The Divine Martial Stars - Chapter 714

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Both Liao Bi’ting and Ying Yuanyuan felt a chill running down their spines.

They didn’t expect that Li Yidao would be so ruthless and cruel.

He killed all the other Heavenly Legends in a flash.

Looking at the bloody corpses on the ground, the two girls couldn’t accept the fact.

“Mr. Li. why are you so cruel and bloodthirsty?”

Liao Bi’ting couldn’t help herself. Her tone was tinged with a hint of blame.

Li Mu looked at her and said confusedly, “They were here to kill me. Do you think that my ending would be better than theirs if I had lost the fight today?”

Liao Bi’ting said, “But you have already won. They no longer had the power to fight back and could not pose a threat to you. Why didn’t you be lenient and let them off? Heaven has the virtue of cherishing life. Mr. Li, you have killed them so ruthlessly. Aren’t you afraid of the wrath of heaven?”

“The wrath of heaven?”

Li Mu frowned.

“This woman must be out of her mind.”

Just now, Duan Shenping, the “Seven Luminaries Divine Bell”, harbored the idea that once he defeated Li Mu, he would never let Liao Bi’ting and Ying Yuanyuan go. The two of them would probably end up in a situation worse than that of prostitutes.

However, Li Mu had lost patience. He didn’t want to continue arguing with this woman who was spoiled by her family and had no awareness of the dangers in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm.

His time was very precious.

He turned around to leave.

His disdainful attitude stung Liao Bi’ting’s heart.

“Humph! At first, I had a good impression of you and thought that you were a chivalrous man. It turns out that… I have misjudged you. Go away. Even if I were to starve to death or get poisoned by miasma or get killed by a fierce beast in this secret realm, I would never ever seek your protection again.”

She roared at Li Mu’s back with tears in her eyes.

Li Mu ignored her.

He was trying to determine the direction and preparing to set out for the area with a mountain of bones.

Ying Yuanyuan found that something was wrong between Li Mu and Liao Bi’ting. She hurriedly began to mediate between them. “Ting’er, don’t go to extremes… Mr. Li, Ting’er has a kind nature, and she just sympathizes with the living. She didn’t mean to offend you or question your character. Mr. Li, please don’t take it the wrong way. I’ll talk to her about it.”

Li Mu turned around, looked at Ying Yuanyuan, and said calmly, “Different people have different aspirations, so I won’t force others to agree to my choices. Moreover, what I do may not necessarily be right. I appreciate Bi’ting’s kindness. I hope that she can always be kind. She can choose to be whoever she wants to be.”

He did not intend to blame Liao Bi’ting at all.

Upon hearing those words, Liao Bi’ting said angrily, “Do you still think that killing innocent people is the right thing to do?”

Ying Yuanyuan immediately stopped her and said, “Ting’er, stop talking…”

Liao Bi’ting said angrily, “Why should I stop talking? Humph! We both have been deceived. He’s just a cruel and merciless fame seeker. The stronger he is, the more harm he will do. People who have different beliefs can’t work together. I…”

Ying Yuanyuan hurriedly covered Lao Bi’ting’s mouth with her hand.

Without Li Yidao’s protection, they would be in great danger in such a precarious environment.

No matter how Li Yidao treated others, at least he was very kind and respectful toward Liao Bi’ting and Ying Yuanyuan. They should not blame Li Yidao just because of the death of a few despicable and insidious people.

At the same time, Ying Yuanyuan had a very strange feeling. She had known Liao Bi’ting for a long time, so she knew her quite well. Logically speaking, Liao Bi’ting shouldn’t be such a silly person.

“Why is she so stubborn today?” Ying Yuanyuan thought.

“Mr. Li, please don’t blame her. We’re actually…” Ying Yuanyuan still wanted to explain.

Li Mu said, “There’s no need to explain… What about you? Do you want to follow me?”

Li Mu admired Ying Yuanyuan quite a lot.

“Her composure and loyalty in the face of blood bats and her decision making and judgment in the face of the things that happened later show that she is a very sensible and decisive girl. It will be a pity if such a girl dies in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm. If she is willing to follow me, at least I can protect her for a while,” Li Mu thought.

Ying Yuanyuan’s face darkened.

Li Yidao’s words meant that they were really going to part ways.

She hesitated when she looked at Liao Bi’ting, who was despondent. Finally, she shook her head and said, “Mr. Li, thank you for your kindness, but I can’t leave my friend behind.”

Li Mu nodded and said, “Okay. Take care of yourself.”

His voice faded away, and he directly left like a beam of light.

Ying Yuanyuan looked in the direction in which Li Mu had disappeared, feeling lost.

Anger, grievance, and resentment flashed across Liao Bi’ting’s face successively. In the end, she had a feeling that even she herself could not understand. Suddenly, she squatted down, covered her face with her hands, and burst into tears.

“Ting’er, you… Alas.” Ying Yuanyuan walked over to Liao Bi’ting and embraced her.

She suddenly understood something.

“It turns out that Ting’er has a crush on Li Yidao.

“Is that why she got excited just now?

“She seemed to be blaming Li Yidao, but in fact…

“Did she do that just to get Li Yidao’s attention?

“However, my silly sister, there are so many ways to show that you like him. Why do you have to choose the most unwise way?”

Li Mu did not force Ying Yuanyuan to follow him.

That was because the situation in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm was becoming more and more unfavorable for him. The super Heavenly Legends could bring their protectors into the secret realm, which meant that the danger that he was going to face would be much greater than that at the beginning.

Not all the protectors of those super Heavenly Legends were as vulnerable as Duan Zhide, the “Seven Luminaries Killer Wolf”.

The protectors of the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan and Feng Xingyun must be extremely powerful. Li Mu didn’t think he could defeat them.

If he brought Ying Yuanyuan with him, something bad might happen to her when he was in danger.

Therefore, it was better to let Ying Yuanyuan stay with Liao Bi’ting and leave it to fate.

Li Mu soon arrived in the area with a mountain of bones that he had picked yesterday.

He searched for a while, but he didn’t find anything.

He let out a sigh and planned to search another area with a mountain of bones.

The ultrasonic sounds produced by bats came from the distance.

This time, the blood bat king came alone.

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This blood bat king was fat and big. At first glance, it looked like a big rat that had become a spiritual being. Its wingspan was over twelve meters. Its black fur was shiny under the sunlight. Upon closer inspection, one could see that its black fur was gold-tinged. This showed that this blood bat king was about to make a breakthrough. When it evolved its bloodline again, its fur would probably turn golden.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…”

The blood bat king stopped in front of Li Mu and said something to him.

Li Mu was suddenly overjoyed after he heard a few words.

“Haha, you have found the Soul-replenishing Heavenly Herb. Take me there right now.”

He jumped on the back of the blood bat king.

This blood bat king flew very fast like a blood-red bolt of lightning. It was not much slower than Li Mu when he used his Somersault Cloud. More surprisingly, it could fly close to the ground amongst mountains and hills and make sharp turns agilely without crashing into the mountains.

It was one of its magic abilities.

An hour had passed.

“Are we there yet?”

Li Mu looked at the mountain of bones in the distance, which looked like a divine pillar that supported the sky. The joy in his heart disappeared. He was speechless.

“Is this the farthest place we can reach?”

He had vaguely guessed that the Soul-replenishing Heavenly Herb should be in this largest area with a mountain of bones. However, the ominous aura in this place was too strong, and nobody knew what terrifying creatures were hidden in the strange red clouds hovering above the mountain of bones. Li Mu didn’t want to go into the depths of the mountain of bones unless he had no other choice.

Now, it seemed that…

He could only find what he wanted in this place.

After searching for a day and a night, the blood bats should have searched an area of several tens of millions of miles.

This was the only place where the magic herb that Li Mu needed might grow.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…” The blood bat king pointed at the mountain of bones in the distance with its bony wings. It was very anxious, as if it were trying to prove its worth and say something.

Li Mu soon understood what the blood bat king wanted to tell him.

In order to search for the Soul-replenishing Heavenly Herb in this mountain of bones, the blood bat king had lost half of the bats under its command. The blood bats had confirmed the location of the Soul-replenishing Heavenly Herb and sent out a message saying that they were unable to take it out of the mountain of bones because it was very dangerous in there. In this case, if Li Mu wanted to get the magic herb, he had no choice but to get in there and pluck it himself.

The blood bat king was quite loyal. It clearly explained the dangers inside the mountain of bones to Li Mu.

After hearing that, Li Mu knew that if he got in there alone, his chances of successfully plucking the magic herb would be slim.

This place was absolutely a forbidden area.

According to what the blood bat king told him, only the masters above the King Realm had the chance of taking the magic herb out of the mountain of bones. In order to obtain the information, several hundred million bats had died in there. The blood bats managed to send out the message relying on their large number and ultrasonic sounds.

The only thing that the blood bat king could do was to determine a relatively safe route based on the information provided by the bats under its command and leave the rest of it to Li Mu.

“Squeak, squeak squeak…”

The blood bat king started talking again.

Li Mu raised his eyebrows and said, “Ha, don’t worry. I will keep my promise to you.”

He scanned the body of the blood bat king with his Third Eye, the Eye of Flaws. Just like how he helped Bi Yan break her bloodline shackles back then, he found the bloodline chains in its body that restricted its bloodline evolution. Then he activated the power of his white-bone right arm to break those bloodline chains and draw them out of its body.

That was one of the new functions of his white-bone right arm that he had found.

With the experience of helping Bi Yan, he could now get rid of the bloodline chains in the blood bat king’s body easily.

Wisps of blood containing tiny runes of life came out of the blood bat king’s body and spread to Li Mu’s white-bone wrist. Numerous layers of runes were piled up and imprinted on the white bones of his wrist. A part of his wrist that was about one finger wide was soon completely covered by the bloodline chains.

The blood bat king’s enormous body was trembling. It seemed to be in great pain, but its roar sounded happy and excited.

The other bats were all shivering and prostrating themselves to the blood bat king.

In less than two hours, Li Mu broke all the bloodline chains and stopped.

At the same time, the blood bat king’s body began to undergo a strange change.

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