt that any matter could be solved with money, even murder and breaking laws.

Although it was said that Sen Tai had invited Mu Huan over as a guest today, there were still many other people present, especially those from the health department. There were also some who were in charge of human rights and environmental protection organizations.

The people from the Health Department were not a big deal, but the people from the Human Rights and Environmental Protection Organization were more righteous. After thinking that Mu Huan was someone who was rich and uncaring of people’s lives, they spoke one after another.

“Mrs. Bo, although money can solve many things, it’s not all-powerful. It can’t solve everything and make up for it. Not to mention that this mother can no longer give birth, with just the fact that she gave birth to a deformed child, is there any use in giving them money? Can money buy the child’s health and normal life?”

“Do you know how much harm a deformed person can cause their family?! Do you know that this can destroy a family’s life?! Such pain is irreparable!”

“Let’s think about it from another perspective. If I give you enough money, would you be willing to become a cripple or a retard? You definitely wouldn’t be willing, right? In this case, why do you feel that money can make up for that kind of damage?”

The most precious thing in this world was health. What was the use of money for a deformed child? Could money give them the normal life they should have? No matter how much money they had, their life would still be ruined!

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“Although Mrs. Bo has just taken over Rui Hui Pharmaceutical and it wasn’t you who got someone to conduct those illegal drugs, I heard that you’ve been in NST for three years. During such a long time, did you really not know that Rui Hui was illegally testing drugs?”

It was impossible for her not to have known. Even people who were not in the industry knew that such a thing had happened. As an industry insider and someone who had access to the power center, how could she not have known about this?

“Didn’t you feel guilty watching those normal and healthy people who didn’t know anything get tested on illegally? What of those poor pregnant women whose babies became deformed because of illegal testing?”

“Also, pharmaceutical factories expel a lot of pollutants. Those pollutants affect the health of humans. As a pharmaceutical worker, you should have been doing pharmaceutical work to save people, but you keep destroying people’s health! Can you sleep at night like this?”

“From what I know, those people won’t be touched by money at all, but Mrs. Bo is so sure that they’ll be able to disperse in the evening. Is she secretly doing something harsh?” someone said meaningfully.

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