The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 905

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“Wicked girl, you’re talking nonsense. How can that be called a bath? It’s called Spiritual Qi Bath.” Luo Dongqing scolded the Little Witch. He then said to Qin Haodong, “Don’t you know about the Tortoise Spiritual Spring?”

Qin Haodong’s expression changed. “Is the Tortoise Spiritual Spring you’re talking about the spiritual spring which resulted in the extinction of the Alien Demon?”

When he first arrived at the Lingwu Continent, Zhao Xingyue told him that this was originally the territory ruled by the Alien Demon, but later on, more and more Spiritual Qi appeared. In the end, a spiritual spring manifested, which led to the complete disappearance of the Demon Qi and the extinction of the Alien Demon.

Luo Dongqing said, “You’re right. It’s the Tortoise Spiritual Spring.”

Qin Haodong’s eyes lit up. He said, “Do you mean that if I can enter the top ten of the competition between the North and South Academies, I will be able to enter the Tortoise Spiritual Spring?”

“The main spring of the Tortoise Spiritual Spring is definitely out of reach because it is controlled by the royal family of the Tortoise Kingdom,” Luo Dongqing said, “however, next to it, there are many smaller spiritual springs. Although they cannot be compared to the main spring, the Spiritual Qi there is still abundant.

“If you get into the top 10, you can choose a small spiritual spring there and soak in it for a day and night.

“Do not underestimate these spiritual springs. The Spiritual Qi contained within them is even more plentiful compared to top-level Spirit Stones. They will definitely allow your cultivation to improve greatly.

“In the last competition, only Murong Jinghong in our academy entered the top 10. At that time, she was at the late stage of the Voiding Realm. After soaking in the spiritual spring for a day and a night, she entered the final stage of the Voiding Realm. That shows how powerful the spiritual spring is.”

Upon hearing the function of the spiritual springs, Qin Haodong was overjoyed. Initially, he was worried about the Spirit Stones. Now that he had a chance to soak in the spiritual springs, he would not give up.

“Director Luo, don’t worry. I will definitely get a good result for you.”

Luo Dongqing sneered and said, “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t participate in the competition? Anyway, our academy has already lost five years in a row. It doesn’t matter if we lose the competition again this year. You don’t have to go.”

“I’ll go! I’ll definitely go!” In order to return to earth and reunite with his family as soon as possible, Qin Haodong would never give up this opportunity.

He quickly took out another box of Fen Wine from his Storage Ring and said, “Geezer, this is for you. Take it as an apology.”

“Good job! Good job! You are a worthy pupil. In that case, I will agree to let you join the competition.”

Luo Dongqing’s face was originally stiff. However, he immediately smiled when he saw the wine.

The next morning, Qin Haodong’s team of three was ready to leave. Before they could go out, Fang Qiong’er and Yun Qianqian rushed over.

Fang Qiong’er said, “Senior Brother, can we join your team?”

Yun Qianqian said, “One member of our team decided not to join the experience after he heard of the appearance of Ghost King Sect. Now there are only two of us left. Can Qiong’er and I join your team?”

Although the opportunities within the Seven Storeys Pagoda were tempting, they were also accompanied by great risks. Each time, there were many students who perished when they took part in the experience.

Moreover, the Ghost King Sect suddenly appeared this year, which greatly increased the danger. Therefore, many of the weaker team members decided not to take part in the experience. The teammate of Fang Qiong’er was like this.

According to the rules of the academy, a team could have more people but the number of people couldn’t be less than three.

Fang Qiong’er and Yun Qianqian had long wanted to be in the same team with Qin Haodong. Now that they had a suitable opportunity, they immediately ran over.

Qin Haodong naturally did not object. The five of them left the Tortoise Academy together.

This experience was risky. Originally, he wanted Zhao Xingyue to stay in the academy. However, this girl held his arm tightly and refused to let go. She said that she was more afraid of being alone in the academy.

Qin Haodong had no choice but to take her with him.

The location of the Seven Storeys Pagoda was called Pagoda Mountain. They moved together toward it.

Amongst the five of them, the Little Witch’s cultivation was the weakest. She was at the late stage of the Apotheosis Realm, but she could also fly on her sword.

However, after hearing the news about the Ghost King Sect, everyone was very careful and did not dare to use up too much of their cultivations. They were ready to deal with emergencies at any time. Thus, they did not fly too fast.

At noon, they were already thousands of miles away. The Little Witch said, “Little brother, I’m hungry. Let’s find a place to eat.”

Hearing the word ‘eat’, the other girls also looked over.

Although they were not hungry, Qin Haodong’s food was so delicious that they really couldn’t control their longing.

“Well, let’s find a suitable place to eat.”

They flew forward for a while and saw a small river below, so they landed by the river.

When they stopped, they saw that there were already a few people resting there. It was Murong Jinghong, Xiao Yulong, Xue Pan, and He Kaishan. It seemed that the four of them had formed a new team.

According to the academy’s rules, no one was allowed to wear the school uniform when they went out lest they cause unnecessary trouble. Thus, everyone changed their clothes.

Murong Jinghong had changed into a long white dress and looked like a fairy. At this moment, she was sitting on a stone, eating a steamed bun with a glass of water.

Xiao Yulong and the others sat on a large rock and chewed on the dry food in their hands.

After seeing Murong Jinghong, Qin Haodong was a little embarrassed. After all, he had just kicked her ass. When he was wondering if he should have dinner here, the Little Witch took his arm and said, “Little brother, let’s eat here and make these bad guys’ mouths water.”

Xue Pan and He Kaishan had harassed Qin Haodong several times, so the Little Witch naturally disliked them.

Since she said so, Qin Haodong did not leave. He caught five big fish in the river. Fang Qiong’er caught two pheasants and three hares.

Yun Qianqian quickly prepared these items and soon they were ready to be cooked by the riverside.

Qin Haodong wrapped the two pheasants with lotus leaves and coated them with yellow mud. Then, he dug a pit and buried them in the ground.

The Little Witch asked in surprise, “Little brother, what are you doing? Why did you bury the pheasants?”

Murong Jinghong and the others rested while keeping their eyes on what was happening, curious about what he was doing.

“You’ll know soon enough!”

After that, Qin Haodong set up a bonfire and began to smoke the five big fish and three hares.

In a short while, the dense fragrance of roast meat suffused the river bank. The Little Witch couldn’t help drooling and asked, “Little brother, they smell so good. When can I eat?”

“Take it easy! It will be done soon!”

Qin Haodong took out various seasonings from his Storage Ring and kept brushing them on the roast fish and hares, making the aroma even more intense.

Looking at the roast fish and hares dripping with oil and smelling the rich aroma, the mouths of Xiao Yulong and the others began watering as well. They could no longer swallow the dry and tasteless food in their hands.

Even Murong Jinghong put away the steamed bun in her hand. No one knew if she was full, or if she felt that the steamed bun was tasteless compared to the food giving off such a strong aroma.

Soon the hares and fish were roasted. Qin Haodong removed the bonfire and dug out the two pheasants below.

“Little brother, are they still edible?” The Little Witch looked at the two rock-like pheasants and said.

“This is known as beggar’s chicken. I promise you’ll want to eat it next time after trying it now.”

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Qin Haodong said as he gently peeled away the yellow mud that coated the beggar’s chicken. Suddenly, the fragrance of lotus leaves and chicken permeated the air and the golden chicken inside was revealed.

“Oh, My God! Little brother, you are so great. You can even cook pheasants like this.”

After saying that, the Little Witch did not care about anything else. She tore off a drumstick and ate it in big mouthfuls.

The other girls also came over. They ate roast fish, roast hares, and beggar’s chicken while drinking the drinks and beer that Qin Haodong brought out.

The mouths of Xiao Yulong, Xue Pan, and the others watered when they saw this. However, they had conflicts with Qin Haodong, so they did not feel it was right for them to go over to ask for food.

Murong Jinghong had already turned around. However, the food there was so good and the aroma kept entering her nostrils.

Just when she was wondering if she should leave, a drumstick and a golden roast fish were served to her with a bottle of Sprite.

Murong Jinghong raised her head and said, “I can’t take your stuff!”

Qin Haodong said, “Just take it. The competition is over. We’re all classmates. Have a taste of my cooking.”

“Your words sound nice. In fact, that is just because she is beautiful. We are classmates, too. Why are you only giving food to her?” He Kaishan muttered indignantly.

As a master in the Voiding Realm, Qin Haodong naturally heard his words clearly. However, this guy had made trouble for him time and again. His eyes were still filled with hostility now. Qin Haodong would not give his food to his enemy.

Murong Jinghong hesitated for a moment. She shook her head in the end and said, “Then I also can’t accept it.”

“Senior Sister Murong, take it as my apology to you.”

Qin Haodong accidentally kicked her butt that day. He was really sorry for having done that.

Remembering what happened that day, Murong Jinghong’s face flushed again. She said discontentedly, “You’re talking nonsense again.”

Qin Haodong said, “Take the food. I won’t talk about it.”

Although Murong Jinghong was indifferent by nature, the feast in front of her was still very tempting. She really didn’t know how to make them. They were so delicious!

“Well, thank you!”

She thanked him in a low voice and took the food.

Qin Haodong turned back and sat down with everyone to eat.

Looking at them eating heartily, Xiao Yulong also took out a piece of dried meat. However, he felt that his meat, which was as hard as a rock, didn’t taste as good as theirs.

Xue Pan glanced over and said angrily, “Eat! You’ll choke to death sooner or later!”

Murong Jinghong took a piece of roast meat and slowly put it in her mouth. It melted in her mouth. Its aroma lingered in her mouth.

“It’s really delicious!”

She took another bite and happened to hear Xue Pan’s words. She frowned and asked, “Who are you talking about?”

Xue Pan hurriedly said in embarrassment, “Jinghong Fairy, I didn’t mean you…”

Right at this moment, a few black figures flashed over from the distance.

“It smells so good. What’s that? My mouth is watering!”

Five people fell rapidly from the air. The leader was a woman with a very hot figure. She was also wearing extremely sexy and revealing clothes. Her red hair cascaded over her shoulders.

Behind her were three men and one woman, all in their twenties.

The sexy woman landed on the ground and sniffed hard. She looked at the roast meat which Qin Haodong and the others were eating. Then she cried, “Little handsome boy, where did you buy the roast meat? It smells so good!”

The Little Witch put down a chicken bone and looked up at the woman. She cried out in surprise, “Tu Jiaojiao, it’s you!”

The woman named Tu Jiaojiao also saw the Little Witch. “Luo Hongying, so it’s you, the unreliable little girl.”

The Little Witch was immediately unhappy. She stood up with her hands on her hips and shouted, “Who are you calling unreliable? Believe it or not, I’ll summon a dragon to bite you to death!”

Tu Jiaojiao giggled, “You can summon a dragon with your unreliable summoning skill? Don’t tell me the hare is the demonic beast you summoned.”

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