The Female Lead Has No Cheats - Chapter 202

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Ch.202 Her Method (3)


Li Xing was speechless. “…Just release Old Cheng. Why are you releasing your Uncle Li?”

Jiang Mucheng chewed on her cheeks and stared at her in a daze. “Just release Uncle Li, why your Old Cheng?”

Little chubby girl hugged her arms and said angrily, “I can’t let them insult my mommy anymore. I want them to compliment her!”

“Little chubby girl, you don’t know about this do you? This is all her method. Just watch. People are praising Li Mrou right now but she’ll have a really tragic ending in the future. Don’t worry about your parents getting bullied. Look. They’re the ones bullying other people in the live broadcast.”

There were some things that Li Xing couldn’t talk to little chubby girl about.

He knew that there were many fans supporting Li Murou because of the film emperor, Li Xiujie. Ever since he had eaten Li Murou’s food, he was in love with the food in Swallow Dining Hall. Not only did he praise the food there, he also praised the proprietress, Li Murou.

Li Murou became popular online mostly due to Li Xiujie. Unfortunately, he was Lixing Company’s actor, and Lin Yueqi’s public relations and marketing team were from Jiachen Media.

As a result, it wasn’t that he didn’t care about Li Murou’s brain dead fans fighting with Lin Yueqi’s fans but rather he thought it wasn’t time yet. After all, Lin Yueqi was in the forest and it wasn’t like she could see these comments. Since it didn’t affect her, he’d let the event progress as it was.

Li Murou was praised highly right now but later on, Li Xing’s team could use this to drag her down from her position. She’d fall down hard.

Unless Li Murou acted perfectly in the live broadcast for the next month or so, Li Xing would have a way for the media to attack Li Murou.

Standing from Li Xing’s perspective, he could tell that Li Murou was purposely trying to rope in everyone with her cooking and purposely isolating Lin Yueqi. Plus, he knew that Li Murou was interested in Old Lu so he despised her actions even more.

Was it fun being a mistress? Sorry, mistresses need to pay a tragic price for destroying people’s relationships.

Little chubby girl was really cute so how could he have the heart to let her parents separate from one another? Of course he didn’t have the heart to.

What surprised Li Xing was that Li Murou was so weak and made a mistake quickly. He just needed to manipulate her mistake so that it could become the topic of discussion.

Tuantuan was also really smart. Hearing Li Xing’s words, she relaxed and gently patted Li Xing’s hands. “Uncle Li, then our Qiqi’s reputation will be in your hands. If you do a good job, then I…I…”

Li Xing chuckled at her adult-like tone and lifted his brows. “You’ll what?”

Tuantuan grabbed his hands and then Jiang Mucheng. She placed their hands together. “I’ll allow you to marry Old Cheng!”

Li Xing withdrew his hand and said, “Silly girl. You learned nothing but to act as a matchmaker hm?”

“How did I act as a random matchmaker? Look at how much my daddy loves my mommy. What does this mean? Clearly Tuantuan is a great matchmaker.”

Li Xing looked at Jiang Mucheng and pinched her nose. “Impossible. There’s no way your Uncle Li will like Old Cheng. I like sweet, naive young woman, not a foolish…”

His words were too straightforward and seemed to have hurt a certain foolish person.

Jiang Mucheng looked down and chewed on her cheeks like a chubby fish. She fiddled with her fingers and exclaimed in a soft voice, “Old Cheng isn’t a fool.”

Seeing her wronged expression, Li Xing’s heart softened right away. He hurriedly coaxed, “You’re quite cute. You might be foolish but you’re also cute. Pah. What am I saying?…”

He had a stupid mouth. He realized that he might’ve hurt her heart with his words and he wanted to slap himself. He knew that he was bad with words but didn’t know how to coax her.

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