The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 39

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At the barbecue store…

“What the f*ck! That Bai Xuexian ought to go to hell when she dies!” Li Meng expressed her indignation after hearing Mu Huan’s story .

“Well, she ought to go to hell right now!” The moment Mu Huan thought of how Bai Xuexian had arranged for someone to remove her granny’s oxygen tube, her eyes flared red with fury .

As her granny’s health deteriorated in the last few years, she’d been too busy trying to make enough money to support the three of them to recall the past . As a result, she’d almost forgotten what a vicious woman she was .

She thought that as long as she remained useful to her grandma after getting married to Bao Junyan, her grandma would continue to give the best treatment to her granny and that she could use this chance to fortify her position . However, with Bai Xuexian now in the picture, her granny would be in danger at any time . She had no time to tarry!

“That’s right, she ought to go to hell now!” Li Meng nodded in agreement . “But, Xiao Huan, what can we do right now? No matter what, I think it’s best to agree to your grandma’s terms . If not, your granny would be in grave danger if she fell into the hands of Bai Xuexian!”

At least by agreeing to her grandma’s condition, Mu Huan could still receive some money . If not, Bai Xuexian would take her granny’s life and still force the granddaughter to abide by her terms .

“What does my grandma have on hand that makes her so certain that Bao Junyan would not only not get mad after being tricked, but also even marry Mu Kexin willingly?”

“This isn’t important, what’s important now is the choice that you are going to make . ”

“No, this is very important!” She shook her head in disagreement . Knowing what cards her grandma had in hand would determine how she could retaliate .

“What’s the importance? Your choice is the most important thing right now! Your grandma is giving you only a day to consider, right?”

“I’m not going to choose from the options they give me . I’ll fight back!” Not only would she stop being blackmailed, but she would also fight back and repay their ruthlessness!

Just when her buddy was about to ask her how she intended to retaliate, she stood up abruptly and said, “I’m going back to the Bao family tonight instead of to your place!”

“Why…” Before her good friend could finish her words, she took off in a hurry .

At the Bao household…

“Master, you’re back . ”

The man looked rather unhappily at Butler Lee as the latter approached him .

For a brief moment, the butler felt despised . “Madam has called earlier . She will be staying over at her friend’s place tonight . ”

“Eh,” he replied with indifference and proceeded upstairs to his room .

Without his dear wife to hug, he headed for the study room instead of the bedroom .

He was preoccupied with his work when he heard knockings on the door, and then a furry head popped through the gap between the door frame . “Hubby, am I disturbing you?”

“Don’t you think it’s too late to ask now?” he asked with a raised brow . She had already interrupted his work .

She smiled and brought in a tray of coffee for him .

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to stay over at your friend’s place tonight?”

“My friend is fine now, that’s why I’m back . ” She served him the coffee with her head bowed .

“Oh . ” After spouting an acknowledgment nonchalantly, he turned his attention back to his work again .

With his head buried in the pile of work, he did not seem interested to continue their casual conversation .

“Hubby, there’s something I don’t understand, that’s why I’m here to ask you about it . ” She had a purpose for interrupting him, so even if he was not keen to talk, she had to push ahead with her agenda, still .

“What is it?” he asked as he looked up .

“You know, am I correct to say that every parent will want their children to marry well?”

“You can tell me directly what you have in mind . ”

“Eh, I find this issue strange: for someone with your status, surely, your parents must have wanted you to marry a girl from a well-to-do family, so why did they allow you to marry someone like me with a lowly status?” From what she could see, the only way to make this man marry her sister was to have his parents exert pressure on him .

If so, did this mean that her grandma had some form of special relationship with his parents?

Was this the reason she was selected as well?

“I’m the decision-maker when it comes to my personal affairs . ”

Mu Huan: “…”

She gave an awkward smile after some time . “I thought the reason for our smooth marriage was because my grandma had a special relationship with your parents . ”

Just when she thought she could not dig any more information from him, he told her:

“My parents had nothing to do with you getting married into our family . However, my dad did have some interaction with your grandma . ”


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