The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 144

“Yes, Lucas!” Jordan instantly understood what Lucas meant . A tinge of excitement flashed in his eyes as he stepped forward .

Seth’s face darkened . He was clearly the one who had given Lucas two options, but why was Lucas making him choose instead?

Before Seth could figure it out, Jordan, who was standing two meters away, suddenly dashed toward him and stopped in front of him . Immediately afterward, Jordan raised his leg and kicked Seth hard on his face and ear .

Seth felt a hard impact on his head, which immediately turned numb . While being kicked away, he even vomited a mouthful of blood in midair .

If this scene could be recorded with a camera and replayed in slow motion, the changes in Seth’s facial muscles after getting kicked would be seen clearly . The trajectory of his teeth and blood splattering would be artistic too .


Unfortunately, this scene happened too suddenly, and no one could record it in time . Everyone felt a blur before their eyes, and the next thing they knew, Seth’s tall and muscular body flew up into the air and smashed against a large tree trunk about five meters away . He then stopped again and rolled down before laying on the ground and vomiting mouthfuls of blood .

The scene looked extremely terrifying!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

The people who were just urging Seth to beat up Lucas felt a chill run through their bodies, and they instantly broke out in cold sweat .

Jordan walked toward Seth step by step, making the latter feel horrified because Jordan was just like a devil to him!

He didn’t expect Lucas’s underling really to have the guts to hit him, the scion of the Millers . Moreover, his move was so terrifying too!

Seth felt that half of his head was buzzing, and he was in so much pain that he couldn’t close his mouth at all . Blood and saliva kept dripping down from the side of his mouth, and he felt like all his bones had been broken . The pain was so excruciating that he couldn’t even get up on his feet .

In fact, Jordan had already shown him a lot of mercy . Otherwise, he would have long kicked Seth’s head into mush .

With a smile that seemed creepy to Seth, Jordan walked to him and squatted down .

“Lucas asked me to tell you to make a choice between kneeling down, kowtowing, and slapping yourself or having both your legs broken . Have you thought about which one you’re going to choose?”

Only then did it dawn on the surrounding spectators that the two choices Seth was given were exactly the ones that he gave Lucas!

Seth’s head and face were covered in blood and cold sweat, and he was naturally indignant! Lucas should have been the one to choose between these two options . Why did he have to do it?

Seth clenched his teeth and said sternly, “I am a Miller, and my father is the chairman of the Miller Corporation, which is in a cooperative relationship with the Hales . If you dare to lay a finger on me, the Millers will never let you off! If you’re smart enough, hurry… Ah!!!”

Before Seth could finish speaking, Jordan suddenly stood up and stepped on his ankle with his foot . “Seems like you want to choose to have both your legs broken, huh? I’ll fulfill your wish now . ”

Then Jordan put some weight on his leg, as if he was going to stomp on Seth’s ankle .

“Ah! No, no, no! No!” Seth immediately shrieked loudly like he was a pig getting slaughtered . His face was covered in mucus and tears, and he no longer seemed like the handsome scion of a wealthy family .

Jordan pursed his lips in disgust . “Weren’t you very arrogant just now? You have to choose one out of the two options . You have ten seconds . Otherwise, I’ll take it that you’ve chosen the second one and step on your legs!”

Seth’s heart began pounding rapidly .

The first option was to kneel and kowtow to Lucas while slapping himself . It was too humiliating, and Seth Miller couldn’t bring himself to do it at all!

The other option was for both his legs to be broken . Given the strength of this terrifying young man in front of him, his legs would definitely be broken if he stepped on them, and they would never heal completely again . He would have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair .

Neither of the options was acceptable to Seth! He felt that Lucas was too vicious!

However, he forgot that both options were first proposed by him!

He didn’t want to be humiliated, nor was he willing to have his legs broken, but the people he had bullied didn’t deserve such treatment either .

Suddenly, someone nearby tried to ease the tension . “Ah, forget it . Just be forgiving . Mr . Miller has already been kicked and severely injured . Why don’t you let him off?”

“That’s right! After all, the Millers are a big family . If you really force Mr . Miller and cause some terrible consequence, the Millers won’t let you off either . What’s the point then?”

“Exactly . Mr . Miller was just making a casual remark . He didn’t really do anything to you, yet you beat him up badly . That’s enough! Why do you have to be so calculative?”

Facing these people who were biased toward Seth, Lucas kept a straight face while Jordan spat some saliva and glared at them scornfully .

“Hah, you people are really interesting . Why didn’t anyone stand up for what is right and tell Seth Miller not to hold it against us when he issued those threats just now? Besides, he’s the one who started this . Are all of you blind and mute?

“Just now, some of you were still fanning the flames . Don’t think I didn’t see what you did . I remember all your faces! You’d better watch out at night from now on!”

Jordan glanced at all of them coldly . Everyone who saw his gaze felt a chill surging from the bottom of their hearts, and they didn’t dare to meet Jordan’s eyes at all . In particular, those who had been fanning the flames wished that they could hide as they took a few steps back, fearing that Jordan would settle scores with them .

The scion of the Millers had been kicked badly by him . They would definitely suffer a tragic fate if he dealt with them!

Seeing that they didn’t dare to speak anymore, Jordan turned to look at Seth . “Hey, have you chosen yet?”